"Yes" Long Chen replied.

"Yu’ an County officials …" Lian Yan Jing moved her finger. "I secretly observed and found out which ones were Wang Ren of Hunan who ate Junlu but were unfaithful to you. I don’t know how much benefits the king of Hunan had promised. Do you have a life?"
"Yes, but you can be sure that the chief of Anjun City should be United with Xiang Wang, even if it is not Wang Ren, Hunan, but it is also United." Long Chen immediately reported.
"Chief, that makes no difference with Wang Ren, Hunan. Want to please both ends? Too overestimate yourself, but … "Lotus Yan Jiing touched the bar." The king of Xiang is really a big hand. Is the chief bought? Still control? "
The former chief of Puzhou is still fleeing, and the boss of Anjun City has a problem? How small can it be to go straight to the head?
Think about the situation that Chunyu’s family is under control and cannot be ruled out.
"Yes …" Long Chen just said a word when there was a slight noise in the next room. He felt that a gust of wind blew in front of him and the Lord disappeared. The door was creaked.
Touching his nose, Longchen immediately heard the tonic ring from the next room, although it was very light and soft. "What do you want to do?"
Dong Yuling slept in a daze and looked at the bedside person blankly. "I want to drink water …" Then he yawned. He was so sleepy that he didn’t wake up.
Just want to move is Dong Yuling didn’t wear stable shoes and fell to the ground again.
"I’ll get it for you when you’re lying down." Lotus Yan Jiing stretched out her hand to hold Dong Yuling, turned around, poured a pot of warm water and brought a cup to the bed.
Some are in distress situation. Dong Wei Ling seems to have fallen asleep again. Lotus Yan Jiing helped Dong Wei Ling with one hand and put the cup on her mouth.
As a result, I saw Dong Yuling grunting a few mouthfuls and a glass of water, and the process was still consciousness.
Let Dong Yuling lie down. Lian Yan Jing is dazed. How sleepy is this? Fortunately, it will be back soon.
See Dong Ling fall asleep again. Lotus Yan Jiing crept to the next door and continued to talk to Long Chen about Anjun City.
For his own master, he acted like a thief. He didn’t see the princess before she appeared, but he got used to it. Chapter 354: Five years ago.
The second day early in the morning, Lian Yan Jiing walked leisurely out of the gate with Dong Yong Ling and came to the people’s land, which summoned the birds to fly to Shengjing together.
Wang Fu directly went to the palace without stopping to report the situation of Puzhou to the emperor.
Of course, it’s right for the emperor not to stop this girl at first.
Then I noticed that the officials were bought off, and the emperor’s expression was gloomy. "Did the dynasty give them less salary?" How much did Xiang Wang give? Take a step back and say that if Xiang Wang succeeds, can he still give them this preferential treatment? When the time comes, it’s hard to take it back. "
"These people can’t see that the white tiger seeks the skin miserably and will never be the king of Hunan." Lian Yan Jing is meaningful. "Others may be controlled like a chun Yu family."
"Method? King Xiang still has such people? " The emperor wondered
Everyone has been rivals for so long, and what chips both sides have is almost clear to each other. Let’s see who has buried the nail deeper and then take the lead.
"I heard that Nan, the entomologist, has a brother who has been missing for 20 years. It seems that there are still some people in Xiang Wang’s hands who are deeply hidden." Lian Yan Jiing’s eyes narrowed for 20 years. At that time, it was not normal for them to fight with Xiang Wang.
"So that’s it, but will you understand Gu Lingxin?" The emperor is most concerned about this family. What means are not terrible? There must be a solution.
"Generally speaking, it should be possible." Lian Yan Jiing won’t put the words to death. He doesn’t want Dong Yuling to be so tired. "A surname family’s method of poison has given them an understanding of their wealth and industry."
Even if you can see it, there is not much way to get rid of it. It’s more unusual than getting rid of it. Maybe it will become more and more serious.
Of course, Dong Ling has a method of king, which is generally not too difficult for this aspect to be considered as a mistresses.
It’s not that Dong Ling’s medical skill is really that natural enemy. The key is still in the method king. If his doctor owns the method king, he can crack most of the method poisons.
"That’s good." The emperor secretly breathed a sigh of relief. The average person doesn’t know how to recruit this kind of thing. It’s very likely that he can’t find it. "The old man in Chunyu’s house is smart enough to lose family fortune, so it’s better to take it out and save his life."
"It’s true that the old man is sophisticated and sleek. I’ve seen it." Lotus Yan Jiing feels funny. It’s rare for Dong Ling to vomit. That’s the old fox.
"Anjun City and Puzhou City are both adjacent to Xiang Wang’s fief. It seems that there should be a lot of defections from nearby officials!" The emperor’s face was weird-he always felt that it was not easy to feel the taste, so he was turned into a corner. How failed was he as an emperor?
"Xu usury that’s just some first check what the emperor wants so much? Many people haven’t been assigned to the imperial examinations in recent years. When these people put their positions out, they can pull out a lot of talents, "said Lian Yan Jiing consolingly.
Many people become officials, which is definitely beneficial, even if they have not been in the officialdom for a long time.
And it is precisely because of this that Xiang Wang can’t help but seduce people naturally.
"Ah, that’s true. It’s a sigh that some people are always dissatisfied with the benefits." The emperor was in a good mood and sighed a lot.
"Xiang Wang Xu Zhongli seems to be short of money, otherwise he wouldn’t have called Chunyu’s home. Besides, is there any news from the magic lotus guardian?" Lotus Yan Jing thought that the king of Hunan was badly short of money, and he must be guarding the magic lotus.
"There has been no progress for the time being, and so has Xiang Wang. In those days, the clues of the chaos of the captaincy seemed to be broken." The emperor was in no hurry, but he didn’t want to be protected by the magic lotus.
Because in this cache, there are not only enough wealth, but also many handicraft notes left by the holy father, which are related to people’s livelihood and can develop a country independently, and must not be taken by outsiders.
"If it’s broken, everyone can’t get it." Lotus Yan Jiing nodded with the emperor.
"Speaking of the flood what’s going on? Have you found out? " The reason why the emperor is used to paying attention to this is that at least it is necessary to know how to make less money, so as to put an end to the natural disaster of a king of Hunan.
And this reason usually contains more information enough to find out some secret arrangements of the king of Xiang, which involves hiding the scum of the dynasty officials …
"The newly built dam in Puhe River suddenly collapsed five years ago to store water for autumn ploughing, which flooded the people." Lian Yan Jiing said it was also very language.
Why do you feel that this dam water conservancy project has harmed people?
"Five years ago?" The emperor leng leng "if I remember correctly at that time, I allocated thirty-two million yuan to manage Puhe."
It was not long before the emperor ascended the throne, and it was only two years before the emperor died. When the emperor was just gathering up, he naturally hoped to make some achievements in benefiting the country and the people.
When the governor of Puzhou requested to dredge the Puhe River, the emperor not only approved it, but also allocated a large sum of money with a wave of his hand.
You know, it was not easy for the emperor to get out such a large sum of silver when it was very difficult to collect a lot of money from the imperial treasury
Thirty-two million, you know, the whole dynasty’s annual salary is not so much, and the national tax revenue is almost the same.