"Hurry up! Don’t let it get away … "

I don’t know what Zer did to monty
At dinner, Lin Chong spoke to Lin Buzhou again. He is flying to Taiyicun Road and is expected to arrive in three days.
Lin Chong said, "You don’t have to work so hard when you go on a business trip later. Zer sent out a missile" Feng Yi ".The engine can fly 6 kilometers per second and 36 kilometers per hour. I can shoot you wherever you go, but … hello?"
Lin Buzhou hung up the signal over there.
Lin Chong is puzzling. Don’t you like to lie on your bones instead of traveling faster, just like riding a green leather train?
Don’t white him
In the next few days,
74 and caught a water mirror position not far from the magic robbery.
Although the speed of the missile has increased, the specific location of the target is still unknown, and there is a 60% chance of failure if we bomb Five Blessingg blindly.
Now, if you bomb less and rob monks, that’s a lot less. Maybe you’ve survived the fairy robbery. If a missile rushes past, it’s even 100% likely to fail, and then the target runs away, it’s over.
All we need is a team to go there, with rich experience and physical strength, strong will and …
Lin Chong was just doing the pre-war mobilization field and Lin Man and Zer.
Zer pointed to his face and woke Lin up.
"… strong will and … beautiful face?" Lin Chong understood Zer’s meaning. After all, it is the embodiment of "Only in this arduous way can you complete Lin Man".
"Ok, I accept this." Lin Man said seriously.
Then Lin Chong threw Lin Man into the water mirror. At present, the dream formation idea is put into the real water mirror by weaving dreams in the hills, and there is no need for the dream-dreaming method of Lin Bu Huang Liang.
It is hypnotizing Lin Chong that makes Lin Chong feel that Lin Man is a whole, so he can throw Lin Man through the water mirror Xianyou technique. For Lin Man, it is like playing a VR virtual game, but the world is the real world, and so is the feedback to her.
This time, the place where the devil robbed is a land fairy in a bustling valley, but this person’s identity is probably something outside the world.
Lin Chong watched Lin Man enter the valley, so he added various pendants to Lin Man, and then Lin Man went out angrily.
Then the whole valley changed.
The blossoming flowers have become man-eating magic flowers, just like the peach blossom that was robbed at the beginning.
"It should be that Du Jie’s failure environment has been demonized." Lin Chong pondered and then ordered 30′ Crane’ class missiles to wash the ground
The engine of "Feng Yi" is still precious. Not all missiles have been replaced, and there is no need to deal with a magic robbery environment. Anyway, those flowers will not run. After Lin Chong found out the surrounding environment through Lin Man, he entered the land washing process.
And Lin Man is still fighting with the big flowers in the valley at this moment.
About three hours later, Lin Man has cut the big flowers head-on and watched the sunset and fireworks fall all over the sky.
Boom, boom …
Three batches of 30 crane-class missiles bombed the whole valley like the end of the world.
And with the "absolute defense" pendant, Lin Man barely survived three rounds of floor washing and took Lin Chong’s notice.
"Lin Man, look for any remaining demonized creatures and judge whether you want another round."
"… good!"

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