This time, Li Erzhu came to them and asked them if they wanted to go to a place. They didn’t think that Li Erzhu would hurt them, and they nodded and agreed with almost no hesitation.

Then they went to Tian Jiacun.
Li Erzhu also came back to Tian Jiacun this time with a big tiger and a bolt. Apart from letting them go to Tian Jiacun, the main purpose is that all members of the guard must be villagers in Tian Jiacun.
This time, he brought back some people who he had observed for a long time and picked out from the refugees.
After arriving in Tian Jiacun, Li Erzhu first let these people get familiar with the environment with everyone. When everyone settled down, he took twelve selected people to the village center to register their identity and register them as members of the guard.
"What’s your name?"
None of the people brought here have read or can’t read. Li Erzhu can help them register one by one.
The bolt is at a loss. "I’ll call it bolt."
"I mean, what’s your last name? Otherwise, you can call your father or your mother’s last name." Li Erzhu asked.
Shuan scratched his head. "My father challenged my mother. She died early. I don’t even know her name."
Li Erzhu suddenly realized, "that is, there is no surname. In this case, can you tell me my surname is Li? After that, it was called Li Shuan. "
"Yes," he said, "I can listen to Li Ge, you, Li Shuan … Li Shuan … It’s quite nice. Hey hey"
Li Erzhu watched him smirk, took out his ID card, entered his name into the guard and gave him the badge. "You wait here first and have something to tell you later, a big tiger."
"I know my last name." Dahu heard the conversation between the two people in the back and couldn’t wait to see what this magical thing could spit out for him. "Li Ge, my name is Wang and my name is Wang Dahu."
Li Erzhu couldn’t help laughing. "Your surname is Wang. How did your father give you such a name?"
Wang Dahu also smiled. "My dad said that Wang was too stingy to give me an atmospheric name. Later, when I thought that the most atmospheric mountain was the big tiger, I was named Dahu. What a nice name!"
Li Erzhu nodded, although the name is always a bit nondescript, but it is a bit atmospheric.
He also gave Wang Dahu his ID card and badge to continue his personal identity registration.
[Congratulations to the player for completing [a 3-man guard]. The difficulty rewards the lucky wheel *1 light armor drawing *1 shield drawing *1 pepper seed *1 pepper liquid (prescription) *1 silver *1 two-person experience 1]
[Congratulations to the player for upgrading the character level and rewarding exquisite fashion (random) *1 set of guardian gods (blue) *1 set of gold *1 Liang]
Tian Tang! ! ! ! ! !
What is this character level?
She looked for it for a long time before she finally found the first experience of character hierarchy, which came from an old woman at the village entrance when Tian Jiacun was still at peace.
Later several upgrades were mainly made when two random triggers were difficult and fertile fields were upgraded.
She didn’t pay much attention to this before. On the one hand, the experience of this character’s level rise is really out of touch. On the other hand, because of one thing after another in Tian Jiacun, she has been busy all the time, so she has no time to pay attention to the problem of character level.
Fine fashion! ! !
In the past, when Tian Tang played games by himself, no matter what game he played, it was not a game body design mode. It was not fun, but dressing up was too fragrant, especially those big wings. No matter which game he played, he could make her want to move.
Tian Tang’s thoughts flew for a while, watching two awards appear one after another, indicating that other rewards are also good, but her eyes were still staring at the word "fine fashion" and she pondered for a while.
Tian Tang shook his fist after the recovery.
What are you thinking?
At this time, she pulled out her clothes!
[Whether to draw [exquisite fashion]? 】
[Being extracted … Please press the [confirm] key]
Tian Tang put his hand on the [confirm] button and waited for a while before pressing it.
[Congratulations to the player for extracting [Zilin Fengxi] exquisite fashion and sending it to the player’s warehouse. Please check it and ask the player to make persistent efforts to continue the game.]
She immediately opened the warehouse.
Tian Tang’s dress-up game smells good!
Chapter ninety-one Two thousand silver
[Zilin Fengxi] Just like its name, this fashion is light purple with maple leaf elements on the surface. The overall design is very exquisite, and the size is just in line with Tian Tang’s current height. It feels like she has tailored a suit.
Even if there is no need to wear such gorgeous clothes in Tian Jiacun, Tian Tang still feels that this award is very suitable for her, mainly because it makes her feel good.