This power is far away, and the largest continent in ocean centre has the same breath. Su Li understands the origin of the other side

This world is the Elf world, and the largest continent in the center covered by forest is the Elf continent. Because the Elf continent is so famous, people from all walks of life are used to referring to the Elf continent, but no one usually names the Elf world.
The elf continent is the residence of the elves and the real master of the whole elf world.
At present, the sound of the master’s breath is the same as that of the elf continent. There is no doubt that this must be from the elf god.
"The Elf God?" Su Li thought to herself without thinking. In the sea, she thought that there was a fairy named Lingyun in the top ten of the holy tower. She was the only woman in the top ten, and she came from the elves.
"Or … the Elf Lord?"
Su Li’s eyes are full of light, and the energy on his head surges out. The third talent launches the master of capturing sound.
It’s impossible for God to stop his own way even if it’s level 30 limit.
Most likely, the other party is that this elf world has surpassed level 30.
"The king is invited by the Oracle, but it depends on whether you have the qualification."
As this sound Su Li suddenly appeared in front of a brilliant figure.
This is a tall man with shining skin and almost perfect beauty, with pointed ears, blond hair and blue eyes, staring at Su Li with a crown on his head.
Su Li heard that he claimed to look at the crown on his head again, which should mean the king of the elves in China.
The Elf King’s status in the Elf world is equivalent to that in the human world. The King of God is already a senior in the Elf world, but he was invited by the Oracle just now. It seems that the Elf King in the Elf world is not the highest. There are other gods, but I don’t know what kind of god it is.
"I’m not interested in you and your god."
Su Li stepped forward, and a force surged forward from his body like a sword to cut the front.
"Hey …" In front of the Elf King’s right hand, he saw a series of rainbow lights interwoven into a net, shrinking from all sides and trying to lock Su Li in.
At the same moment, the information of Elven King appeared in Su Li’s mind.
"Name Elf Guardian Level 30 Talent Tearing, Purple Mantra Field Elf Field God has six immortals and jade at the same level."
At present, the elf king is also a 30-level destroyer, but it gives Su Li a far greater sense of oppression than the 30-level limit god like Fa Shen.
Su Li’s arms gave a slight vibration, and two immortal bone swords appeared around him. All those trapped and locked were broken, and the right hand pointed to a bone sword and killed it, pointing directly at the Elf King.
The elf king’s eyes were faintly glowing, and he looked into the depths of Su Li’s soul. There were six colors of jade floating around his body, which were divided into black and white, red, orange, yellow and green. This is exactly what he had.
Elf king’s right hand pointed at a red jade that floated in front of him, and the red jade flew out to meet Su Li’s immortal bone sword.
Boom, it seems that the power is not strong, but a slight shock. This red jade suddenly shattered into powder, and this red jade shattered together with the immortal bone sword, and both sides died together.
"Huh?" Su Li’s eyebrows are wrinkly and his face is slightly ugly. The crushing of this immortal bone sword has caused some harm to him, and his heart is faintly white. These six fairy jade are the real way.
These six fairy jade are mutually assured destruction.
In my mind, I just turned this idea, and the Elf King once again reached for a shot and a white jade flew over.
This time, Su Li didn’t use the bone sword to resist it, but made the energy rolling overhead form an energy column and swept it sideways.
White jade flew in the sweep of this energy column. This white jade was shattered when it was shaken, and it was smashed and scattered together. And the energy column he just made.
Elf king put his hands together and bounced over all four kinds of fairy jade, and howled and howled and attacked Su Li’s body everywhere.
This fairy jade is coming too fast. Su Li wants to dodge and doesn’t launch divine power to enter the enemy state.
Four fairy jade passed through Su Li’s body in enemy state.
Elf king’s eyes lit up slightly, and he seemed to see that his left hand suddenly split empty and directly showed a crack, which extended towards Su Li like a python.
At this moment, the surrounding scenery changed suddenly, and a towering old tree appeared around. Su Li found himself surrounded by a lush forest. When he looked up, he saw an ancient tree that was bigger than the towering one.
This ancient tree is almost as tall as the sky, and its green light hangs faintly on the surface, making it look sacred, solemn and full of spirituality.
Su Li took one look at this ancient tree, which is not simple.
The Elven King has just split a crack in his left hand, which extends to Su Li’s body in enemy state.
Su Li saw that he was in an enemy state, and there were cracks on the surface of his body and blood flowing.
"Boom" to a Su Li into a state of ultra-dimensional, muscular fist firmly hit a crack.
Su Li immediately saw that the Elf King tore a higher-dimensional force with his own talent "Tearing", and it was with this higher-dimensional force that he just hurt his enemy’s body, but the Elf King didn’t really master this higher-dimensional force.
It seems that he, like Wang Yao six months ago, has touched the threshold of the true God field and has not really set foot on it.
But even touched a little threshold, their strength has far exceeded the level 30 limit god.
Su Li’s muscular fist hit the crack and spread, so he blocked the crack and cut off the other party’s borrowed high-dimensional power. The other fist actually hit the Elf King.
Suri, who was in a state of hyper-dimension, didn’t hurt the flesh of the Elf King. This punch directly shattered his Elf heart.
Elf King doesn’t have a super-dimensional perspective, but he doesn’t know what happened. He suddenly feels that his heart is swinging and his energy source is gone.
Look at the surface of the body unscathed.
With a hint of different colors in his eyes, the elf king stopped to stare at Su Li and said, "Have you reached this point?" It’s hard to hide a trace of shock in his eyes. After all, he touched the threshold and soon understood the reason.
Su Li withdrew from the hyper-dimensional state and lost half of her energy in a second or two.
"Welcome …"
Suddenly, a mental fluctuation appeared, and the spirit of Su Li directly induced him to receive the message.
A slight shock shook my heart. Su Li looked at the old tree with green light hanging down from it.
The Elf King’s heart turned pale when he lost the Elf, and his breath declined a lot. The ancient tree swung green light and fell on the Elf King’s body.
The original pale Elf King immediately returned to normal.
Su Libai, an ancient tree, helped him recast the elf heart.
"God … this is the world you want to see, Su Li." Elf King respectfully bowed to the ancient tree.
Su Li has guessed that the Elf King said that God is this ancient tree that has lived for many years.
This ancient tree is refined. In Su Li’s induction, this ancient tree, the spirit of all trees and plants in the whole elf continent are connected together. This is a super life beyond imagination.
It is no exaggeration to say that it is the god of the whole elf continent.