"Let’s go" Li Qianru came to the platform and opened her flying wings.

Wu Xiaojian spread his wings with a wry smile, which is the ability of snow feather. Because of the strength of Chiyou, the output of snow feather has also increased greatly.
Trying to catch Li Qianru’s hand was dodged by her and gave him a hard stare, but he was stupid to give up now, forced or grabbed her and took off together. She also struggled without really throwing it off.
They choose to walk directly now, not because the road is safer and more convenient, but because the road can’t be used casually now. It seems that the road is calm, and the actual road surface is in danger. The emergence of this terrible thing makes it possible for vehicles to scratch their tires when they pass by, as if they had passed through a riot barrier.
They have never suffered such a loss, but they have seen someone eat it and paid the price of their lives
"Jiao Jiao is a joke, and you are not ignorant."
Look at Li Qianru’s’ I don’t care’. Actually, she cares a lot. I can’t say how cute she feels. Hurry up and take two people to coax her now.
"That’s because you’re happy anyway."
Complaining, but forgetting to be held, not letting go at all.
"I’m done ignoring her and you don’t agree."
Wu Xiaojian and Li Qianru had a good talk about things in Mu Jiao Jiao. The answer is that she doesn’t care. Anyway, if he dares to sleep with Jiao Jiao, she will ignore him and break up with him completely, making it difficult for him to bathe around. Jiao Jiao also knows that this matter deliberately stimulates her to have a mistress outside in various things and wants to deliberately annoy her first wife to leave her a good taste … Of course, from their still very good situation, more sisters have a tantrum taste and don’t really want to turn against each other.
"Pig" Li Qian Ru was so angry that she scolded him for a novel "Don’t let me see it, it’s over"
Deliberately turn your face away, but it’s the opposite of the expression
Wu Xiaojian snickered and felt that she was so cute. She grabbed her hand and grabbed her. fly with me quickly got into an ordinary supermarket. After crossing the shelves in the supermarket, he went straight to the rear warehouse. In the warehouse, a man dug a big hole and it was where they were going to a gathering place.
"Xiaojian, you came again. Did you bring anything good?" After the last card, he was responsible for guarding the card. A strong man like a fitness instructor smiled at him and slapped him as he passed by.
Starting (8
Chapter 17 Uncle Fall [Chapter 7, latest update: 1311 13:33:37]
"I didn’t bring anything good, but you can tell me what you want."
Because he has opened up’ going home’ and sent some people back to the real world, let these gathering points establish friendly relations with him instantly.
Like Jianghu hexagrams, people who are bound to want to travel back and forth between the two worlds are a minority, and most people still want to escape from this dangerous world, even if the real end comes.
Wu Xiaojian also satisfied their ideas, except for a few people who are still trying to live here and want to save together. Except for those who don’t want to stay in this disaster, they all returned to the three gathering points, and let them know that he can travel freely between the two worlds and ask him to help bring some PFP classes. This world has not found entertainment tools to come back for the time being.
"Well, I’ll tell you when I think about it."
Wu Xiaojian gave him a thumbs-up sign that he had received it, and Li Qianru once again accelerated her flapping and flew into this place that used to be a wastewater treatment tank.
At this time, the waste water inside has been cleaned up, and it is even cleaner in Xingshenka, a safe haven. From here, you can see the camping tent living area and the oil lamp trading area.
If you want to come in through the front passage, you can climb the iron ladder along the wall, but for him and Li Qianru who can fly, there is no such trouble.
As soon as she landed, Li Qianru leaned in and whispered, "I’m going to buy something Jiao Jiao wants."
At that time, it was said that Wu Xiaojian should be asked by Li Qianru, but he didn’t really mean to let him buy women. I knew that it was more about mu Jiao Jiao playing Wu Xiaojian.
Wu Xiaojian is not thick-skinned enough to ask her to do it and calculate Japanese words … Ahem.
Go to the tent area at once. Li Chiyou and Xue Yu can hear the telegraph in a huge tent that can accommodate more than a dozen people even if he is 100 meters away from here.
I went straight in and saw five or six people sitting around a table full of various instruments. I saw a gentle and white boy with glasses, noticed him coming in, waved to him and asked, "Is there any good news?"
He can get the information he wants here at the cost of saving people out.
"There’s good news. You seem to have found someone."
"Really? !”
Wu Xiaojian was so excited that he leaned in and sat next to him, crowded with another girl with a red and white plaid shirt and glasses and a plump face like a moon cake, which made the fat lady unhappy. Wu Xiaojian apologized and smiled at her, feeling that she took the initiative to move aside.
Talking to Wu Xiaojian, the glasses man smiled awkwardly and found that he was a little too excited, but he also knew that this matter was very important to them. He said, "Last night, I joined a meeting near the Yangtze River Institute of Technology on the other side of the river and knew that they saw a middle-aged man outside the school two days ago, and I haven’t seen him since I observed the monster in the school."
"Yangtze Institute of Technology, I remember there …"
Let’s not talk about the problem of crossing the river. It’s not that it’s difficult to cross the river. He won’t be able to find Song Qing and Luo Bing to confirm how they are doing. But now he has crossed the Yangtze River and wants to go to the Yangtze River Institute of Technology. There is still a problem.
"Well, that’s the territory of the runaway gang."
About three days after the disaster, the urban pattern has changed.
Some powerful people began to purposefully plan and divide their own territory into spheres of influence for dictatorship, and because most people suffered from no resistance and escape methods, they were either controlled by them or chose to escape from themselves and die.
Now they live in this area, which is regarded as Wu Xiaojian’s territory. People of other forces dare not covet it here, and they also report it to the city Eden through these reports. Because of Wu Xiaojian, they will not force them to do anything, but they can also send them back to let them leave this dangerous game for a while, which has attracted a large number of players who are taking risks to move here.
But the situation in other places is not so good.
Except for the opening center, the International Trade Building, which is a serious disaster area, it is impossible for players to give birth there. The most famous area is Gaobao, which informs the money gang to be located in the south of the city, on the other side of the Han River, near the Wuyang District Sports Institute, and the axe gang and this runaway gang.
Among them, Gao Bao people are bad, but they are not completely bad. Most of them are taxed to collect some so-called protection for other players born in them
The leader of the axe gang once seemed to be too muscular and ugly for women to like, but now it is more famous for lewdness, which makes female players in that area try to escape.
However, compared with these two gangs, the mob gang is the most evil one. They came here as a group of mobsters and villains. When they came to this legal world, they wanted more money and women. Moreover, before they came, they were organized by criminal organizations, which was far more than other regions, and they also formed a fixed code word and tattoo base. It is difficult for other forces to find out if they want to enter their area, so it is difficult to find someone in such a place.
"Tattoos can be a sticker code word …" Wu Xiaojian didn’t find it difficult, but he wasn’t sure if the middle-aged man was looking for someone.
"all right"
At the right time, Li Qianru came back and quickly showed him a paper bag in her hand and hid it in her carry-on sports bag.
Li Qianru’s appearance immediately made the scenery here bright. She is absolutely beautiful. She has temperament. It is a beautiful scenery there. The most valuable thing is that she is a powerful beauty, not a simple vase.
People who saw her appear here immediately jokingly called her sister-in-law. She and Wu Xiaojian are here to love me openly, and Wu Xiaojian’s gratitude also extends to her’ sister-in-law’ body.