Although in my mind, my so-called fate of heaven and earth is not because I know the future trend, and I have really changed the present history, so this fate is doomed to the inertia of all things. If I change history, I will be entangled with historical cause and effect. Many things I do will have many consequences, which may involve many aspects.

What you mean by saying today is to let me know what I should do and what I shouldn’t do. The most important thing is not to kill each other as a last resort, right? If that’s the case, then I can tell you that I’m alone. I thank the empress for her help and kindness to mankind. Since the empress doesn’t like me to kill the same kind, I promise to kill as few people as possible. "
Feng-xian Jin nodded her head. She ventured to tell the past, which is why she stayed with Nu-wa all the year round. Whenever people were at war and human beings ate each other, the sadness in the eyes of the empress made her unforgettable. She struggled to go back and be blamed by the empress, and also made Song Chang-geng know that there were some things that could not be done to fight with heaven and earth and the strong. It was a hopeless performance in the human nest.
Chapter six hundred and fifty-one Chaos Baoding
Song Chang-geng’s promise to Feng-xian Jin was not a whim, but he came to a conclusion after his own thinking. First, because he has a broad vision now, he feels that it is no longer of great significance to compete with his own kind. Second, it is necessary to end Nu Wa’s great help and want Nu Wa to be happy to help him when he is in trouble. Naturally, he must be ambitious and then be able to follow the other side’s wishes.
Song Chang-geng is always a little uncertain about Tongtian and Interception. Naturally, when he has the opportunity, he will find a way to find a backer. He also knows that he is special now, and all families will win over himself. But there is no long-lasting thing in this world, and he will not be so special forever. It is better to take advantage of it now and sometimes to lament after losing it.
Of all the benefits, Nu Wa is the least problem because she didn’t set up a teaching note, that is, if human beings and demon race want to contribute to the human exhibition, Nu Wa will help themselves with this idea when they can. Song Changgeng agreed to come, although it was Feng Xian Jin. In fact, it was the same as agreeing to Nu Wa.
From the moment when Nu Wa became a human being, it was Jin Fengxian who carried her for thirty-three days, and she has been waiting around. Needless to say, her loyalty and importance to Nu Wa are natural.
Seeing that Song Chang-geng promised that Feng-xian Jin would be at ease, it would be bad not to talk about these things too much, and Song Chang-geng also cleverly did not talk about this topic, but asked about the cultivation of various problems. Feng-xian Jin is a true fairy and a saint with several masters. It is not good to fight, but it is not obvious to give advice to Song Chang-geng. Naturally, it is easy and very easy.
When two people talk about it, it will be a few days before they know it. They are all practicing adults, naturally they don’t sleep and eat, and they can’t always talk about a practice. Although Song Chang-gung is usually relatively dull and doesn’t seem to be able to talk, it’s actually that he has no interest in this field. Now it’s natural to take out all the collars of Feng-hsien’s department, which is also a witty joke that makes Feng laugh.
Moreover, Song Chang-geng carries all kinds of exquisite tea, wine, snacks and fruits, and enjoys all kinds of delicate fragrance and can play music automatically. Occasionally, he asks for advice on cultivation. Song Chang-geng naturally won’t spare anything. Although these things are owned by people, they are not as exquisite and advanced as those in the celestial world. However, some things are so strange that they can win a smile from Jin Feng-xian.
Get along with Jin Fengxian for a few days, and I can see that Song Chang-geng is really in a good mood. Although she is a heterogeneous cultivation, she is not a demon, but the descendants of the ancient phoenix are usually proud and have no friends. It is rare to laugh once in a long time. It is because of my sincere feeling that I feel better than it seems that the realm has signs of breaking through the primary level of the true fairy and entering the intermediate level. I can’t help but be happy.
Today, after listening to a little joke told by Song Chang-geng, Feng-xian Jin smiled at Song Chang-geng and said, "Do you remember when I said that I would take you to the empress when the temple was finished? You should know that the empress will naturally give you benefits, but the empress is broad-minded, especially for outstanding human beings and demons, and maybe ask you what you want then.
I don’t think you know much about the Empress, and you don’t know what you want from the Empress. I’m very happy these days. I’ll give you a few words to thank you for your hospitality. Remember carefully that our Empress received a gift from her six brothers in the Purple Night Palace and refined it into a magic weapon of life. This treasure is one of the most wonderful treasures in the world.
This first treasure’ Chaos Ding’ is the five treasures of heaven axe. Although it has a complete HarmonyOS purple gas, it has no natural ability to attack and defend, but it is vast, and there is a pure chaotic gas vortex in it that can transform the acquired things and can also produce chaotic fire. This fire can be used to refine everything in the world, so it is called’ Chaos Ding’.
At the beginning, the Empress and Fuxi’s brother and sister were born in the same womb. The Empress was accompanied by’ nine days of rest’, which was the softest thing to hold at will, while Fuxi’s companion was the hardest’ five-colored stone’, which could not make it broken. Later, when the Lich War broke out, Gong Gong Gong’s anger failed to hit Zhoushan. As a result, the mountain collapsed and the weak water flowed into the Tianhe River the day after tomorrow, which caused a great disaster.
This day is broken because other saints can’t repair it, or the Empress’s ancestor asked Fuxi to give up the associated baby’s innate treasure’ Five-color Stone’, and then the chaos tripod refined the five-color stone, and the mother stone was added with various five-element materials to return it to nature, and then it was refined into 366 pieces of colorful stone, which made up for 365 days.
I don’t know much about you, but the main thing is that when you cultivated Tai Chi beads in the light, you had to be given two innate spiritual treasures by the sage Tongtian to suppress Yin and Yang, which made a treasure, and you got that the chaotic fetus was also an innate spiritual treasure when Xuanyuan Huangdi was refining Jiuningding under the guidance of Guangcheng, but these two magic weapons were both acquired and innate, not really innate.
How strict the theory of mutual combination is, there will be flaws due to material differences. My advice to you is that when you go to the Empress, you ask the Empress Chaos Ding to return your two magic weapons into a congenital treasure and combine several treasures. Although this will damage the quality and function of some treasures, it will make you get a few more treasures. Isn’t that a good thing? "
Song Chang Gung listened for a while and then asked strangely, "I’m puzzled by this fairy saying. You know I’m short of practice days. I don’t know what you just meant. It seems that let me and my empress beg her to help me turn the acquired magic weapon into an innate one. Is it possible to synthesize several innate magic weapons into one?" Is there any principle and saying in it? "
Feng-xian Jin smiled indifferently, but his eyes flashed a trace of ao however. "Of course others can’t do it, even other saints can’t, because they don’t have a chaotic tripod. As I said just now, this treasure has two main functions: one is to return to the day after tomorrow, the other is to refine everything, but naturally it can synthesize several magic weapons into one without conflict.
For example, if you suppress the two innate Lingbao of Yin and Yang in Taiji Bead, and the substance behind the pearl becomes an innate substance after refining by chaotic tripod, and if you suppress the innate Lingbao of Yin and Yang, it will be refined by Tongtian saints. Your beads are also arranged according to the characteristics of the two treasures. It can be said that the three treasures are integrated and reshaped after refining, which naturally becomes a magic weapon.
However, during the molding process, the magic weapon will automatically adjust its strength and laws, which may lead to some loss, but it’s nothing. When it is finished, both the purple hammer and the green gourd can be taken out and put together. After refining, the three will become an organic whole, so that you can have two innate spiritual treasures when you refine your magic weapon. This is the exclusive collar of the empress. "
After listening to this, Song Changgeng felt that his head was not turning enough. Now his idea is’ The world is huge!’ When he didn’t come out in the light, he still had a magic weapon to refine. Just hit his spiritual brand and life characteristics with a magic weapon. Later, he met an ethereal fairy and realized that life has a true spirit. Every life can have a life magic weapon and a companion magic weapon.
Even a saint can’t have more than himself, so he took this as the golden rule. Now I know that there is another way to make people have two magic weapons for their lives or accompany them. It’s like a person who has been saving 10 thousand yuan for himself. When the bank tells you that we have preferential activities, you are a lucky winner. Now your money is 21 thousand
Happiness was a little dizzy for a while before he woke up. After a little calculation, he couldn’t help but feel hot. He eagerly asked, "Fairy, in this case, should I choose my companion magic weapon?" Is it possible to combine Jiuningding with Fusang Tree? "
Feng-xian Jin nodded. "Of course, I said along while, didn’t you get it? I just told you that Tai Chi Zhu is an example, which means that everything has been returned to nature by Chaos Ding and can be refined into one, but I don’t know if the empress will make a few pieces, one may be two, but I don’t think so. "
Song Changgeng nodded excitedly. "Great, I’m not greedy. It’s good to have two things, one is a magic weapon for life and the other is a magic weapon for companionship. No matter how much, I feel embarrassed myself. Thank you for waking up, otherwise I may really miss this great opportunity. I don’t know how to thank the fairy for her kindness."
Feng-xian Jin’s charming smile didn’t care, but she turned her eyebrows slightly wrinkled, and she couldn’t help wondering. Just now, it suddenly occurred to her that Song Chang-geng’s purple hammer and green gourd didn’t have a true spirit, even though it was estimated that they would be erased by the heavenly saints. There is no true spirit in the nine-tripod chaotic fetus, but the fuso tree has a spirit, which just happens to be a companion spiritual treasure. Isn’t it a coincidence?
Don’t think about anything for the first time, but the more you think about it, the more you think about it. It’s like she hasn’t been a white empress. Why are you so impressed with Song Changgeng? She wants to come to the hibiscus tree from phase liu and talk to him now. It turned out that she was going to be a companion treasure for him. Did the empress even get here early and deliberately do this to Song Changgeng?
The thought that Song Chang Gung won so many benefits was just a chess game in the end. The different tactics were different from each other, but there were also Amitabha and Empress who retreated, which was more peaceful and indifferent to the original. How different everything was actually a chess game? She couldn’t help but feel a little sad and lost when she thought about it.
Song Chang-geng was excited for a long time before he looked up and saw that Feng-xian Jin looked a little wrong. Although the surface was calm, his eyes were filled with sadness, loss, loss and other emotions. I don’t know what to think of. Song Chang-geng was a little confused, but it was not easy to ask questions and wave his hand to replenish what they had eaten. It was also not easy to disturb each other, so he pinched a teacup and sat in the pavilion to watch the scenery outside.
A while before Jin Fengxian came to my senses, Song Chang Gung was drinking tea comfortably. I couldn’t help but feel like hitting him and laughed. "You are in a good mood. Haven’t you ever thought about the meaning behind so many benefits?" Do you really think that the world can lose gold ingots? You are still so carefree about this matter that concerns your interests? "
Song Chang-geng smiled slightly after leng. "Fairy, if it is this thing that educates me, it is not necessary. In fact, I have long thought about this matter. Now I still have a chance to play chess. When I have something to lose, I will appear in front of myself in various situations. Everything will be difficult when my luck passes."
Chapter six hundred and fifty-two Emei move
After listening to his words, Feng-xian Jin couldn’t help but look at him in surprise. "I didn’t expect you to see it that way. You have already made it clear to yourself. It seems that you have other plans, but I advise you not to do anything out of line. You should know that you are not easy to mess with when you are a chess player."
Song Chang Gung nodded and smiled. "Thank you for being kind enough to wake you up. Don’t worry, I won’t do anything. I still know that it is stupid to calculate chess players if I don’t want to play chess. I know what I should do. Since I can treat my brother as a chess player, it is normal for others to treat me as a chess player.
If it is widely said that the sage is also a chess game between heaven and earth, just like Tian Pangu, who is pregnant with the avenue, who can say that he is not a chess game? It’s just that everyone has different levels. In fact, it’s very boring to say these things. We have our own way of living. The past has passed, and the future has not yet been born. Worried about its future is not as good as that of stay real. Is it as good as this moment? "
"stay real good at this moment now? This is true, but how many people can give up nostalgia for the past and worry about the future? It’s just easy to say. The world is too dangerous. If you don’t plan for the future, something will happen sooner or later, just like you got the hibiscus tree. It was also the four innate roots of heaven and earth. Life is longer than the sun, and it is medium-honored.
However, Di Jun and Taiyi brothers fiddled with him because of the peace of wood. First, ten people were too intolerant of the sun’s true fire to move him to the boundary, so that he could not fully absorb the sun’s true fire. Later, ten people had an accident. The Di Jun brothers even took it out on him and were chopped to death alive. Fortunately, the roots of the innate spirit roots are still regenerating a body through the fire. Unfortunately, the strength is not even the first ten.
This is woody. They have a long life and have no consideration for the future. What if? Whether in ancient times or now, whether people or all walks of life have never stopped making and destroying wood, it is because wood will not plan on its own and will not fight for it. What about you? "Jin Fengxian see Song Changgeng so can’t help but sigh.
Song Chang-geng was about to answer when he suddenly looked and moved. His chest protective mirror actually oscillated a few times and gave a halo. This protective mirror is a combination of a celestial mirror and a’ thousand-mile sound mother mirror’, which can not only defend against it, but also be like this. Song Chang-geng knew that someone had joined himself and could not help wondering who had confessed to Feng-xian Jin and walked out of the pavilion.
Pinched a tactic and opened the mirror, and the chest protector shot a green light in front of him. A vivid villain appeared in a blue ball. It turned out to be Princess Changping. When she saw Song Chang-geng pick up her request, Tongbao mirror didn’t say much nonsense. Anxious tunnel "Where are you, master?" Come to the capital. The Emei Sect has taken control of my brother. "
"Emei sent control of your brother? Is your brother’s capital an emperor? What does the Emei Sect want? Dare to control the emperor? Don’t worry about it slowly. What’s going on? " Song Changgeng didn’t react when he heard it. After waiting for the white, he couldn’t help but fly into a rage and control the emperor Emei. Is it crazy? Even if you are so bold, you can influence them and dare not control them. What is it?
Princess Changping looked anxious. "I didn’t know it was only when I got to the vicinity of the capital that I realized that this place had been deployed by Emei. No one knew what was going on inside, and I didn’t know that everything was listening to him because I met my injured brother near the capital."
I’ve also been invisible and observed near the large array, and I’ve sent a spirit beast in to detect it. After I went in, I didn’t hear from my brother. I feel that things are very serious and dare not decide what I want to do without authorization. "
After listening to it for a long time, Song Chang-geng said that although he was angry now, he thought more about it. Although he knew that he had changed history, he must bear the cause and effect, but the cause and effect would not come soon, and he also benefited a lot from changing history, especially through the emperor’s receipt of many younger brothers. He always regarded the royal family as his preserve.
But now when I heard that Emei dared to be so angry, my first thought was not to retaliate, but to consider what the other party was doing. Emei is a sect of people, but behind them are Taiqing saints, but the first saint Yuan, the second saint in the sky and Nu Wa are said to be inferior to him except that they never appeared after they did not come forward to say goodbye to Zu Hongjun and incarnate six ways.
You can play with yourself in the light with a talisman, and your strength will be obvious. If you don’t say that his first Tianbao Taiji Diagram or the later Tianbao Xuanhuang Tower is just a treasure of the day after tomorrow, you won’t be able to deal with Song Changgeng, and you won’t admit that you are worse than Sun Wu. What about Sun Dasheng? It’s not finished yet
Well, since Emei has such a strong backer, it must have its own reasons to do so now, but why do they do it? Song Chang Gung more think more headache how all can’t understand each other’s intentions? Princess Changping anxiously looked at the master and saw his face changing, his eyebrows tight wrong, and his heart was distressed, but this matter could not help himself, and his heart was even worse.
A while song changgeng more think more annoying suddenly growl a "who cares? Even though he has changed in a thousand ways, I still have my own rules. Emei promised me to write off the past in Copper Coconut Island, and now he’s bothering me. What if I’m a bully and I can’t be a saint? I don’t know if my master is a Qing sage who has a big fist or has to fight. "
As soon as he roared out that he felt that his mind was transparent and his thoughts were pure as a line, he seemed to be diligent. He was wondering when he heard Jin Fengxian laughing at the back. "It’s really good that you can get rid of the psychological shackles and make your mind more pure. It’s extraordinary that you can practice in less than a hundred years, which is better than what we practice for. I don’t know how many years."
Song Chang-geng’s spiritual wisdom seems to have cleared up a lot when he saw Jin Fengxian’s praise for her. Instead, he turned to think about it. He turned and smiled. "Fairy, how can I compete with you guys? Although you understand for a long time, you will also consolidate your foundation in this long time. That’s what I can’t compare with. Although I understand quickly, it is also a reality that the foundation is unstable.
However, there is a saying that it is good to practice in the world of mortals. In the world of mortals, you always have to encounter various things, which will train your mind deeply. If you can be born again after joining the WTO, you will certainly gain something. Buddhists pay attention to fate. Since you have met today, why don’t you go with me? Let’s take a look at this world of mortals. What is worth our lingering? "
Feng-xian Jin saw Song Chang-geng turn around, his eyes were clear and bright, and he really made great progress. He lamented that he had done this step to eliminate all distractions and make his thoughts pure and single-minded, but after practicing for more than 70 thousand years, he didn’t want to do it in less than a hundred years. Maybe people are really good places to practice. Why don’t you go and have a look
At the thought of this, she said with a reserved smile, "In that case, I’ll take a walk. Empress wants everyone to do that. Emei Sect dares to imprison the emperor and make Empress unable to do it. This thing has already been done with me once. Please lead the way. Let’s see who these people are supporting them."
Song Chang Gung saw that she promised to smile and didn’t say much. She put away the pavilion and all kinds of things, and then put a cloud up and bowed down and made a gesture.
In fact, in his heart, Platinum Impatiens said this on purpose to find an excuse to take care of this matter. If she hadn’t made her sincere these days, she wouldn’t have said so many things to herself and pointed out so many keys, especially when she told Nu Wa to set up a temple herself. She did this just to find an excuse.
Feng-xian Jin took a look at the cloud and smiled. "You are a good cloud, but the degree is too slow. You know that I was born in the Phoenix clan and I am famous in the wild. Let me take you." Say that finish, I put a foot-long golden long feather in her hand. Although it is not radiant, it is as bright as golden jade.
However, Song Chang-geng’s eyesight also shows that it should be that Jin Fengxian’s tail-shedding refining has been condensed to a glorious state. I don’t know what it is. I was just about to listen to Jin Fengxian’s clear hands waving her hand. As soon as Song Changgeng took away his cloud, he felt the golden flame rising in front of him and being held up by a strong force, and he arrived in the middle in an instant.
When my mind is released, I will see my body in a golden phoenix virtual shadow. The position of the phoenix is the phoenix belly. The whole phoenix grows more than ten feet and flies in the middle. It seems like a golden light. Song Changgeng feels that his mind is already fast, but he senses that the golden light has flown for a hundred miles away, but he will know that it is a good baby when he sees the business.