While Lazio players were celebrating the goal, Juventus players were stupefied.

Juventus, who vowed to slap Lazio in the face before the game, was advanced by a goal and lost it so quickly
Juventus fans were so surprised that they forgot to hiss to ruin the celebration of Lazio players.
They just looked at the stadium in wait for a while and always felt that this scene was not true.
The atmosphere at the scene was suddenly awkward.
Chapter 10 Incredible
When icardi scored the goal, he sat in the coach’s seat and rushed out with him, along with other coaches and substitute players
Lazio bench suddenly became a sea of joy.
Everyone is celebrating the goal.
They are in stark contrast to the lifeless Juventus bench and coach’s bench over there.
Before winning the game, they said they must beat Juventus, and they were still vaguely worried. After all, football is not what you say it will be.
They have their own rules and don’t change with your personal wishes.
But now it seems that maybe football still listens to the winning words.
They have a chance in this game!
When the game resumed, some Juventus players still didn’t come to their senses.
Lazio, on the other hand, pursued Juventus with victory, which was very embarrassing on the court.
At that time, they can be tired of parrying and have no strength to fight back.
No one thinks about why they beat Lazio now. They just want Juventus not to lose this game …
A draw is the best result.
Anyway, Lazio didn’t win them even in a draw. In that case, Lazio hasn’t won at Juventus home for four consecutive seasons …
It’s natural to think so, but Juventus don’t care so much now.
Even so, Juventus still failed to stop them from losing the second goal.
Just seven minutes after they conceded the first goal, Lazio launched a furious offensive that lasted for seven minutes and finally made Juventus collapse at the last minute.
The second goal was due to Juventus’ own mistakes in the back line. Their defender made a mistake at the end and didn’t kick far at the end. As a result, the football just landed at icardi’s foot, and icardi was not vague. He remained awake enough in the event of an accident.
Faced with this big stuffing cake falling from the sky, icardi didn’t shoot long-range by himself or try to break through with the ball.
Both are wrong practices.
The most correct way is the ball!
Juventus defence has found a mistake, and they are eager to remedy it. At this time, they naturally care about everything instead of trying to plug the loophole in icardi.
Then they don’t care about loopholes in other places
At this time, for icardi, he has to face great defensive pressure, but other Lazio players may not be so.
So icardi’s first choice is the ball!
He took aim at the loophole in Juventus’ defence and passed the football in the same place.
Mario gotze showed up like a flash, and of course he caught the ball!
"Geze! Mario gotze! "
As the commentator exclaimed, there was a huge cry in the whole Alpine Stadium.
Because they all know this is a great opportunity for Lazio!
Then, in turn, it is a very dangerous moment for Juventus!
Juventus central defender quickly came to make up the position.
Gotze didn’t give him a chance to put the football in and shoot decisively!
Palin blocked the near corner football but hit a far corner!
The football passed Palin, who was moving near the corner. Palin tried to change her direction and center of gravity to jump at the ball, but she was too slow to reach anything.
The football darted past his fingertips and went straight to the back corner.
All Palin can do is watch the football fly by, hit the far post and bounce into the goal!
“2! ! Unbelievable! 2! Lazio led Juventus by two goals in just ten minutes away from home! Is this really at Juventus home? "
The commentator raised such a question, which was also the question of many people who watched the game.
Is this really Juventus’ home?
You know, Juventus did well at home.
They have been unbeaten at home for 20 consecutive times!
Last season, they beat Lazio, their biggest enemy, at home.
This home performance will naturally make the media and fans full of confidence in Juventus.
Only then will many people think that Lazio will lose to Juventus again on the road.
Who would have thought that the game was less than ten minutes? Lazio had already led by two goals …
Is this really Juventus’ home?
Some reporters in the media gallery grabbed their hair and looked a little crazy-they were just journalists who were talking about Lazio. Ten minutes ago, they had no doubt that Juventus beat Lazio at home.
But now they are all crazy and scratching their hair as if they are doing it now.
Lazio scored two goals in less than ten minutes because they thought there was no hope!
This is a great game!
Will Juventus be able to pull it back?
Many people are skeptical about this.
"Lazio are two goals ahead of Juventus in the away game! What a surprise! What is even more incredible is that this game has only lasted for less than ten minutes! "
Scoring in the cheers of the commentator, Gotze opened his arms, and running all the way returned to Lazio I, O, O, and embraced Chang Sheng!