"To be honest, some people have purple magic gas, but it is not lavender, but purple. This magic gas can be said to be the natural enemy …"

"It’s really a plug-in. What do you mean it’s a natural enemy?" Li yiwen
"You have too little knowledge. To answer this question, you must have some knowledge of cultivating truth".
"Nothing, just instill it in my brain!" Li Yi said
"You don’t want money when I am evil, but you can wave casually?"
"Almost" Li Yixiao said.
"Let me tell you something!" Extreme Nai Theory
"In the field of repairing the true, every person who repairs the true has his own spirit. It is magic spirit and fairy spirit, but they all have one thing in common. Whether you are repairing the immortal or the magic, your spirit has one color: red is fire blue, water green is wood yellow, golden brown is earth."
"Why isn’t there lavender?" Li yiwen
"You are too impetuous! After hearing me out, I don’t know if this is true. I don’t know if purple is a comprehensive gas. I know that there is a person who has that person … "
"How to say half a sentence?" Li Yi said
"That man is so powerful that no one in the four realms wants to remember him. You just need to know whether his magic is dark purple or practicing magic," said Ji.
"People can really strong to that extent? What are the four realms? " Li Yi said
"There is no wonder in the world. At the beginning, I was the same in the field of repairing the truth. Everyone was afraid of me, but I was finally persecuted."
"Old man, you haven’t said what the four realms are!" Li Yi said
"Don’t call me old man. Although I don’t have a good memory, I haven’t got the old four worlds. This thing is interesting. The four worlds are the demon world, the ghost world and the heaven world. I was the demon world and the demon world …"
"Can’t you talk less about your own business? Heroes are not brave in those days!" Li Yi said
"I’m not a hero, I’m a magic statue."
"All right, you go on," said Li Yi.
"I still … rely on let you say all have no emotional appeal"
"Li Yi, why don’t you come in?" Li Luyin came out of the room.
"When the horse needs some," Li Yi shouted.
"Old man, stop joking and do something quickly!" Li Yi said in a hurry
"You should be white when you finish this first," said Ji.
"all right! Let’s hurry. "
"There is Buddha in heaven, heaven in hell, and heaven in heaven is an angel’s place. It is said that his magic gas can be transformed into attributes. Don’t you know that your magic gas is the same as him?" Extreme theory
"I’ll try later," said Li Yi.
Li Yi opened her eyes and let her magic gas show her color.
"The old man to do? I don’t know! " Li Yi said
"This ….. actually, I don’t know" said extremely.
"Don’t you know everything? Why don’t you know this?" Li Yi said.
"I’m not a purple devil. How can I?" A tone I don’t know.
It’s unreliable. It’s so unreliable. I can figure it out myself
Since purple magic gas can be transformed into attribute magic gas, it means that that person is transforming in his heart. If it is transformed outside, others will know what color magic gas you want to transform into. Aren’t you the gang waiting for death?
It must be transformed in the heart, but the question comes again. How to transform it in the heart?
By the way, isn’t it that people can explode 120% potential in an anxious situation? Just wait for a way yourself.
"Li Yi hurry back and get ready for dinner" Li Lu shouted in the room.
The outbreak didn’t wait until it almost scared his little heart out.
After that, I must tell her that scary people will scare people, and scary animals will scare people to death.
"I’m so funny that I’m dying of laughter." I’m going to laugh very quickly
"Dead old man, you are the kind of person who doesn’t know how expensive the rice is." Li Yi said angrily.
"Little imagine that you have red fire magic gas" finally finished laughing.
Li Yi closed her eyes and imagined that she had magic gas and it was a fire attribute magic gas.
Li Lu came out of the room and saw Li Yi sitting on the ground with his eyes closed and said, "Li Yi, what are you doing?"
Li Yi opened her eyes and suddenly became frightened. Why did you come out? Hurriedly hand will be cut into pieces next to the Wolf meat pushed behind him.
"Nothing, just tickling my back," Li Yi said.
"Why don’t I help you!" Li Lu said