"Get out of the way! ! ?”

But the huge crowd suspected that their actions caused the law to save the best. When the whole scene was in a mess, Chennan witnessed everything in sight and drank it up after a while. "Don’t worry about these guys killing traitors! ! !”
Execution! !
However, the executioner was suddenly rushed out by a group of strong men who were killed by the Ministry. At the first time, he cut the rope that bound them and then tried to leave while the chaos was raging.
Seeing that many people here are in a hurry, if they escape on the day of the ceremony, what face does the Canyue Kingdom have!
"Everyone is not allowed to move in a word I will kill the dog thief! !” When the flying beast troops were almost in action, suddenly a loud cry echoed in the high platform. When people looked intently, they saw the windbreaker man holding a sword and holding the king of Chu hostage.
"The sword?" Many people recognized the moonlight sharp blade, and his face changed greatly. He came after all, but what’s the point of coming at this time?
The bearer was impressed that the leaf cold blew away his hood and showed a cold face, and his eyes became colder than before.
"Leaf injury! ! ! It’s hell for you to come back. You have to break in! !” The king of Chu knew Ye Ye at the first time, but the speed was slow because of the dragon robe, and he was blackmailed by the other party, but the king of Chu was definitely not waiting for death.
"Leaf injury quickly put chu positions can spare you die! !” The king of Chu sent ministers to wail at once, and if something happened to the king of Chu, they would not say much in the future.
"What are you doing in this kingdom?"
"Ye Shang is very disappointed in you. Now even if you kill the king of Chu, what can you change? You shouldn’t have betrayed the kingdom in the first place!" In everyone’s eyes, Ye Shang is a traitor to the kingdom. After all, everyone knew about his assassination of the king of Chu, and the bastard of Chu also said that he wanted the princess to return to Ye Shang, but he didn’t expect Ye Shang to kill the princess and abscond. These unwarranted charges were actually imposed on Ye Shang.
He didn’t say anything about this leaf injury, and his heart was burning with anger.
"I haven’t thought about leaving the king of Chu alive since I came here. I look forward to all of you! ! !” Now it is estimated that no one will believe them. At the same time, the central square is getting bigger and bigger, and the strong black cloth is scattered in the crowd for the first time after saving the hostages.
"Tell them to stop or I’ll kill you! ! !” The waning moon Excalibur cut the skin of the king of Chu’s neck. Of course, the king of Chu is afraid of death. After all, the whole genius has just usurped in his hand. How can he stop easily?
"Stop it! !”
The king of Chu’s words immediately overwhelmed the army, but they still stood by, one by one armed and ready to fight at any time.
The whole ceremony was so transient that people looked at the fog and Reagan didn’t know what had happened.
Now the king of Chu is in a passive state in the hands of Ye Shang, but the inverse Chennan will never let this happen, which makes a color for the birds.
The king of Chu will never stand being threatened. He suddenly sneered, "Ye Shang, what if you kill me now?" Everything is settled, and you have no chance of winning. Now if you let me go, I can let you leave this waning moon kingdom with peace of mind. I will give you a lot of money and top equipment so that you can get ahead even if you go outside. There is nothing for you in this waning moon kingdom. "In this case, the king of Chu can still say such a thing. Although calm, the king of Chu ignores how much the leaf injury loves the princess! !
Ye Shang ha ha a smile made the king of Chu feel creepy. At this moment, the sword in Ye Shang’s hand actually had murder. Perhaps he felt that Ye Shang was going to take his own life. At this time, the king of Chu suddenly changed his face with a gallop, and the figure came in the direction of Ye Shang.
Taking this opportunity, the king’s body retreated sharply, but the leaf wound was faster. The sharp sword and awn broke out and took the life of the king of Chu. It was that critical moment that suddenly a cross-gas line connected the king of Chu’s body and pulled him from it.
Leaf injury eye pupil changes to see not far from the inverse Chennan heart winds, but this time he didn’t want to come because of the birds to kill.
He can watch the king of Chu being rescued by the other side.
"Give me kill them! ! ! Anyone who dares to stop will be killed! ! !” The king of Chu’s half-roar represents his anger and wants to cut all these rebels to pieces! ! !
"I see who dares! ! !”
Seeing that the king of Chu was out of danger, suddenly a terrible figure fell from the sky, and together with the king of Chu, he fell to the high platform. When a smoke rose and disappeared, the whole kingdom saw an incredible face.
"How is it possible! ! !”
First of all, it was the general marshal who was horrified.
"Guardian of the kingdom! ! !”
Wang Tianlong! ! !
The appearance of Wang Tianlong made the original complicated situation even more confusing in Pu Shu. Although the King of Chu called Tianlong Gouye injured and betrayed the kingdom, after all, he was the guardian of the kingdom. No one believed that he would do such a thing, but Wang Tianlong disappeared and he did not know how to live or die. Secondly, the influence of the King of Chu was so great that there was no way to overthrow the King of Chu without the appearance of decision-making figures.
Nowadays, the appearance of Wang Tianlong can be said to bring a hot flame to people’s despair! !
"You you didn’t die! !” The general marshal’s face expression is unpredictable. Wang Tianlong did escape that day, but how could he live without saying that he was seriously injured and broke away? Even if you are alive, you are a basket case.
Wang Tianlong sneer at "what? Never dreamed of it? It’s all arranged by heaven that I should save my life to expose the crimes of scum in your kingdom! !”
"Chu Lan, do you know what is the crime of forcing the old king to force the princess to die?"
"killing nine families"
"It’s too urgent to share the same roots. Isn’t this big kingdom still you after the old king died?" Wang Tianlong’s questioning made the king of Chu angry.
He laughed. "Are you kidding? The old king personally said that he would give the whole kingdom to Ye Shang! ! !”
When this statement came out, the king of Chu was suddenly silly, and the people around him changed their faces after hearing this sentence. Those ministers were suddenly gloomy, but for idiots, Bai Chu * * just spoke.
I heard that I was dumbfounded by the leaf injury. It is worthy that Wang Tianlong hit the most vulnerable place in the heart of the king of Chu, and the king of Chu did not hesitate to say angry words
"What an idiot! However, if something happens in Wang Tianlong, it will inevitably develop in this direction. If we want to kill their department now, we can continue to make the king of Chu a puppet king! But if he dies, then he is looking for a puppet! " Inverse Chennan runs his brain at full speed. What should he do next? Those hostages are no longer important, but what disappoints Inverse Chennan is that he wants to wait for that person and doesn’t appear.
Inverse Chennan made the worst plan. "Wang Tianlong, if you let the king of Chu go, I will let you leave here with all the hostages!" Forgetting dust didn’t show up. He was not interested in this group of people, but he would never let them leave as generously as he said.