"Well, I’ll go to Beijing University to talk to Mr. Where if I can go." Zhang Xueliang turned the conversation. "But eldest brother can’t be a student. Students there have to pass the exam. You can do some sweeping work if you want to go."

Ma Hang smiled and said, "You don’t have to be able to go."
Discuss everything. After the banquet broke up that day, Liu Wu, Stone and Heiwa followed Chang San. Chang San made Cui Xiaobian repair it twice and became more honest. For the sake of Cui Xiaobian, he also had to temporarily put away his sharpness. green gang’s rules were very strict. Chang San was also afraid that Cui Xiaobian would really kill himself.
When Cui Xiaobian left, Longjie said nothing. Even if Ma Hang said that Longjie had a saying, "I will go wherever the eldest brother goes."
It’s not hard for everyone to be loyal to this little guy. Finally, Ma Hangsong let go. "Master, let Xiaoshun go. This ego will take it first." Cui Xiaobian nodded and led Xiaoshun away
Zhang Xueliang went to the gentlemen of Beijing University the next day. Chen Duxiu strongly disagreed that Ma Hang was coming to take refuge. Finally, President Cai said, "No matter what he used to do, we are all gentlemen. If this wild horse can be tamed into a beautiful pony, wouldn’t it be a beautiful talk?"
Chapter one hundred and fifty-three Little factotum
"Eldest brother, somehow, we are also a figure in Hunhe River. How can we be reduced to such a field now?" One by one, Longjie picked up the broom and pulled the autumn leaves aside.
Ma Hang waved a broom and tried to clean up the north. As soon as the weather arrived in late autumn, all kinds of trees and leaves were swept off by the cold wind blowing from the north. If you don’t clean up, it won’t be long before the ground will pile up with a thick layer. There are many trees planted in the college of Beijing University. Tall deciduous trees and wide leaves are flying in the wind. Ma Hang and Long Jie just finished sweeping the road, and soon another layer will be added.
Ma Hang put a broom. "Get to work quickly. Don’t talk nonsense. What is a person? We are bandits."
"Ding Ding Ding" A rush of bells indicates that the students’ horses are about to start class. Ma Hang suddenly ran across the grass to the east with a broom. Longjie sighed, "I went to see others again and pretended to meet you. Are you tired?"
Horse line Sa Jia flies across the grass and cleans another road. As he sweeps, he looks at the opposite three-story building. Students are coming out of it in groups of three and two, talking and laughing. Horse line stops and searches carefully.
Wu Jing took her bag and walked out with two or three female students. The students’ long skirts were fitted with white clothes on the moon. Because the weather was already cold, she wore a Cui Hua jacket outside, with long black hair hanging freely over her shoulders and a high nose. The more I looked at it, the more I thought it was Sister Fire.
Ma Hang looked a little stupid and forgot his identity. A classmate beside Wu Jing gently poked Wu Jingyi at Ma Hang Nunu’s mouth. Two people smiled at Ma Hang with four eyes. Wu Jing quickly bowed his head and walked past Ma Hang quickly.
"Don’t look at the early disappeared" leoco don’t know when it has been beside the horse line mat feet looked at and horse line in the same direction.
Ma Hang just turned around and asked Longjie, "Do you think she is a fire elder sister?"
Longjie smiled. "It’s a bit like a sister-in-law, but it’s not as imposing as a sister-in-law. If it’s a sister-in-law, he’ll definitely gouge your eyes out. Ha ha ha."
The two men were fighting in the street. Longjie was chased by Ma Hang and ran too fast. The man ran into a man’s arms. One or two people saw that Ma Hang hurried to help the man, clutching his belly and face, and his expression was particularly painful.
"I’m sorry, I’m sorry, sir." Longjie quickly apologized.
On both sides of the road, there are stone chairs, horses and dragons, who help the man to sit. This man is very tall, quite thin, square, with a Chinese face and cheekbones, and his eyes are very magical. The most distinctive feature is that his short hair grows in the direction of his head is like a steel needle.
"Young man, you are too hard. You just hit my stomach and almost threw up all the breakfast." The man looked at Ma Hang and Longjie. "What are you doing here?"
Pardon me, sir, but we are new handyman sweeping the floor.
The man rubbed his belly and stared at the horse line for a long time. "Why do I think you look familiar when sweeping the floor?"
Ma Hang dark call a bad hurried way "Sir may be mistaking me for someone else. How can a little handyman know us? If Mr. Ma has nothing else to do, we will go to work. I’m really sorry about what happened just now." Ma Hang pulled Longjie back while talking.
The man looked at the horse and smiled. "Maybe. All right, I’m fine. You go and get busy."
Long Jie is young and short, and his strength and means are not small. In the past two years, he has learned some kung fu more or less with Ma Hang, not to mention that this bump is not light. Looking at the man hobbling with his belly bent, Long Jie asked, "Eldest brother, did he recognize us?"
Ma Hang shook his head. "It’s possible for you to inquire who this person is. If it’s bad for us, then I’m sorry."
At dinner, Longjie found Ma Hang. Longjie was young, and he was quite free on campus. He had a previous record of begging, and he was very talkative. Among a group of students, several brothers and sisters came, and everyone surrendered to him. Longjie inquired that the man’s surname was Zhou Zhou Shuren, and he went abroad to study before teaching literature, as if he knew medical skills.
Ma Hang nodded, "People are like"
Longjie shook his head. "I don’t know what he did just before he came."
The cold light in Ma Hang’s eyes flashed on Longjie’s ear and he muttered a few words. They hurried to bed after supper, and everyone else felt strange. At night, these two small troubles were the worst. Today, the sun came out in the west and went to bed so early.
In the middle of the night, the horse line gently got out of bed and pushed the leoco beside him. The two men touched the black clothes and the horse line dug out their dagger from the kang mat and crept out of the dormitory. The campus was quiet and terrible at night, and there was no one in the room.
Avoid patrol, several guards, Ma Hang and Long Jie touched the northernmost Mr. Dormitory. During the day, they had found out that the man lived in the dormitory on the second floor near the stairs. Because his family had not arrived outside, they had not found a suitable room to live here for the time being.
Gently get the door and touch the bed. It’s good. It’s noon. The guy with the hair facing the sky is sleeping very hard. When Longjie walks to the bed, he will start work. The horse line stopped him and turned on the light. Looking at the man sleeping, he laughed. "Wake him up. Let’s play with him first."
Longjie grabbed the teapot and half a pot of water on the table, but it was already cold, so he poured it over the lid of the pot and the man suddenly woke up with a tingle.
"Don’t move, don’t you dare scream and let you die here at once." The Longjie dagger was put in the man’s throat just after he woke up.
Zhou Shuren was shocked at first, but calmed down after he saw the current situation clearly. "The money is in the drawer on the right side of the table, and there is nothing else of value. You can just take mine."
Ma Hang pulled his face mask and smiled. "People still care about you when they are dying."
Zhou Shuren looked at the horse by the light. "It’s you. You’re robbers."
"You know me"
Zhou Shuren nodded and then shook his head. The Longjie dagger was a little closer. "Tell me whether you know or not."
Zhou Shuren said, "I knew you before you came into my door, but I didn’t know you after you came in."
"What’s this bullshit? Believe it or not, I’ll kill you." Dragon hero will slap the dagger as soon as it’s smooth.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-four The power of knowledge
"Ha ha ha"
"What are you laughing at?" Ma Hang stopped Long Jie from moving his eyes and staring at Zhou Shuren. Usually, people who are not afraid of death have backbone and old words. people fear not death is afraid of death. This world is not afraid of death. If it is not a revolutionary party or an outlaw, Ma Hang is an outlaw. He has raised his curiosity about this daredevil scholar.
"You are the one who made a lot of noise in Beijing a few days ago." Zhou Shuren sat up straight and found a dress to put on. "You are a good young man who saves the country and the people. It turned out to be a special thief."
At Ma Hang, Longjie Dao turned his head and stared at Zhou Shuren. "If you talk nonsense again, I will kill you."
Ma Hang stopped Longjie. "You let him say that I am a robber. I forgot to tell you that I was a bandit before. You should know what it is to be a bandit. What are you afraid of? I am a thief."
"Good" Zhou Shuren nodded and smiled. "You are really not shy about being a man. Now there are few Chinese people who can face their own lives. You are one. I appreciate you."
"Ha ha" Longjie smiled "Big Brother, he appreciates you"
⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ ⑧ 931
Ma Hang also laughed. "Now that you know my identity, I ask you if you will tell on me."
Zhou Shuren one leng immediately smiled, "What do you say? Yuan Shikai offered a reward of one hundred dollars for your head. I just came to Beijing, and I was short of money. One hundred dollars is enough for me to rent a house and settle my family."
"If you dare to snitch, I’ll kill you now." Longjie raised his knife again.
Ma Hang waved his hand. "Put the knife away and he won’t tell on you."
Zhou Shuren nodded. "Sure enough, it’s a little domineering, but it’s a pity that this domineering is not right for the place. If you don’t join the revolution, it’s also considered that the Chinese nation does something to be a pure China person."
Ma Hang shook his head. "Revolution is not my business. I know that before the revolution, I hunted and lived with my father in my hometown. Although I suffered less in the past, the revolution forced me to become a bandit. My revenge and killing my enemy are the biggest goals in my life."
"Narrow" Zhou Shu angrily patted the table and said, "The narrow revolution has not yet succeeded. How can Chinese people know that the real revolution Yuan Shikai is arrogant and wants to stand on his own feet?"
"All right," Ma Hang interrupted Zhou Shuren and said, "I’m a clown. I don’t understand what you said. Since you won’t tell on me, I’ll let your brother go."
"Live" Zhou Shuren got up from bed. "You sit down for me. If I don’t teach you today, I’ll be a China person."
Ma Hang and Longjie were really intimidated by Zhou Shuren’s boldness of vision. According to their age, Zhou Shuren can be regarded as the arrogant breath of Zhou Shuren, the elder of Ma Hang. They oppressed the two men and turned around to do the chair again. Zhou Shuren walked back and forth in the house several times and turned over from the shelf to find a very thick one. He wanted to think about it and put it back to find a thin booklet to type the first page.
Zhou Shuren said, "This is a small volume written by Zou at the beginning of the revolution. You two should see if this is the real revolution."
Ma Hang took Long Jiehe and asked, "What is this writing?"
"I don’t even know the revolutionary car."
Zhou Shuren almost vomited blood, "Tell the revolutionary army to play the lute to a cow" and Zhou Shuren snatched it and read aloud, "Sweep away all kinds of zhuanzhi regime for thousands of years, take off all kinds of slave nature for thousands of years, and kill off 5 million odd ones. The Manchu species with Mao Daijiao washed away 260 years of residual misery and cruel shame, making Chinese mainland a clean soil, and the Yellow Emperor and the Sun all came back to life in Washington, and rose from ten levels of hell to thirty-three levels of heaven, full of exuberance and luxuriance, and respected it as a revolution."
Zhou Shuren read his trembling voice and galloped at a high speed. Long Jie listened in a fog and asked in a low voice, "Brother, what is he saying? Why do I sound like a Buddhist scripture?"
Ma Hang nodded. "I also heard that the original revolution was chanting Buddha. What the hell and heaven might mean is that if you die after the revolution, you will go to heaven. If you don’t, you will go to hell in the future."
"That eldest brother, do we want to go to the revolution?" Longjie was frightened. "I don’t want to die in hell in the future."