Xiao Wen is now living in this āo egg world of Tianlan demon world, either drowning in wine or facing it frankly to make himself mature, and he chooses the latter. He is not only not drunk but more sober after drinking every time.

After a night’s rest in the inn, Xiao Wen went to the city early in the morning to see if he could get anything.
It’s a pity that he seems to have come too early. Although it’s quite lively, he is looking for someone, but he hasn’t arrived yet.
But then he was not idle, but carefully inquired about the situation of the Ghost Cave and all kinds of strange things that happened near the Ghost Cave over the years. Once he entered the Cave, he might die, so he must be prepared for everything.
Then he really found out a situation, that is, even if you enter the cave in the depths around the ninth day of September, you may have possessed spirits Y and N, and the one who dies is also disabled. If you want to avoid being attacked by possessed spirits Y and N, you’d better prepare some self-defense objects.
The city’s best-selling anti-spirit-possessed Y Ρ n talisman is Fudao Godsworn Yuanyang amulet with different quality and different price. The top Yuanyang amulet can sell 10,000 spirit beads, followed by Dan Dao, a kind of strengthening Dan medicine. It is said that it can resist the infringement of spirit-possessed Y Ρ n qi on human body to a certain extent.
Xiao asked if he majored in Daodao. If he wants to avoid the spirit of Y and N, he naturally wants to play tricks on Daodao. However, in Daodian, the fairy wares don’t come out according to his mind, so it’s a chance …
Later, Ri Xiao asked if there was no less mining, and he also deliberately dug up the mineral materials with Y and N gas and soul force by intuition. As a result, he dug out for a long time and didn’t come up with a fairy device that could deal with Y and N gas possessed by the soul.
This day Xiao Wen was also tired of digging, so he decided to go out for fun and ask for more information by the way.
He didn’t go out for a few days, but he was startled when he got to the street. What a lively scene!
Pinch your fingers and count your feelings. Now you have entered the month, and you can enter the ghost cave in another month!
Xiao asked not excited some and then went out.
He came here for another purpose: he was no longer so leisurely when walking in the city, but he had been carefully looking at passers-by
Unconsciously, I went to the city to sell everything. Those shops with monks were particularly lively. Xiao Wen went directly into a shop selling fairy charms.
"My guest, if you want to gain something in the ghost cave, you must go to the depths of the ghost cave. When you go there, you have a soul. Y and N gas jumped out of the shape, which makes it impossible to prevent. But this Yuanyang amulet can rupture itself when Y and N gas strikes …"
"The words are so I wonder if your Yuanyang amulet is effective?"
"And if I buy it now, it won’t be invalid after one month, will it?"
"The guest officer joked that this Yuanyang amulet is a star-spotted hemp paper. How could it be invalid in one month?"
"Hey, what about two months if one month doesn’t expire?"
"To tell you the truth, this charm can last for at least one and a half months, but it can last for at most three months. However, if the guest wants to buy a new charm at the end of the month, it is not the price. Prices will rise rapidly this month."
"Is there anything better?"
Xiao asked while listening to his eyes, but he was looking at those people who bought operators. Most of them came in groups of three or two, and their dressing styles were quite different from every corner of Tianlan demon world.
His real purpose is to find a team of miscellaneous brands to join in, so as to fish in troubled waters in the early days …
For one thing, he is afraid of being too eager for the demon alliance to find here, and for another, he is worried about touching the Xieshuang again. For three reasons, there will be too many people in the ghost cave, and he will not be able to eat four times. For another, he is an outsider after all, far from this world, and he is like a duck to water in the ghost cave.
After reading it for a while, I didn’t find a suitable team in this store. Xiao asked me to go to the store to continue the content Se.
The right team must first meet one thing, that is, be willing to accept him …
After wandering around for a long time, Xiao Wen finally talked with a team in a drugstore selling Dan. It can be seen that there are two people in the other team who are both hospitable and talkative
Soon Xiao Wen expressed the meaning of looking for an organization, but it was not too explicit. "It is very dangerous and difficult to fight in this cave, and it is still very good to walk with trustworthy people."
"Yes, I wonder if Cai Daoyou has a partner?" Xiao asked himself Cai Linfeng to call him Cai Daoyou naturally for convenience.
Xiao asked, shaking his head, "I’m still alone."
The other party, a man in his forties, immediately said, "Then Cai Daoyou might as well join us, and everyone may have a care."
Xiao Wenzheng replied, I didn’t know that a woman in her early twenties in the gang had a mouth. She had been frowning all the time, as if she had been smoked by Xiao Wenzheng’s alcohol. "This Taoist friend is full of alcohol and doesn’t know magical powers?"
Xiao asked that it would not be bad to show people the magical power in the realm of immortals, but there are immortals in other people’s teams, and it is not necessary to win him over.
"Barely" Xiao asked if he would not believe even if he boasted, so he laughed.
The woman obviously still has prejudice against the wine gourd and continued, "It’s too dangerous to be cautious after entering the cave, but I’m afraid I’ll delay things when I see the Taoist wine."
This is wrong for Xiao to ask. If it weren’t for refining the wine magic tactic, how could he carry such a big wine gourd around? If you meet a kindred spirit, you will naturally attract a confidant, but it is really hard to explain that you hate drunkards when you meet them.
That woman is also a fairy realm, which shows some status in that team. She added, "My daughter is not good at words, but I hope that friends will see you soon."
Then the woman can go out first and others can talk to Xiao, and the two men can also say goodbye to Xiao awkwardly.
After leaving the shop, there was no stranger present, so the man in his forties couldn’t help saying to the woman, "I see that Cai Daoyou is also a pleasant person, so must he be a sister?"
"How do you know that he must be a reliable person when you know his face and don’t know his heart? We are different again … "
Xiao Wen, on the other side, couldn’t help sighing about his feelings. It’s not easy to mix a team. It’s really hard to trust him now that he’s such a hula statue and such a big wine gourd …
Anyway, there are still half a dozen friends. Take your time to find them.
A few days later, Xiao Wen still got something, but he didn’t worry. This afternoon, he wobbled again and didn’t go to those shops again, but just wandered around in those stalls.
There are also a lot of people visiting the stalls here, and so is the goal of Se.
After half a turn, the target didn’t find him, but he left a heart for a small booth.
The booth is filled with all kinds of bottles and jars. Xianxian is an ordinary vendor selling Dan medicine. It’s really rare for Xiao Wen to sell so many kinds of Dan medicine. However, it’s been several years since the stall owner’s presence in front of him was extremely light but his appearance was very simple.
The stall owner is a thin old man. Xiao Wen squatted directly in front of the stall. As a result, he heard "dong", but the bottom of his big wine bottle gourd also hit the ground … Thank goodness that the bottle gourd was not rotten.
"Old man, what pills do you have here?"
"There is a healing medicine of Bigu Dan, which strengthens Dan medicine, and adds a powerful elixir, as well as a gas Dan medicine that resists ghosts and caves and souls …"
"The little old son’s family made the guests laugh by refining medicine from generation to generation."
"Is there any hangover medicine?"
Xiao asked that this was definitely because he was infected by practicing the wine magic tactic. Suddenly, the first sentence was so full that he stopped the old man.
Xiao asked, hey hey, smiled and added, "I’m a joker. Don’t blame the old man. I don’t know what kinds of drugs you have here to resist the spirit-possessed Y and N Qi Dan. For example, I just want to buy some."
See Xiao asked not to go looking for trouble, the old man also relieved Xiao asked to introduce immediately.
Xiao asked half-truths, asking and listening. The main reason is that he is also learning now. Some businessmen specialize in cheating people. If he goes and tells people how much money he wants to buy, he may be cheated quite a lot.
After talking for a moment, Xiao asked in surprise, "Laozhang, do you really think that this grass-zhi Dan is better than Qi-Qing-Xin Dan?"
"How dare you cheat the guest officer?" The old man proudly said that he had picked up the small medicine bottle containing Cao Zhi Dan. "This Dan is actually created by my ancestors, but it is a pity that refining this Dan requires practicing the basic fairy method of my family. Otherwise, this Cao Zhi Dan is afraid that it has already become popular."
"cry cry" Xiao asked seriously tunnel
"Alas … it’s a pity that my family now has me and Er who feel that it is impossible for Daoji to carry forward this grass Zhi Dan."
"Then count on grandchildren," Xiao asked with a smile.
"Thank you for your kind words"
"Is it worth this grass zhidan?"
"A bottle of nine tablets is a theory of buying 500 Lingzhu. If you want a bottle, it will be 4,000 Lingzhu."