Pain is real.

Only through the most painful moment can you recover.
Escape will make you sleep forever. You can’t extricate yourself from the demon nature and finally be manipulated by the demon into its prey.
People have to be brave and strong to face it before they can meet the beautiful peach blossom garden.
Don’t go past … All beauty is fatal and confusing.
But the more he thinks about letting her stay, the more she seems to go further and further.
His body trembled …
Even he can’t be so single-minded at all times, as if he were upset, he would be more able to control her to run away …
Aoer, I’m still here. Where are you going?
-I went to find my lost heart.
I have your heart, and I am your heart, son …
What will be you in my heart? My heart should be beating red.
Don’t walk away, son. If you walk past the Dream Pavilion, you will degenerate into a demon!
But she still put on a skirt and stepped into the rose-colored river.
Huang Junyi felt as if his body had been ripped out.
"Didn’t Aoer say that he would recognize me at first sight when he saw me?"
That figure suddenly seemed to have said so? But did she say that? What, she doesn’t remember? She thinks the other side of the river will be happier.
You see, it looks so beautiful over there. Where is it like here? Where is the sky? Here is the hell. It must be like this …
So the steps finally took another step forward …
Huang Junyi’s body trembled. Once she walked across the river completely, she was no longer the proud Ziyun …
She will lose her heart, her feelings and herself …
Isn’t dream the opposite of reality?
What is real is the happiness you see in your dream or the pain you experience in your dream?
-but why do you want to go to pain when you are happier? Isn’t it strange?
It is very strange …
But don’t you know that such a strange thing is being done!
It’s not the first time you’ve entered a dream. You can weave dreams yourself. You’ve broken many dreams on your own, but now you don’t even have any fighting spirit.
Is it because of me behind you?
Is it because you think that with me behind you, you can safely fall? Because I will always hold you …
Yeah, I have to hold you back
I can’t let you believe in me so much that you fall into perdition!
"Aoer, do you remember the scene when we first met … you pointed to me and said that you would choose me as your husband. It’s strange that you don’t hate it …"
"It seems that it’s very subtle for you to walk into my life. I wonder if you are my destiny takes a hand, and then I am amused by my ridiculous ideas. Chapter 576 I want to protect you.
"The face is still a pair of clouds and light winds."
"Actually, it wasn’t the first time we met. The first time I saw you was at a national competition. At that time, everyone laughed at you, but I was attracted by the light in your eyes."
"It doesn’t matter whether you like me first or I like you first …"
"The important thing is that we know each other’s thoughts."
"When you gave me a belt, I knew you were hiding behind it, but I took it on purpose. When I saw your lovely expression, I suddenly felt like laughing, as if I had been in a particularly good mood all day."
"You’re not as cold as you look, that’s what I thought."
"Later, I learned that you have such a warm heart, you also have your tenderness and warmth, and you also have a simple and beautiful world like other girls. I don’t want to break it. It would be great if I could just guard you forever."
"But at that time, I had a lot of waves because I was afraid that I would soon disappear from this world. I was afraid that you would see others through me … but I was not as indestructible as it seemed."
"But I want to protect you."
"I want to protect you completely, including your heart and your dreams."
"The real pain is that you won’t shed tears, and you feel that your whole heart seems to be occupied by someone and then dug hard. If you never have it, you won’t lose it …"
"If it weren’t for the first thing, I wouldn’t know it was precious to get you."
"You are the best woman in the world. I look at you and look at others. I never thought that someone else would come into my life. You want to give you such an opportunity."