He’s trying to be a qualified coach. He’s really talented as a coach. He really has a good chance to be a qualified head coach. Without this damn leukemia …

Father’s voice is far and near in his ear, clear and fuzzy.
He sighed softly-but no one heard the sigh in his mind-but he didn’t listen. He knew what the media was writing.
Either all kinds of people don’t like Hertha.
In fact, Jonathan can recite their reasons by himself.
Because the things analyzed by these media are similar to those analyzed by themselves.
For Hertha, the final was really difficult to play.
There are too many unfavorable factors.
Tactically, compared with the strength of the players from both sides, even Pisjuan Stadium, the venue of the final, is also very unfriendly to Hertha …
So many unfavorable factors are the basis of a stable losing situation.
Hertha’s own performance seems to confirm everyone’s speculation.
They closed the door of the training base to the media, and the reporters couldn’t film their training, so rumors spread everywhere.
Say everything, and it’s not very nice.
Many people believe that Chang Sheng did this because he was afraid.
It’s always a high-profile winner, and this time it’s unexpectedly low-key. Silence is like disappearing.
What does this say?
Does that mean he knows all about it? It’s a tough problem, right?
It stands to reason that what the media said was right and consistent with his analysis.
But why is there a faint anger in his heart when he sees that the media is not optimistic about Hertha’s reports? Especially when the media laughed at Chang Sheng pretending to be deaf and dumb, he was even more angry.
It seems that the media ridicule is not always better than laughing at him.
This kind of mood makes him feel bad.
He also knows his current situation. Another thing that makes him feel bad is that he can obviously feel that his life is coming to an end.
He knew that day was finally coming.
But he was unwilling, very unwilling.
It’s like just knowing that you have this disease.
He doesn’t want to die.
He really doesn’t want to die.
But for a long time before I met Chang Sheng, he was waiting for death and was eager to get rid of it early.
Now he doesn’t think so.
Because he hasn’t seen the miracle yet …
He said he would show himself a miracle …
He said that he can’t leave without seeing the end of the story.
Jonathan felt that his eyelids were a little heavy. He was so sleepy that he wanted to sleep like this.
If you sleep like this, you won’t feel pain, and your head won’t feel groggy, cough or nosebleed …
It seems that if you just go to sleep, you won’t have all the troubles.
Jonathan’s eyes blurred and his eyelids drooped slowly.
At this time, my father’s voice suddenly became louder.
"… often showed his inexplicable confidence again at the pre-match press conference. He said,’ Let’s come to the finals and take a runner-up!’ ……”
Jonathan, a tingle woke up from a previous state of confusion.
Suddenly from a sore throat, left rib discomfort, fever brought a headache.
Stimulate he couldn’t help moaning a.
Hearing his voice, my father stopped reading at once.
While mother wiped her tears and got up and leaned towards him.
"What’s the matter, Jonathan?"
Jonathan didn’t answer their questions. He still stared at the ceiling as if he had no strength to roll his eyes.
But his mouth slowly tilted up …
A smile appeared on his face.
It’s not time to give up, even if the opponent is so strong!
Chapter two hundred and fifty-two A week’s efforts
For a whole week, the Hertha team did one thing-training, training, retraining, practicing new tactics, creating offside, practicing set-pieces for attack and defense.
Of course, they didn’t forget to practice penalty kicks.