"Pay more attention to’ color’ than friends!"

"… you won’t be white," Khan repeated again, and then suddenly rose up and asked, "You haven’t fucking answered me why you are divorced!"
"Do you believe me when I say she has a man outside?" The judge typed like this and said
"… how is it possible!" Khan stare big eyes a pair of killed don’t believe it.
"Nothing is impossible in the world"
"No, she is gentle and refined, and she has rural conservative thoughts. She should not do such an immoral thing."
"But you forget that I’m not in the countryside now and you’re gone."
"Dog people really change their feelings, too," the judge typed earnestly. "I was the happiest person in the world when I married her, but reality slapped me."
"Not every relationship can grow old together, and it is still suitable to appear in poetry."
Looking at the judge’s message, I can’t help crying, and I don’t know how to face this matter.
If … Xiao Xia had married herself, would she have done such a thing?
Khan’s heart is trapped and confused.
"I didn’t expect that Xiao Xia was the source of my contradiction with you," the judge said with a cold quick laugh and two typing.
"No, she can’t be such a person! You must have done something wrong to her! "
"You don’t want to perfect her in your mind," typed the judge.
"After this, I feel that fate’ got’ people to come and you want me to cut me off. You are a lover, but I didn’t expect you to be because of the old love," the judge said with a stupid smile.
"Come on, come on … I’m stupid, I’m stupid *"
"So are you going to give me up now?"
"Forget it … I’m to blame myself for not taking the initiative to miss a lifetime."
"you’re finally back to that dog I know."
"I’m sorry, two dogs."
"Don’t say these three words easily after they are too heavy."
"By the way, do you want to deliberately lose to me if you don’t win this game?" The judge thought that Khan could win the game but lost the typing and asked
"No, that’s because I saw you once in a person."
"Once?" The judge asked curiously typing back.
Chapter 991 shall be investigated for responsibility
"Yes, it’s popular," Khan typed meaningfully and said, "That used to be me and you."
"…" The judge returned a string of dots.
"I teamed up with a guy named’ Arrogant I’ll cut you’ to paint a picture with him as soon as there is one these days." Khan began to open the box.
"When I met him on the first day, it happened that he hung up at random in the abyss. After I joined, I exploded to that gun house. That gun has special significance to me."
Watching Khan explain that the judge stood there with his hands numb and his eyes staring at the display.
"The feeling of being a team is just like that of us. I take him as you."
"He loves to preach and explain to me the same day, and he explained to me a devil may cry, but later he learned that I was a businessman and didn’t teach me any more."
"Judge, the game was the game then, wasn’t it?"
Looking at this question from Khan, the judge’s "necrosis" finger is clever again, tapping the keyboard and typing and saying "grace"
Just a one-word reply, but very sure.
"Game merchants are human beings and have feelings. Now I have nothing to miss about games."
"I’m going to get out of the pit, too …" The judge replied by looking at the message from Khan and knowing the meaning in his words.
"Well, give me some time to deal with a property."
After Khan replied, he clicked on the friends list.
Arrogantly, I cut your id, but it is no longer online, but Khan seems to have received an email from him before.
"I didn’t expect you to be so strong that you dared to challenge the local tyrant in the challenge area. I don’t know what you will do with him, but don’t play too hard."
This is an email message from arrogance.
Khan was brushing his horn with the bully, and the other side was still setting up a horn, so he didn’t have time to check this email.
When Khan saw the email at this time, he breathed a long sigh of relief and then clicked reply.
Immediately, Khan put his 40,000 game coins away and began to input words.
"I am very happy to brush pictures with you these days, and it reminds me of the good times my friends and I used to have."
"But the game is a game after all. Sooner or later, you will get tired and quit."
"Maybe now."
"I had a misunderstanding with my friend, and now it has been lifted, so he and I are both worried about the game."
"This 200 million game coin is just a farewell gift from me."