Ningyu slowed the turtle down and finally the waters stopped.

He stretched out his hand and pointed to the front. "Not far from there is Yongning City, Xiyuan Province, but you remember that it is forbidden to move across provinces before the residents of the base are formed. You can enter Tongzhou Province and go to the base. That is the first normal situation. You can now’ Jiangdong Province’ in this area."
"What?" Although I don’t know what Ning Yu ‘an’s heart is, Fu Long still can’t help but ask.
Ning Yu said, "Every province has three guides. These three guides will divide this province into three areas. Under normal circumstances, each guide will be responsible for an area and will not cross the border casually unless it is a special situation, let alone cross the provincial boundary. If it is not a special situation, you’d better not cross the provincial boundary."
Listen NingYu explain all this just white nodded slightly.
"Do you think I want to deal with you when you see me leaving Wang Tianxian and then bringing seven of you here?"
Listen to NingYu this suddenly say that everyone is a fool. I never expected him to be so direct. At that time, seven people didn’t know how to interface.
"How can adults joking" or Lin Xinghai a reaction to come over some embarrassed smile.
In fact, everyone just guessed so, but they were afraid to say it face to face when they could rest assured.
Ningyu suddenly laughed and shook his head. "You underestimate the guide. Ningyu is not so stingy."
All the people don’t know how Ning Yu suddenly said that, but no matter what the original tension is, it has eased a lot of people’s minds. Is it true that he was misunderstood just now?
"I do have a gift for you. It was originally planned that my new guide would give you a gift to meet you. It was not to protect them. On the contrary, I didn’t like the three of them and left them in Shoude City."
Listen to NingYu say that all the people are a little confused, but it’s not easy to answer now. Can you listen?
"That Xu Xuehui and Wang Tianxian have so-called backstage people. I don’t like this kind of people very much. I like the kind of people who struggle on their own … hey …"
He smiled faintly. "Just now, you all came out to defend your companions at the expense of offending me, but this is nothing to do with Cheng Cheng. I don’t like such selfish people even more."
"So I found an excuse to remove these three people and take seven of you here."
Everyone looked at each other when they heard this, and they didn’t know whether what he said was true or not. If he said everything was true, this Ningyu was a very rare person.
They can be said to have brushed his face, but he appreciated them, and he deserves their admiration.
Ning Yu’s face was smiling, and no matter how skeptical everyone was, she continued, "It was just thoughtless of me to look at what you saw in front of a group of new people without thinking too much. I just wanted to know more about you, but I didn’t expect that now you are not new people. Everyone may have a little secret of their own, and it is normal that they don’t want to be peeked at casually. I have to say sorry to you first."
Ning Yu said that he left the string turtle back solemnly and then leaned toward the seven people to make an apology to everyone.
Seven people also hurriedly get up, and then they are too busy to be subjected to his gift.
Li Chao shouted, "My Lord, we were wrong just now. How can we make you apologize to us?"
Several people’s faces showed excitement. Su Li secretly admired this Ningyu in his eyes. Although I don’t know whether all his actions are true or false, this skill really won the hearts of the people. Even when he saw Ningyu, he was hard to be moved by devoting himself to several people.
You know, after all, the other party is a high guide who can take the initiative to admit his mistakes and even apologize to them. Which guide can do that?
Strictly speaking, it’s not wrong for him to be a new guide and want to know several people’s information. Su Li is also because of his special situation. If it weren’t for his three talents, he wouldn’t be so sensitive and dare not let this Ningyu know his details.
Everyone knows that everyone in the base can’t peek at the information casually because they have been to the base, otherwise it will be a serious insult and provocation, and everyone has recognized this rule in their hearts.
Now, as soon as this new guide comes, he will directly peep at the energy, which will arouse an aversion. Of course, if Su Li did not take the lead, everyone would not jump out to oppose it.
Now Ning Yu suddenly wants to apologize to everyone, which really moved everyone to think that he was just so suspicious that he had offended him. He was so moved by Ning Yu’s mind and actions.
Seeing the crowd moved, Ning Yu smiled slightly. "It is also a fate that I can be your guide. It will take about a month or two. I think you should all be promoted to level 2 as a base resident, and I will no longer be your guide. I hope everyone can cooperate with me in this month or two."
"Your honor, rest assured that we will obey your orders." Seven people responded with a respectful face.
Ning Yu met the crowd and responded with satisfaction. He nodded and then reached out and pointed to the water not far away. "There is an ancient relic in the depths of the water that I found by accident. Although there is nothing too big for me, it is definitely a good opportunity for you. This is what I said before to give you a big gift."