Jiuzhong’s speech has its own contempt for the power of heaven, and with his own overbearing style, the players present are really stunned. Jiuzhong is really a fairy!

Hesitant, all the players turned their heads and looked at one person behind the team!
The player let a path come from behind the player team. A player looks quite good and can be called a handsome person. But that expression really hates a supercilious and arrogant look, which makes people feel an impulse to beat him up!
Jiuzhong looks at it. Damn it, he robbed that kid yesterday! A "critical eye" threw it in the past and learned his name, and he was the head of the "Heavenly King" Heavenly King mercenary group!
Heavenly King Gong came up with his sword in his hand and didn’t dare to come too close. He hid behind a group of players in front of him and pointed to Jiuchong. "You … are you really immortal? !”
Chapter 56 Endangered Phoenix Egg
"Of course!"
"Come on!" Tianwanggong corners of the mouth become warped become warped way "who are you! How can you be called an immortal? You are so ugly. I think it’s better to be a devil! "
Being awakened by Heavenly King Gong, I realized that yes, compared with immortals, his style is indeed more like an evil spirit’s heresy, and the identity of the latter is also more matching with that of the black phoenix!
Think of this sacred solemn expression disappear nine times instantly in an evil smile sepulchrally laughed "hey hey ….. it seems that you are not stupid to see through the king’s lies! But Wang hates those clever monkeys! !”
See nine heavy expression becomes more and more eerie heavenly king male mercilessly swallowed back two steps, "you … what do you want? !”
Jiuchongmou jumped forward and scared the public of Tianwang to retreat again and again!
"Don’t be nervous. A few monkeys are not worthy for Wang to do it himself!" Jiuzhong kicked his foot and was still kneeling on the ground. "Little Zun will give them some color to let them know that they are smart!"
Nine heavy jade smell speech immediately gave instructions to Dawu Zunda. Dawu Zun Huo Ran rose from the ground, and his right hand summoned the mountain deity body with virtual grasp "Mountain deity … fit! !”
The palm of the mountain god combined with the big witch statue stretched out to aim at the public in front of the heavenly king. "… rock burst and stab! !”
"Bang bang bang! !” A string of renju exploded, and the mountains on both sides of the Grand Canyon suddenly burst into pieces. From the inside, like fireworks, a number of huge rock thorns burst out, and in a blink of an eye, they staggered together like fangs and filled the whole valley in front of them!
Most of the players in the range of more than 20 meters in front of Dawu Zun were pierced by rocks and turned into candied haws. A small part of the players ran out of the range of "rock burst" when they were quick to play!
Heavenly King Gong’s luck is really good, with dense and criss-crossing rock thorns. There is no one in root cutting. He fixed his whole person in the crack of rock thorns and could not move!
Nine heavy slowly came to the body is fixed into a marionette like pop male YinYin smile "? Do you dare to be smart again? !”
At this time, Tianwanggong has been scared and blushed. "No … no … no … no!" !”
"Hey … it’s late!" Nine times a "violent killing" actually exploded in the other side of the Heavenly King. A lucky blow and an excellent blow directly exploded his head!
Behind the rock spur, the players of Tianwang mercenary group saw this scene and said, Oh, my God! This time, they believed the truth. Jiuzhong is a demon king, and he is also an extremely important demon king. If someone debunks his lies, he will kill them. Aren’t these witnesses also born to die? !
Think of this players Chou Chou is insidious smile looked at them, ten thousand people suddenly turned birds and beasts scattered and fled!
Nine heavy looking at good laughs "I rely on this and ran away? A bunch of cowards! "
Feng Wu heard that "it’s not that they are cowards, but that you are too good at bad drama!" I don’t know if the lover is so scared by you, who can’t run away! " After the phoenix dance, I found that I was still hanging in the nine-fold body. Suddenly, I blushed and quickly glared at the nine-fold body. "You big pervert will take advantage of it!"
Jiuzhong said, "I asked miss I let go a long time ago. Is it because you have been stuck in my body and refused to come?"
"You hu …!" Feng Dance was about to explain when she was suddenly interrupted by a plaintive cry from a cave deep in the canyon.
When I heard Fengming Jiuzhong, I remembered that I had just been so busy with d&D that I forgot the business and turned around and looked at the black phoenix in the cave! I found that there was something wrong with the black phoenix. Before, no matter how it was attacked, he always lay still in the cave, but now it is actually in the nest!
The three of them quickly walked forward to the cave and watched it. They found that there was an egg-like thing on the black phoenix, and the surface was wrapped in a dark ink flame, but there was a purple and gold light in the flow! This light mass is now extremely unstable and slowly fading away!
In the midst of mourning, the black phoenix found the nine heavy three people and actually spat out people’s words, "Thank you for your help, my daughter!"
The phoenix dance and Luan’s smell speech were taken aback. The phoenix is not the kui is a god beast, but it is not the same as being able to spit people out!
However, Jiuzhong is a burst of language, heart and mind. How good the old acting is … Even the god beast Phoenix was cheated!
"Don’t mention it!" Jiuzhong politely replied, by the way, a "critical eye" was thrown in the past. Because the level exceeded the range of level 50, the most basic information I could get was that it was a female hell demon. No wonder she called herself my daughter when she spoke! At the same time, I also found that it is in a weak state at the moment!
Nine heavy curious asked, "You are an open god … Warcraft will be held up by just a handful of human beings? Why don’t you go out and fuck them? !”
Hell’s magic burn said, "My daughter really has unspeakable difficulties. I am pregnant with my offspring. When I am pregnant with my offspring, I need to rely on the mother to continuously inject my own fire power into the phoenix egg to help it shape. This process cannot be interrupted. Once the new offspring are interrupted, they will be stillborn in the egg!"
Jiuzhong suddenly nodded and said, "Oh, I said, they suppressed you so much, and you still refused to leave the nest. It turned out that it was at the moment of breeding offspring! Then why are you up again now? Has it hatched successfully? !”
Hell magic burn smell speech a plaintive wail "no … failed! I was attacked by those humans just now, and I was so angry that I accidentally interrupted it. Now … my child! " Another burst of grief!
It’s really sad to hear people cry. Feng Dance and Luan Er are infected, and they can’t help but both sob. Feng Dance cries and keeps pulling back and forth the nine-neck pear flower with rain. "Whoops, she’s so pitiful. Help her quickly! Help her quickly! !”
"Come on, come on, come on, I can’t help you!"
I finally let go of Jiuzhong’s promise to Feng Dance, but a pair of watery eyes stared at Jiuzhong. That means you should help quickly!
Nine heavy nai had to ask the hell magic burn, "failure is failure, so what is your child’s situation now?" !”
Hellfire whimpered, "Whoops ~ ~ It has just formed a soul horse, and it will dissipate, and it will soon die thoroughly!" "
When I heard the word "soul", I touched it and said, "Stop, stop, stop crying. I may have a way to save it!"
Two women and one chicken heard the news and cried to an abrupt end. Three pairs of watery eyes looked forward to looking at the nine-fold hell magic burn. "Whoops, what can you do?" !”
"I do have a way to save it! But …! " Nine heavy temper turned to hell magic burn, "it will lose its freedom and become my control spirit! If it’s acceptable to you, I’ll save it! "
Hell magic burn hesitated a "didn’t want it to be alive! But I have to ask one more question. You won’t abuse it, will you? !”
Jiuzhong smiled brightly. "Haha, of course not ~!"
"But you are the devil … my daughter heard that the devil has a bad temper and loves to abuse people!"
Nine heavy show a sincere expression. "Although I am a demon king on the surface, I am actually an angel in my heart! Men are kind! Otherwise, I wouldn’t have saved you just now, would I? !”
Hell magic burn nodded "um … that’s true! That’s good … You start work! " Say sad don’t go away!
Jiuzhong looked at a burst of words and talked with you. How rich is your feelings? !
Feng Dance saw Jiuzhong standing there and urged, "You’d better hurry up! People’s small treasure BMW will not last!"
"It’s not your baby. What’s your hurry …!" Jiuchong muttered, "Come to the nest and put your hand in front of the phoenix egg, and press it on the egg shell to display the skill of" taking the spirit ".The purple and gold light mass of the phoenix egg suddenly disappeared and turned out in Jiuchong’s palm!
Jiuzhong followed the skill of "Spiritual Deed" and the magic lines emerged from the palm of your hand. The purple and gold light group wrapped in the palm flashed a strong light and disappeared into the light group!
At this time, I saw a purple and golden light on Jiuchong’s forehead, which passed!
"Congratulations to the player’s sacred spirit, the magic beast-the magic phoenix of the divine feather has succeeded, and the magic phoenix of the divine feather has become your control spirit. Please control the spirit and name it!"
Jiuchong asked the hell demon burn, "I want to give you a name. Do you have a name? !”
When the infernal demon burn heard this, he turned his head and sobbed, "Blare … can I ask if it is a man or a woman? !”
“……!” Jiuzhong thought, "It’s supposed to be a female who burns the magic feather!"
"Then call it a small phoenix!"
“……OK!” Nine heavy pair of unified way "small burn! Small and small phoenix! "
"Named successfully, your new control spirit is named Xiao Huang! Now you can combine it with Xiao Huang or put it into the spirit control! "
There is a whirlpool in the virtual grasp of the nine-fold pair, and the small phoenix spirit emerges from the nine-fold palm and disappears into the whirlpool!
After the event, I can’t wait to see the properties of Xiao Huang! I don’t know what the property is like if I take a contract position with him. !
Chapter 57 Black Rose
"Xiao Huang (mind control) level 6 magic beast-Shen Yu Magic Huang’s current level physical attack ~16 magic attack power 3~4 physical defense power 1 magic defense power 2 speed 22 magic power 5 proficient in all fire magic attacks with fire poison damage, fire magic plague, dark magic plague and other magic resistance 1% special skills-rebirth by bath fire (5 seconds after death, the state of resurrection in place is limited to once a day)"
After reading Xiao Huang’s attribute, it’s amazing. I depend on the level attribute. Wait until the level goes, will it be good? !
"Oh, it’s not bad. It’s finally worth it!" Nine heavy content nods a way
"That’s right!" Nine heavy asked hell magic burn way "you are Warcraft how your daughter is a magic beast? These two don’t seem to be the same race, do they !”
Hell’s magic phoenix heard this and said shyly, "This … this is the crystallization of my daughter’s love. It’s a beast. I’m a beast of Warcraft. Our children have inherited our two attributes, so it’s a magic beast ~!"