As soon as this idea came up, Xu Le felt a lot of weirdness approaching it

These weird things are not coming from afar, but from the city.
"They … gave up attacking the city?"
Xu Le has some doubts. Even if he intercepts the strange attack on the city here before Kuroshio, he will not stop for a moment.
But now it’s dawn, and these weird people have given up attacking the city and rushed to him instead.
It’s him. Is there anything weird here?
Or his feet, the soul tree, and the fruit.
"It’s interesting."
Prepare to disperse Lei Yun and reunite. Look at this strange tide. Xu Le will cheer up those who have been dozing off at night.
"Although you seem a little depressed after dawn, I don’t think you should let me down, right?"
Hush! ~
Nightmares responded immediately after getting Xu Le’s will.
They are duty-bound to Xu Le’s orders even if the morning is uncomfortable.
Groups of nightmare rushed directly at the strange group, and the body torrent collided together.
Flesh and blood!
Xu Le fingers quietly condensed with Lei Guang, he found a problem.
After dawn, the nightmare state is not as simple as falling.
Without the protection of darkness, they can no longer reach the former state of being restored by dark forces.
That is to say, if the night demon suffers a lot of damage, it will be knocked down by strangeness and even die.
"Without the protection of the night, the nightmare is no longer an enemy."
Looking at the nightmare and weird fighting in front of me, Xu Le realized that these nightmare will gradually fail to hold on to this order of magnitude weird …
"Lei Ying!"
Thunder came to the world and killed the weird with one blow.
But this is very important for the weird tide in front of us.
Xu Le perceived his present situation and looked at it. It was getting brighter.
He knew that he couldn’t beat it without the help of the nightmare.
So … Run away?
"Come to me"
Hesitate a sound in Xu Le’s mind.
Chapter 39 The True Creator
If running away just now was an idea, then running away after hearing this cry has already had the end reason.
"Eldest brother called me this can’t go? Duty-bound, ok … "
It’s a pity to look at the soul tree of feet.
Leave such a soul tree that has not grown up here without help from myself and nightmare.
There is a high probability that it will be destroyed by a strange rush.
Even if he survived, he would be discovered by members of Tianrui Lifeng’s gang who cleaned the battlefield.