At this time, the middle-aged and bearded man suddenly laughed. "Teacher Song, don’t be angry. We’re just joking with you. When you didn’t come, we bet that the ethereal fairy teacher younger brother said that you were a bull’s temper and couldn’t stand a little injustice. We don’t believe you’re going to be overjoyed. Let’s put up with it. Elder martial sister Jin Ling came forward to test it. I don’t think you’re still so. Haha, don’t blame us all for being lively."

Having said that, Song Changgeng came over and saw that he was dressed in a red robe with a straight face and a long beard. He was very bearing. A man guessed that he should be the god of wealth, so he bowed his hand and looked unhappy. "So that’s it. That’s why my younger brother is wrong. If you come, you will be neglected. Please be more generous."
He said he was polite, but everyone in the temple could see that his anger didn’t disappear and his eyes flashed with anger. He couldn’t help but look at each other and thought that this younger brother had a big temper. Sitting in the golden spirit, the Virgin suddenly laughed. "Little younger brother, your temper is really hot!" That’s how true nature will be valued by the master. If you are a person who hides the knife in the smile, I’m afraid the master will not do this to you.
Just now, it was my sister’s fault. We really want to have fun and forget that my younger brother feels sorry. Don’t be angry. Can my sister make you a gift? "
Speaking of it, I will salute him. Song Changgeng saw that her words were sincere, her eyes were correct, and she was joking. It meant that she really wanted to make up for herself. She stretched out her hand and helped her with a strong smile. "Come on, teacher elder sister, in that case, how can I still be angry?" But I was scared just now. Do you want to do it? Is planning to prepare a magic weapon? "
At this time, the middle-aged man came over and laughed and patted him on the shoulder. "Little brother’s magic weapon is not ready to eat and drink, but we have to prepare something. Although we were joking just now, practitioners don’t eat, but it’s strange that life can be lost. It’s more interesting to eat occasionally. What have you prepared? Show it to us!"
Song Chang-geng smiled while greeting Shi Lidi outside the temple. "If I am not mistaken, you are Brother Zhao Gong, right? Hehe, you are the god of wealth. God, you have all the wealth. What can’t you sell? Brother, don’t laugh at my humble preparations. It’s just a token of my gratitude. Thank you for coming here. I appreciate it very much. "
The middle-aged man leng then sighed and patted his shoulder slightly nai tunnel "god of wealth? Hehe, little brother, is your brother willing to be one? Brother is a wisp of breeze, but he likes freedom most, but he is bound in heaven. It is very unpleasant to look at the faces of those heavenly officials every day. Today, we will have a drink. Brother brought the heavenly nectar to get drunk! "
As he spoke, he stretched out his hand and moved in the wide sleeve, and then took out a jade urn. Before he could speak, two women next to him grabbed it, and one of them grabbed the jade urn. Both of them called’ Brother!’ At this time, the eye is red. Just now, a true fairy girl suddenly said, "Brother, we know that your heart is depressed, but it is necessary to get drunk like this." Don’t be so, okay? "
Dolly Notre Dame sighed, "Teacher younger brother, are you suffering so much? At the beginning, we all knew that it was fate who was to blame. You must suffer from it. Since you came here, you have been leading a drunken life. This time, it’s the little brother’s big joy. If things are not good, don’t you just rob him? Endure it and you will care? Since the wine is out, give it to the little teacher younger brother. Don’t drink any more. "
At this time, others also came over to persuade Song Chang Gung to look at it, and their friendship moved him. When he saw that these people didn’t do fake things, he sincerely saw that everyone pulled Zhao Gong into the seat and laughed. "These three must be the teacher elder sister for three nights, right? I’m going to guess one by one. What do you mean you haven’t talked or introduced me? "
Chapter seven hundred and fourteen Sad past
The ethereal fairy who hasn’t spoken all the time didn’t laugh until Song Changgeng called him. "It’s not that I don’t introduce you, but that they won’t let me talk. They all heard that you know a lot about sealing the gods, so I want you to guess and see if you can recognize these people. We all made a bet. If you can guess all the people who are seated again, we will give you a gift three times as a whole."
If you don’t guess, hehe, it will be reduced. Every time you guess one, the guessed person will give you a double gift, so I can’t introduce you. You have just guessed six. Go on. "Then everyone else laughed, and everyone diluted the embarrassing atmosphere just now. Many people have already laughed and Song Changgeng relaxed a lot.
At this time, the younger brother who is preparing for the banquet has set the tables one after another. This time it is the big round table. Song Changgeng saw that there were 29 people in the hall. They put three big round tables in one line, and one table can make twelve people. Then, of course, they treasured the food and wine, made food with many fruits.
Song Chang-geng laughed after his brother gave a banquet. "I appreciate your brothers and sisters’ kindness. Although I’m here, I’ll give you a Mawei first, but fortunately, I survived. If I was a little timid just now, I think everyone will think I’m hypocritical and won’t really admit that I’m a fellow student. Now let me recognize that I want to send more things to increase my strength. Thank you."
After that, he gave a salute to everyone again. Zhao Gong laughed. "What did the younger brother and his family say? Just now, you have recognized me and my three sisters, and we are going to add a gift. But you just said that they are the three sisters, but you didn’t say who they are. This can’t be done. It’s not my heels, but you didn’t check the number."
Everyone laughed when they heard it, saying that Song Chang-geng had a good look at the three girls. They were full of flesh and blood, and their roots didn’t look like they were re-condensed. After a few eyes, he said to the woman who had just spoken last time, "I heard that Yunxiao Fairy has the strongest strength. Just want to come here?"
The woman really gave a slight hand smile as an admission that he guessed right. At this time, one of the two women just grabbed Zhao Gong and suddenly giggled. "Did you guess who is who just now? I tell you that although our sisters are not as powerful as our elder sister, their skills are different, but I’m afraid it’s not easy for you to guess? "
Song Chang Gung glanced at her and said, "Now that you have set up the banquet, please sit down first if I recognize it. If I don’t recognize it, please join the younger brother. In the end, I will punish myself for three cups to make amends, and this senior sister Bi Xiao will supervise it." Say that finish a finger to the woman who just spoke, and then turned to the Notre Dame Dolly and Wen Zhong and others, and made way for Zhao Gonghe and Sanye.
Brigitte night strangely said to Song Changgeng, "I’m not white yet. How did you recognize me? It stands to reason that my second sister and I are equally skilled and have never dispersed our strength. How do you recognize it? "
While inviting several people to sit down, Song Changgeng laughed. "I heard that Elder Martial Sister Bi Xiao was bright and lively, but you were the first to talk just now. I didn’t expect it, so I was right!" After that, please invite four people to enter the middle table with the Notre Dame Dolly, and Wen Zhong went to the next table. Everyone laughed at his explanation.
Zhao Gong shook his head and smiled. "This is terrible. I can’t believe that the name of the third sister is so loud. Everyone knows that you are provocative and active. How can you get it?" It is difficult to find a husband’s family, hahahaha! " The others laughed too. Bi Xiao pursed her lips and called out "Brother!" After the anger, I turned my head and ignored him, which made everyone laugh.
Song Chang-geng smiled and said to Brother Misty Fairy, "There must be ten gentlemen here, so Brother Misty Fairy will help you invite a few seated brothers to do half the host’s duty."
The ethereal fairy just got up and went to ask Brigitte Xiao to suddenly say, "This is heels. You haven’t said which one is the ten-day gentleman?" How do you want everyone to sit down with a general name? It’s heels. It’s not that I supervise you to point it out one by one. "After that, I got up and walked beside Song Changgeng with a hostile look on my face.
Song Chang-geng smiled and gave a hand to a woman among those people. "Sister Jinguang, please go first. It seems that I have to admit everything one by one!" Say that finish everyone burst into laughter Brigitte night stared his one eye hum no longer ignore Song Chang Gung to the rest of the few people just want to talk and then have a brother to send something, he walked past one by one hand, please.
See a middle-aged man with a long beard among those people. "We are one for ten days. Since Teacher Song has recognized the golden pool, don’t come one by one. Let’s not come together again. We haven’t enjoyed the crowds for thousands of years. Wait, don’t you all recognize the brothers and come to the table." Say that finish and walk to a table with a few other people laughing.
The remaining dozen people Song Chang Gung really didn’t know each other, so he gave everyone a hand and said, "I don’t know many people. I really don’t know many people. If all of you hang up your signature magic weapon or tell your story again, I may not recognize it now. Please take a few seats and I will punish myself for three cups to make amends." Come on, come on, sit down! Please sit down! Don’t mention it! "
Brigitte night beside input way "you drink three cups is finished, want a person to drink three cups with them or how can’t show your sincerity? And don’t let us bring you the boring wine, and don’t exercise resistance, otherwise I won’t let you go. "Others also followed the input and said that Song Chang Gung didn’t have to take over the night and pour the nectar to propose a toast to all the people one by one.
Bi Xiao gave an introduction while helping to pour wine. After the ceremony, Song Chang-geng felt dizzy because he didn’t have any skills, but his body was able to run a little bit automatically, so he felt overwhelmed. He knew that he didn’t drink at all, and he wasn’t born to drink heavily. This can be compared with the skill level. Everyone has advanced skills. Naturally, he knows that he won’t have no skills at all. If it is the atmosphere,
After everyone had finished their worship, Song Chang-geng returned to the middle table and had a few more drinks with everyone. Then he sat down and ate something. Then he looked at Qiong Xiao next to him and said with a smile, "I remember that there were a lot of gods on the list at the beginning. Why didn’t many people come today? It seems that you didn’t see the plague department?"
Before the Duke of Zhao could speak, the Notre Dame of Dolly said first, "Although there were many younger brothers who stopped teaching in those days, there were not many master relatives or brothers who entered the room. Several of them were registered brothers at that time. They were not invited this time, mainly because the master asked us to come over and say that they had something to discuss. They were not core brothers and could not participate."
Song Chang Gung turned out to be a heavenly saint, but let them discuss what? I’m afraid it’s impossible to unite with the five realms if it’s your own business. Although these people are all officials in heaven, it’s not a big deal. It seems that there is something else when the sky was covered with stars and the stars were sealed.
After thinking about it, he still asked, "Oh! I see, but if I didn’t know in advance, I would have come out early. You brothers and sisters have been here for a long time. It’s really a snub. Brother Xianxian said that you were coming. I didn’t care if I was rude. I’ll be fined three cups. "
After he drank three cups, Jin Ling went on, "I can’t blame you for this. We also came out two days ago because the master secretly called us. Now we don’t know what is coming, but we just talk to each other. When the pool is with the master, we have to come together. Other students who are teaching don’t know the specific things. It’s not your fault."
Song Chang Gung couldn’t help wondering more, but it’s not good for him to say it now, and these people don’t know what’s waiting for the sky, so they toast warmly. Next to the cloth dishes, Bi Xiao is there, and the atmosphere is warm at that time. They came for two days and sat drinking tea to talk about their experiences and some anecdotes. What atmosphere is far less warm than this time?
Although most of these people are listed as gods, they were also masters at the beginning. However, after the gods were sealed, the original body lost heaven and the new body was too weak, and there was a ban to stop their strength, but even so, they were not lower than the spirit fairy. The highest is the true fairy strength of Jinling three people. They didn’t have fireworks and various restaurants and never put on a banquet.
However, when Song Chang-geng came and everyone put on a banquet, the atmosphere was immediately different. This thing was not drunk to them, but the atmosphere was intoxicating. This is that alternative wine is not intoxicating, but people are drunk. Usually, everyone should be cautious. It is difficult to talk or not to be enthusiastic on this occasion.
After drinking a few rounds of wine, Song Changgeng smiled at Zhao Gong with a bitter face. "Brother Zhao, why do you think you are so strict? Do you always get drunk?" Say that finish a toast to him-he is sitting on both sides of his Qiong Xiao and Yunxiao, that is, when everyone drinks or toasts, let him drink and don’t move his glass at ordinary times.
Before Zhao Gong spoke, he didn’t say anything. "We can’t help it, teacher younger brother. You don’t know that my brother is drunk every day because he has a knot in his heart, and he doesn’t care about his duties. Then he wakes up and drinks us. He is in a bad mood and can adjust slowly. Although he is persuaded, he doesn’t stop him.
I don’t want him to be the same after a hundred years, so we stopped him from drinking, but after a hundred years of drinking, he has become an alcoholic, and it’s a shame that he is not happy! We won’t stop my brother if he often drinks too much and gets drunk. The master doesn’t know when to come and how to drink so much. Just stopped him. "
Zhao Gong gave a wry smile. "I’m the unlucky guy who killed three sisters. I can’t forget everything until I’m drunk. Otherwise, I’m always sorry. Don’t laugh at me, little brother. I can’t control myself. After all, my brother and sister have killed three sisters for years." After that, I drank the cup and sighed for a long time.
The seven hundred and fifteenth male beheaded.
Zhao Gonghua made everyone feel depressed. Song Changgeng gently urged, "Brother Zhao is too clear. The sage [Tao Te Ching] has a saying that it is right to say that’ happiness depends on misfortune, and happiness lies in it’. The integration of happiness and misfortune is just like the opposition and unity of Yin and Yang. It is said that because of the increasing number of monks, the aura is consumed day by day, and the natural world will be robbed by itself, and some monks will be driven to stop teaching.
I’m fair to say that although there are many other saints’ calculations, that’s also the reason why our interception flourished and declined, but it’s only by borrowing the hands of saints. It’s only when the master saw this that he found another way. Moreover, although Buddhism is thriving now, it’s just an interception in the past, it will decline sooner or later, and the cause and effect circulation will be reported as well as the time.
When things were young, it was said that your life should be like this. You were pregnant with treasure, but you lost your friendship. You were cheated out by Shen Gongbao, and finally you were assassinated. This is your fate. After three nights, the elder sister was sad that you died tragically, and you did things without weight. You will teach a few people to cut their skills and abolish the original door. Can you not be angry if you have abolished these outstanding brothers? Otherwise, can the saint do it?
It takes a slap in the face to get here. You can’t tell who’s right or wrong. It’s just that everyone looks at the problem from different angles. You should watch something. I heard that you are a wisp of breeze, and the elder sister of Sanye was a cloud. Before it took shape, she used to get along with each other for several years. They can see what they did in those years. Your brother gave up his life, but you did something wrong. "
Speaking of which, he stopped to see everyone stop drinking. Looking at himself, he couldn’t help laughing and toasting everyone. Then he drank it off. Zhao Gong turned red and growled, "What’s wrong with me? Don’t you make me look like a fool and think nothing of life? I can’t do it. I feel ashamed and uncomfortable! I feel bad, you know? "
As soon as Yunxiao saw it, he quickly reached out and motioned for Song Changgeng to stop talking, but Song Changgeng laughed. "Of course you are wrong. What is the so-called thin feeling?" It’s because he melted his feelings into his soul and put them in his heart. What about you? It seems noble to put feelings on the surface. I’m sorry for my sister! It’s just an excuse. You are selfish. If you really feel sorry for your sister, you should keep everything in your heart.
Then pretend as if nothing happened. What should you do? Find every opportunity to find ways to get revenge and free your sister’s state is very affectionate. At the beginning, Daozu figured out the catastrophe of heaven and earth and created a’ list of gods’ in Xuanmen. Instead of detaining you, you have the opportunity and roots to leave a chance to live. What about you? But in these thousands of years, your three sisters were worried that it was not your fault. "
The Virgin of Dolly froze when she saw both sides. She just said, "Little brother, don’t say anything. Have a drink as a gift!" But before she finished, she saw Zhao Gong shaking with great momentum. If it weren’t for them, there were more than a dozen layers of different shields banned from disturbing people, I’m afraid it would have led to the whole cave shaking. After all, Zhao Gong is a true fairy junior master.
Seeing the Zhao Gong trembling all over, he restrained the Notre Dame Dolly’s eyes from being dim and sad. "I can’t believe that Teacher Zhao has now reached the realm of beheading a corpse, but it’s a pity that he can’t cut it out because of the restriction of the list of gods. It’s a pity that he gave us a chance to live. Did he not put chains on us? Hey! "
After pouring a large glass of wine, I was annoyed and did my best. So were others. Zhao Gong was sad and sorry when he looked at the trembling eyes. After three nights, he had tears in his eyes and wanted to comfort his brother. But now he was full of momentum and couldn’t get close. If it wasn’t for the banquet, everyone would jointly protect him. I’m afraid that the dishes and other things on the table would be hit to ashes by Zhao Gong’s momentum. That’s it, too. The tables are ringing and the cups and plates are bumping.
At this time, I suddenly heard Song Chang-geng laugh. "I have tasted fifty avenues and forty-nine performances, so the heavens are not full of rewards, but after all, it is not the real one. Everything has a chance. Today I will give you this chance."
When he spoke, he saw a soft and brilliant light rising from his head. As soon as that light appeared in the temple, all of you felt tight and felt a great pressure coming. It was difficult to move. Seeing that the light ball suddenly released a black-and-white light beam in the middle of the night and shot at Zhao Gong for three nights, I didn’t know what he was going to do. I was worried about my brother, but my body could not move. I was in a hurry.