When Ibrahimovic faced Pa Wen, Pa Wen had no one to help …

Ibrahimovic smiled at Pa Wen again with a feeling of "Hi, we meet again".
Pa Wen was stunned by this smile, and Ibrahimovic directly broke through Pa Wen with his feet!
Very relaxed and grateful
Just as he said that he was not a living person but a triangular cone during training.
Pa Wen to react hurriedly turned around to catch up with late Ibrahimovic direct foot shot!
A long shot outside the restricted area!
Cesar came to Ibrahimovic to break through Pa Wen and then he fought one-on-one
I didn’t think that the other party had just passed Pa Wen and took a long shot directly.
This rhythm change disturbed Cesar’s frequency. His center of gravity was descending to prepare for attack, and now he has to rise rapidly and make a flutter.
For a powerful long-range shot, even if it takes half a second to save, it is impossible to jump into the football unless the ball is shot at the goalkeeper’s body
It’s not surprising that Socesar jumped again.
"Hot pull tan ibrahimovic! Ibrahimovic !” The commentator Moon shouted.
He stared at the stadium with his eyes wide open. It seems that he still can’t believe it!
"Valencia has led by two goals in the 33-minute home game!"
"This is the first goal scored by Ibrahimovic Valencia! He is only nineteen years old this year! In the summer, Valencia spent a million dollars to transfer from Malmo, Sweden! At that time, many media questioned whether he was worth such a high price, but his performance in today’s game has successfully shut some people up! He has dominated Pa Wen many times in the game, and now he has scored his first goal in Valencia after breaking through Pa Wen! "
After the goal, Ibrahimovic looked very excited. He even took off his jersey and showed a strong muscle running around the court.
The sideline always wins and is very excited
This time he took the initiative to run to find someone to hug.
The second ball is finally there!
The victory is in hand!
Chapter 42 You are still not men! ?
When Ibrahimovic blasted the football into the goal, the stands of Mestalla Stadium burst into great cheers.
In the cheers, the young Swede ran with open arms as if he were soaring in the sky.
Listening to the huge cheers, he was satisfied-it was right that he chose to come to Valencia instead of Ajax!
I get more cheers here than Malmo, even Ajax probably can’t!
And … It’s a goal against Real Madrid!
That’s a century tycoon!
I was able to score against Real Madrid … Maybe tomorrow became the head of media coverage.
The future of light is ahead!
Ibrahimovic’s heart is surging.
There is also a surge of emotion and a constant victory. He is cheering!
Beating Real Madrid at home is not revenge for the winning streak.
Nevertheless, the whole person is as cool as drinking a bottle of cold beer in summer.
His opponent is Real Madrid!
The best team he met when he coached Hertha was Atletico Madrid, but compared with Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid was just like beggars and nobles.
Being able to lead Real Madrid by two goals in the game has said that there are always winning tactics.
Changsheng’s heart was finally completely put back into his stomach.
Although he won four warm-up matches before, Chang Sheng always felt that he had no idea whether his tactics of copying from later generations were present in football.
Now we see Valencia taking the lead and taking a two-goal lead in the game.
What does it mean to lead by two goals in such a strong dialogue?
That means victory!
After this game, Chang Sheng believes that the suspicion of the team’s own new tactics will be further reduced, which will help him control the team.
Bosco sighed when he saw that his team had lost another goal.
The problem of Pa Wen and Pa Wen still appeared in Paven.
He is now suddenly less concerned about winning or losing the game and more concerned about florentino’s thoughts.
Although there are more than 30 minutes, Valencia has made everyone see how unreliable Zidaga’s Pa Wen policy is.
After the game, I believe that many media will laugh at florentino’s policy of leaving Chipa.
Will florentino’s short temper end Zidaga’s Pa Wen policy in a hurry by then?
That’s definitely not a good thing for young players.
Although Zidaga’s Pa Wen policy has such and such problems, I’m afraid I can do my best to ensure that this policy will not die halfway …
Being a head coach at Real Madrid sometimes depends not on your coaching level but on your political level.
When Oti scored and cheered in front of florentino, florentino lowered his head and no one could see his expression.
But a fool should have guessed that the builder must be in a bad mood.
When he introduced the policy of Zidanaga Pa Wen, the media cheered that he had finally solved the problems that plagued several big teams.
But now it seems that the root has not been solved!
Valencia made the simplest move and let him lose the game!
Half-time is coming soon. In the remaining time, Real Madrid huddled in the penalty area, hoping not to lose any more goals.
This is tantamount to giving up the attack, but this is Nell.
Because Real Madrid can’t concede any more goals.
Whether considering the team as a whole or Pa Wen alone, the team can’t keep losing goals.