He was not so excited the next day.

Because he knew that the victory was really full of luck. If Osasuna had not been careless after leading by two goals, I am afraid Hertha would not have been able to even pull back a goal.
As a qualified coach, you can’t get carried away by winning a game.
There are nine rounds left in the league, and if you win one, it will be meaningless.
The media and fans are still discussing the game, and they have already thought about the team.
Although winning the game, the team still has many problems.
If we don’t solve these problems, let alone relegation, we may lose a league game.
Changsheng has made careful observation in the game and got the result.
The team needs to change in midfield. His 4-3-3 formation needs three midfielders at a time, but Hertha’s first team originally had four midfielders, and one of them, canas, was sentenced to death by him. He will not play until the end of the season.
So he can have whatever roots and can’t be choosy.
This has caused a loophole in the midfield position. For example, in a game, the performance is very average. There is really no one to play for Sergio carlos rodriguez Valero, otherwise Changsheng would not let him start.
Of course, now this problem has been solved.
Carlos Campo was unexpectedly mature for his first appearance, which surprised Changsheng and helped him fill the hole in his back position.
In addition to the position of the back waist at the back line, he also found several problems.
The first is the same problem as the lower back-lack of people.
Because he abandoned a large number of first-team players, especially the former main players, he always wins. Now there is little choice, and it is good for him to get enough people.
In addition, he also asked the players to have enough willpower, courage and other key attributes
This is even harder.
Against Osasuna, he chose the central defender as his partner, captain Pedro canizares and Hernando Moreno.
There is no problem here in canizares, but the captain of the team still has the strength.
The problem is his partner.
His partner, Hernando Moreno, has a good defensive advantage. It is reasonable to say that he should be able to make up for canizares’s disadvantage in heading, but his poor sense of position makes him appear in the key position. He always wins when he looks at the top several times in the game. At that time, he broke out in a sweat. Hernando has a score of 20 … This figure is really tragic for a central defender.
There are less than thirty workers’ inputs.
There is really no one to choose him.
Although he didn’t make any fatal mistakes in a game, Changsheng was very uneasy about him. He always felt that this small bomb was an untimely bomb in his defense line, and God knows when it would explode.
If you explode at the critical moment in the nine rounds of the league, you will fall short because of him, which will be a big loss!
In addition to the central defender, there is another problem in the full-back.
But it’s not a matter of personnel, it’s a matter of winning over yourself.
This has something to do with his inexperience.
It stands to reason that no matter what tactics are adopted in the formation of 433, the winger needs to return to defense
But Chang Sheng never considered this point. When he was in the youth team, he took it for granted that it would be good not to let the three strikers return to defense.
So he won’t have a problem playing in the first team.
I didn’t think this was my own.
The match between the first team and the youth team is simply two completely different worlds.
In the youth team, I can also rely on the support of the lower back to ensure that the winger is in danger of a game against Osasuna, and his winger is screened by Osasuna. It is hard to say whether he can win if Osasuna does not finally relax.
Ever-victorious and lucky, after the game, I also thought that I had to make adjustments.
Although he kept the three strikers in the frontcourt until the end of the game against Osasuna, he ensured that there were enough troops in the frontcourt when he finally counterattacked, but this risky gambling practice was enough once and always won, so we can’t pin our hopes of winning on it.
First of all, we must have a solid defense.
From this week, he will ask the winger to return to defense in the tactical class, and add the winger’s return mode to targeted tactics in both defensive training and offensive training.
Tactical problems are all right, just say adjustment.
The problem of personnel is the big problem that plagues the winners.
The so-called "a clever woman can’t cook rice", no matter how high his level is, he can’t do anything if there are not enough people.
Those jokers probably ate themselves to death and didn’t bow to him.
In fact, Hertha’s central defender position is not so unbearable.
However, it is definitely impossible for segura to be a "disorderly party"-he will not bow to those people and give up when he is dead. There is absolutely no other way around when they kneel for mercy.
There is also a central defender, Ivan outlaw, Burnand do Moreno, who is better, but he was injured. He was on the injury list before winning the team and will be injured until next season. This is not a fraud. He really wants to be injured for that long.
You can’t count on him if you always win.
Besides, Hertha has no central defender.
Where can I find a central defender …
At the edge of the training ground, Chang Sheng frowned and thought about this problem.
Then he saw Carlos Campo warming up with Popovich.
He smiled.
The speed of this small integration into the team is much faster than I thought! It seems Popovich has a lot of affection for him. Maybe he won’t come forward himself. Campo is also safe in the first team …
That’s right
Changsheng’s eyes are bright!
I still have people!
The problem solved.
Before noon training, Sai Passareira sansini came to the dressing room early to change his clothes and prepare for training.
Now he is the main central defender of team C, not the striker who couldn’t even play as a substitute at the beginning.
In the team, his prestige is getting higher and higher because of his willingness to help others. He is now the second captain of team C.
Just a week ago, his good friend Carlos Campo was transferred to the first team.
At that time, the team looked at the lucky guy enviously and was full of hope. In fact, privately, they also exchanged these questions. They thought that the transfer of Carlos Campo, the former head coach of the first team, might be a signal that more players from the C team would go to the first team to test the water. If they performed well, they might have hope to stay in the first team.
In the game the day before yesterday, they even watched Carlos Campo come off the bench in the 75th minute, then performed well, sent out an assist and instigated another goal, which really stole the show.
Everyone is envious.
Sai Passareira also watched the game, and he was happy at the same time.
One is naturally his good friend Carlos Campo. Although his friend is famous, he is still on the C team, but he is not jealous at all. Campo is sincerely happy, just as he has achieved success.
Another person who makes him happy is naturally that the head coach of the first team has always won. This is really his "teacher". If he had not won, he would have left the C team and become an ordinary person.
However, he didn’t play in the C team and became a new star for Hertha fans!
All this happened in these six months.