Fan laughed first. "What’s the point of saying that the emperor’s kindness is so great that we are waiting for old friends?"

Wang also nodded and smiled. "It is so said that this is Mrs. Chen Jiasan? I’ve heard that Mrs. Chen Jiasan is gentle, generous and courteous, and she really deserves her name at first sight today! "
Just then, it was reported outside that Mrs. Ouyang and Mrs. Ouyang had come together. Wang gathered a smile and nodded at Fan and Qin. "Let’s not stand here and be an eyesore. Why don’t we go in?"
Fann Qin always knew that she was friendly with Mrs Ouyang, but she was puzzled at the moment, but she should have joined hands with the moon gate and went to the garden with a smile.
Ouyang’s wife, Ouyang Shan, helped Ouyang Zhang out of the car and smiled at Mrs. Chen San. "We must be tired today, so we are going to ask questions!"
Mrs. Chen San knew the identity of the old monarch and did not dare to ask for a big hurry. "The old lady flattered me. I am still young and I am not considerate. Please ask the old lady to forgive me. Please go inside." Then she greeted Ouyang Zhang and went forward.
Chen Jia’s day has become the most eye-catching place in Shengjing. I heard that most prominent people went to Qingshui Lane. On this day, horses and chariots were full of people, and there was no place to go. It took more than an hour to get into Chen Jia’s door.
It was not long before the guests were settled, and it was reported that an angel had been on the street. Chen Jiayan quickly asked someone to put a incense table in the court to open the middle door to welcome the angel.
Sure enough, it was a few days ago that he came back to be blessed. He didn’t come back with a straight face and a big smile and held the imperial edict in his hand. "Please listen to Chen Jiayan!"
A group of people knelt down and bowed down. "Chen Jiayan, a grass man, listened and ordered my emperor to live forever!" "
"Zhou Wang has a daughter, the monarch of Jingxian County, who is beautiful and graceful, and can be compared with Chen Jia’s young and good marriage. May the two of them grow old together and share weal and woe." Ying Fu smiled after reading the imperial edict. "Congratulations on the county horse!"
At this time, the master status of Jingxian County will be higher, and it can be seen that Saint Chen Jiaen’s pet is really beneficial.
Chen Jiayan raised his hands above his head and respectfully thanked him. He stood up and smiled. "Is it necessary for me to visit my humble home?"
Ying Fu said with a smile, "Our family was ordered to ask for a glass of wine, so it’s better to be respectful than obedient!"
216 conferring
On the 15th of the month, the Chen family got enough of the limelight, and almost all the officials, big and small, went to the scene. At that time, they were worried that all the clansmen of the Chen family had fallen below their eyes. Since then, they have been afraid to move their minds. They used to be the only Chen family left in Shanxi Province, and suddenly a branch of Chen Jiayan came out. They were very unhappy and moved to hit this 16-year-old boy’s property and the old house of the Chen family.
At that time, the clan discussed it many times. Finally, Uncle Chen Jiaqi was highly respected and decided to look at the form first. After all, although the Chen family was destroyed, the old emperor made a special will to allow the Chen family to return all their houses and property. It is easy to provoke people to talk, and maybe it will offend them today. Therefore, everyone is a little jealous but forced to help prepare for the ceremony of Chen Jiafu’s family, and they want to see if Chen Jiayan has a background in dealing with others.
When I saw all kinds of officials, they all came uninvited. What’s more, even the princes of San Francisco came in person and had the emperor’s will. Who dares to do this again? I pretend that I have never had this negotiation. I just want to please Chen Jiayan and want to get some benefits back.
Chen Jiayan is not what the provincial oil lamp will call the Chen family to enter the Chenfu Gate again, but it’s just because it’s really sparsely populated. It’s not good to open an ancestral temple. His heart has always been resentful of the Chen family’s sideline in from ruin. Where will it be as they like? When things are finished and things are sorted out, they will hand over Fujian. In the end, Chen Jiasan’s great aunt is a white uncle, which is not bad. Chen Jiayan cares that they have really helped a lot this time, so he promised to help them with two hundred and twenty pieces of silver and specially gave up the number of Chen Jiaming’s Guo Jian diploma to call Chen Jiasan’s uncle Chen Jiasheng to go to the national supervision school.
Chen Jiashan’s uncle and three aunts are not ungrateful people. Since then, they have been grateful to Chen Jiayan and never listened to their father’s seven uncles. They swore that it would be difficult for Chen Jiayan no longer. Later, Chen Jiasheng came to the state prison to study and lived in Chen’s house on holidays, treating Chen Jiayan like a brother.
Chen’s family gave a fruit, and the court was quiet for a few days. No longer facing the mountain of memorials, the emperor’s heart was not happy, but he still put Xie Ting’s marriage in his heart every day than Xie Zhenxuan’s.
Soon after, the number of houses flooded in Qiantang River in Zhejiang Province was several. Qin Tianjian suggested that the emperor send someone to Longhu Mountain to pray for the 749 th.
The emperor originally planned to ask Cui Puyu to pray for him. Later, when he thought about it, he simply ordered Qin Youde to go to Jiangxi Mountain Road. It took more than a month to trudge, and it was even worse. There were many animals in Longhu Mountain, and it was good for him to suffer more. Who told him that it was time to clean up his work?
After handling this matter, the emperor will worry about Xie Ting’s marriage again because he thinks that Xie Yuan ‘an, the oldest grandson, has already set the object anyway, and there are many grandchildren who do not present the list, so he began to inquire about the object for Xie Ting.
Go to the queen to discuss the queen’s eyebrows and smile. "Which unknown woman is it?" Although I have said that it is not necessary for him to be engaged to a noble family, it should not be too shabby in the end. Otherwise, all his brothers and wives are noble families. What is the reason for him to bring a small wife with a small door? If the emperor still wants me to discuss the girl on the roster, I might as well stop as soon as possible. It may not be that I can’t find a lovely girl to match him! "
The emperor was angered by the queen’s words, but a moment later he gathered up his anger and argued, "I really didn’t know that the group of people who did not do it were independent. I have already been punished for making this list. After Li Rui took all his origins, it will never happen again."
Speaking of which, the emperor himself still felt deceived. He never despised Xie Ting when he came. Even though Chen Jia was wronged, he never despised this grandson, but it was because of the prince of Zhao and them.
"Before he was despised by people, didn’t you? Did the emperor forget about Zuo Shunmen? !” The queen didn’t intend to let it go lightly, but she still asked, "Seeing that several vassal kings are going to Beijing for the emperor’s birthday, they will certainly make an engagement for the county magistrate and the world at this time, but the only lover who cares about the scene is waiting for the princess Zhao to do it for him?"
The queen became more and more aggressive, but the anger in the emperor’s heart disappeared. He knew that the queen said that it was really reasonable. The Zheng family looked at it and was really not considerate. He pondered for a long time and suddenly said, "I have several candidates who are not as good as the queen. Let’s listen?"
Seeing that he was serious and careless, the queen leaned on the big pillow and nodded, "I wonder whose daughter it is?"
"Jing Xing is a gentle person, so he should find a good match for him." The emperor glanced at the queen and continued, "What do you think of the Cui girl who had a handkerchief in Changping?"
Cui Jia girl? The queen pondered carefully for a while and suddenly realized that the emperor said that Miss Cui was the first granddaughter of Cui Puyu, a descendant of Cui Shi in Qinghe. Cui Tingting was the first daughter who always dared to speak her name. At the beginning, Changping was able to get along very well. It can be seen that she did have an advantage in dealing with people, and Cui Puyu was upright and his first granddaughter’s upbringing was not much better. It was possible to consider the candidate and Qinghe Cui Shi was a century-old family.
The queen bowed her head and pondered for a long time before she nodded and said, "I have never seen someone who looks like an emperor. I just said that there are two people who choose not to know the other one."
When the emperor saw the queen, it seemed that he was very satisfied with the candidate’s heart. "This other queen even heard more about Wang Boyong’s granddaughter and Dingyuan Hou Di’s granddaughter Gu Gujiu. This girl is amazing. It is rare to see me for the first time without fear."
Gu man? The queen’s mind felt as if she had heard this name somewhere. It took half a day to think that it turned out to be Xie Ting several times in front of her, and I heard that it was Wang Shoufu’s granddaughter Dingyuan Hou Di’s granddaughter. The queen was even more satisfied with Qinghe Cui Shi, although she was a noble family, but in the end, because of her deep roots and luxuriant branches, she didn’t know how powerful Cui Puyu’s team might be, while Wang’s was not. Who doesn’t know that Shanxi Wang’s talents have always stood up after several dynasties? Besides, the queen had once seen Wang Shoufu’s first daughter Wang Xiuy
The queen’s heart has been biased towards Gu Man, but she didn’t immediately decide to treat Xie Ting as her own. Of course, his plan is more profound. Although he has family background, after all, it is necessary to thank Xie Ting for a generation. If you can’t rashly decide on this, you still have to ask Xie Ting for your opinion. I thought of the Queen’s sidewalk here. "These two girls are all good to listen to, but the palace has never been seen. Why don’t you make a banquet for them to visit the palace while the hibiscus is in full bloom?" I haven’t seen my family for a long time, so I can take this opportunity. "
The emperor knew that the queen wanted to see with her own eyes the two girls’ good conclusions and make a final decision. "What’s wrong with that?" That’s the way it should be. I won’t come over that day. The queen will help herself. I have one more thing to discuss with the queen. "
"Please speak, Emperor," the queen beckoned the female officer next to her to call her to the front and said with a smile, "You can tell the Princess Shu that she can invite Assistant Minister Ouyang to come to this hibiscus banquet." Many people make things easy, and it is not necessarily bad that the girl at Assistant Minister Ouyang’s house is an aunt and cousin with Xie Ting.
When the emperor saw that the queen finally smiled, he was in a better mood and laughed, "It’s time for Jinghang to be promoted."
However, the grandsons, princes and grandchildren have not yet been promoted to the queen. The emperor looked at him with some surprise and wondered, "But I haven’t seen anyone who has been promoted to the throne, and it is natural that Zhao will be promoted to the throne in the future?"
The emperor was afraid that the queen would misunderstand. "That’s not what I meant. There was also a double-knight scene in the previous dynasty. Now it’s still young and seven years old, and it’s still worth the prime of life. Where is it so easy to get it out? I think it’s better to seal the scene before all the people are sealed, and also call those who are embarrassed to see it. "
It’s not necessarily bad. The queen is afraid of having a title. Your family looks at the prince of Zhao and doesn’t want to betrothed her daughter to Xie Ting. Now the promotion also makes people see the weight of Xie Ting in the emperor’s heart.
So it was agreed that on the second day, the emperor announced that the king of Xieting Dongchang County would enjoy six county services.
The prince of Zhao’s mansion and others were stupid, but they didn’t expect such a will. Compared with the news that the prince of Zhao and princess Zhao are coming back, it seems less important.
Xie Ting himself didn’t expect to be suddenly promoted, and he was surprised to learn that he was the only one among all the emperors and grandchildren.
Ying Fu smiled at this unflattering and unflattering person who suddenly became the focus. "Congratulations to the king of the county for being holy and giving him gold. The king of the county should arrange for someone to go to the Ministry to get it quickly."
Xie ting busy moment should be immediately arrange people to get a reward and entertain Yingfu dining tables.
217 Zhao Wang
The prince of Zhao finally arrived in Shengjing on February 22nd, and only when he entered the city gate did he meet Xie Ting on horseback.
At that time, the prince of Zhao already knew the news that Xie Ting was promoted to be the king of Dongchang County. Plus this son is no longer the passive Nuo Nuo son who is living behind his mother’s rebellion charges. He will no longer brag and stare like before. Before Xie Ting kneels, he has given him a hand and asked, "Come early?" Has everything been arranged at home? "
Xie Tinggong nodded with a decent but not close smile all the time. "Everything is ready, father. Did you have a good trip? The dinner has been arranged."
The prince of Zhao hesitated for a while and finally felt that this son really had nothing to say, so he was embarrassed to look at him and said "go to see your mother" in front of everyone.
Xie Ting’s eyes moved slightly, saying that he went to the back to greet Princess Zhao through the car curtain. "Please forgive me for coming late, Princess" seems to be very casual.
Princess Zhao’s teeth were almost crushed. From the day she heard Xie Tingjin’s seal, her hatred for Xie Ting became even more serious. I wish I could kill him once and for all. The Zheng family had somehow helped the prince of Zhao, but now it is cheaper to end up in such a situation. That bitch Chen is now the first proud person in Jinfeng County. The emperor wants to beat himself and Xie Yuan’s face is a father. Xie Ting has become the king of the county and Wang Shi of Zhao.
Former Zhao Wang always said that putting Xie Ting in Shengjing was a shield to target Xie Yuan, but now Xie Tingxian is not targeting, but on the contrary, Xie Ting’s status is becoming more and more noble and more popular with the emperor, and the queen is also very close to him.
Even the prince of Zhao is no longer in front of him. It seems that he is still thinking about wooing this son again. At the thought of this, Princess Zhao can’t help but hum two times. The prince of Zhao wants to be beautiful, but he doesn’t want to think about how Chen died and how he treated Xie Ting over the years.
Xie Ting is not a fool, and he saw how Chen died with his own eyes. Now it has been confirmed that Chen was killed unjustly. That is to say, Zhao Wang is really the culprit of Xie Ting’s tragic day for so many years. How cheeky is Zhao Wang to think that such a deep hatred will be forgotten?