Sun Ruikai’s face is slightly twisted with his eyes, and there is also a touch of lotus flower. In this lotus flower, there is no reason for human beings except killing and madness.

The black smoke that used to control the four squadrons also disappeared instantly, and a large number of black smoke suddenly contracted to show its noble appearance again. His "magic smoke" ability reached its limit and disappeared.
He showed his true appearance and suddenly turned around without saying a word, followed by Zhang Yifei and Sun Ruikai, who also rushed towards Su Li here.
"Stop them all and kill them all-"
Tang Yunshan’s face twisted and roared all around. Many people’s eyes suddenly turned into a blood-red color, and they seemed to have lost their ambition and gathered around Su Li.
Losing control of black smoke, four squadrons of 100 people have regained their five senses. Suddenly, when they saw it, all this was a big surprise, and then they surged. The first time was to protect Ge An and others who fell to the ground and could not move.
Gong Xiao walked through the crowd with an ember spear wrapped in flames. As soon as the spear was stretched out, it stabbed the noble from the rear.
A long whistle sounded, and Su Li suddenly blew a blue light in his body. In an instant, he launched the "Blue Dragon Breathing". Those who were just close to attacking others were immediately involved in this inflated blue dragon’s virtual shadow, and the screams rang.
There are constantly spiritual sources and energy light groups flying towards him.
These are the spiritual sources and spiritual source equipment of the people he killed.
Su Li’s hands were clasped in his hands, and the Red Crescent Dragon chop jumped up and chopped off with Yu Weiling’s "Dragon Blood Force" and "Blue Dragon Breathing".
"Before" Yi Long knife gas swept away. Although a group of people’s eyes were suffused with lotus flower and desperately blocked Tang Yunshan, in the face of this, if crazy Su Li was vulnerable, he cut out his way out and stopped Tang Yunshan who wanted to escape.
Tang Yunshan’s vitality is tenacious, although more than half of her body did not die. When she saw a group of people failed to stop Su Li from being rushed to her face, she realized that something was wrong. She suddenly let out a hiss "Don’t-"
As he spoke, he stretched out his hands and suddenly opened his mouth from her. Barry, the psychic, pulled out a thorn from her tongue and turned a rainbow from her tongue, shooting Su Li’s face like an arrow.
This is the psychic moth and the source of all parasites. At this moment, it seems to have self-awareness, pulling out the body and leaving Tang Yunshan’s tongue to transfer to Su Li’s body.
It’s fast and unpredictable, so it can be said that even Su Li can’t avoid it at this moment.
Instantly, as soon as the face became cold, the psychic mother worm lay prone on Suli’s face. Except for a head that resembled a human face, it was like a sharp needle. These whiskers were like a claw fish.
Its body is soft, and it moves like it’s going to get into Suli’s nostrils at once.
Su Li, no matter how powerful he is, will be parasitized and controlled by him and become his puppet.
The psychic moth got into Su Li’s nostrils when she saw it, but suddenly it fell, just like Su Li became illusory in front of her.
Su Li launched the "divine power"
It has been strengthened to the third level of "divine power" and the enemy time has been extended to one and a half seconds.
This state of attack can hurt him, including this strange and horrible psychic moth, and it can’t get into his nostrils, so it can’t touch Su Li at all.
The psychic moth pounced on a terrible black thunder, which broke out from Su Li’s body surface. It was he who killed the five-level leader beast and gave the black thunder demon a special ability, "Black Thunder Energy".
"Black Thunder can" power will devour psychic female worms as soon as it breaks out.
If there is a scream, the psychic mother insect is suddenly turned into a mass of burnt ash by black lightning, braving a few wisps of light smoke to fall and then burst into powder.
The psychic moth suddenly died, and more than half of her body Tang Yunshan suddenly opened her mouth. Half of it has been swallowed by the psychic mother. Half of her tongue sticks out and her face turns purple, just like breathing without water and fish.
Suddenly, the flesh quickly withered into half of the body, and suddenly a lot of juice flowed out, such as discouraged, and the ball quickly turned into a skeleton with bones.
Those people whose eyes were red and rushed towards Su Li suddenly woke up from a nightmare, and the blood in their eyes faded, and then they opened their mouths and screamed with fear as if they had sensed something terrible.
Su Li has seen that these front eyes are suffused with lotus flower, and they should all be controlled by her psychic parasite.
Include Zhu Wuping who was killed by him, Gao Shang, Sun Ruikai and Zhang Yifei.
The psychic moth was destroyed, and Tang Yunshan died instantly, but these people who were parasitically controlled by the psychic moth larvae did not recover as Su Li imagined.
Chapter 35 Surprise
The lotus flower disappeared from their eyes, but they all clutched their heads, full of fear, howling and screaming, as if they were suffering greatly.
Gong Xiao was relieved to find Su Li ‘an, and he couldn’t help but stop when he saw this noble and eccentric appearance.
Those who have already landed are all retreating at the moment, and they all look frightened and look at this scene at a loss.
Although many of them know a little about Tang Yunshan’s special ability to control insects, it is completely unexpected that dozens of people have been controlled by Tang Yunshan’s parasitism.
Because they used to be different groups with different leaders and core personnel.
Later, Tang Yunshan and a group of people came, and then their leaders and core personnel took them to Tang Yunshan and Zhu Wuping, but they didn’t know that so many people were actually under control
Even their eyes have always recognized Zhu Wuping as the first leader.
Until now, they suddenly realized that their former leaders and those core personnel were actually controlled by Tang Yunshan parasites, and then they surrendered to them.