"Are you aware of it?" Sue orange carefully asked while looking at Zuo Tangtang’s face.

"What do you think?" Zuo Tangtang, this is completely impatient. I can’t wait to pinch Sue’s orange neck and shake it severely.
Because orange is usually careless, she is used to it. Is it possessed by a ghost at this time?
"I want to ask you what do you think? Is that male voice familiar just now? " Thinking of the person in memory, Su Orange finally got up the courage to tell Zuo Tangtang her doubts.
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[13] Chapter one hundred and fifty Small Memories]
Familiar? "Zuo Tangtang asks.
"Yes," Su Orange whispered as she approached Zuo Tangtang. "I just felt this way when I heard the first sentence."
"Speaking of which, I feel a little familiar before." Zuo Tangtang touched Ba and wanted to think, but then he suddenly waved. "! There are many people who look alike in this world! Where’s the sound! I may have heard this similar sound before! "
"But … left pig!" Su Orange disagreed with Zuo Tangtang’s view and retorted slightly, "Don’t you think he looks like …"
"Like what?" Zuo Tangtang looked at her very calmly.
However, Su Orange seems to see through Zuo Tangtang’s calm eyes that the hidden depths have been turbulent and unsettled.
"It’s very similar to … er …" Su Orange said dryly and suddenly touched his head and smirked. "It’s the actor who has been super hot recently!"
Zuo Tangtang didn’t seem to notice that when Su Orange spoke, the topic changed abruptly and smiled and continued to turn to the brain and said, "Orange, you are so anthomaniac again!" Why didn’t I sleep? "
"really! Really! " Sue orange came alive again at the moment and quickly approached Zuo Tangtang and said, "Do you think this is possible?" Maybe it’s really a star hiding his identity and playing games! What do you think we can get autographs after we go to the meeting now? "
Zuo Tangtang slightly tilted his head and saw it. He was looking forward to looking at her. Su Orange immediately moved Su Orange’s face to one side. "Go! Stay away from me. Don’t dye me if you are such a fool and an idiot! "
"What!" Sue orange pie pie "hum! Ignore you! I went to play, "he said, and walked to the side of the small sofa.
Zuo Tangtang put his attention back to the battlefield. Before two seconds, Su Orange moved a small stool and sat down next to Zuo Tangtang.
Zuo Tangtang wondered at her.
Su Orange smiled happily and said, "I’d better watch you play games anyway!"
Oblique eyes slightly disdain glanced at Su Orange Zuo Tangtang and ignored her again. After all, I am aboveboard and have nothing to hide. Let her look at it.
Turn down the volume just now. Listening to seaweed soup with little salt is rare. With a somewhat serious command, Zuo Tangtang followed the map in the game and looked at the situation of each camp.
Just as Zuo Tangtang was one step behind, he was ready to follow the direction of a group of teammates on the map. Only then did Zuo Tangtang find that there was still a missing message in his private chat.
Conveniently, I found that it was Su Orange Zuo Tangtang beside Muyun’s idle thinking, and he hurriedly minimized and rode calmly to the camp.
"What did that man write?" Sue orange was very curious about who called Zuo Zhu. She looked at this product so fast that she gave it away before she could react.
"Nothing," Zuo Tangtang replied calmly. "It’s just that my friend came to see my line to say hello."
"Oh, oh," Su Orange simply believed it.
Zuo Tangtang heaved a sigh of relief in her heart to know what tricks she found in Orange! Although he is a good friend, Zuo Tangtang always doesn’t want Su Orange to know that he has a crush on netizens.
I guess this is embarrassing.
Zuo Tangtang thought that when she was a child, she went to her aunt’s house to play with her brother. At that time, she was playing with her brain because she was curious. Just like Su Orange at this time, she sat next to her brother and watched him play games. There was a pattern flashing in the right corner of the brain screen. At that time, Zuo Tangtang didn’t know that it was chatting at that time. She was very surprised and stared for a long time. Unfortunately, her brother didn’t seem to pay attention to playing games all the time.
Zuo Tangtang was really not interested in the game, because it was the kind of real-time strategy game. It didn’t take long for Zuo Tangtang to sit still, so he told his brother that he was ready to go out and watch it with his aunt.
Zuo Jia’s brother agreed happily and didn’t look back. He seemed to care about the progress in the game until Zuo Tangtang quickly walked out of the door. He looked back and found that his brother’s brain was no longer the interface of the game. There was a small box.
Zuo Tangtang’s eyesight is very easy to see that my brother is typing now, and my sister is here to talk.
It’s a shame to think about it. There’s no sibling friendship at all. Zuo Tangtang was very unkind when he went out and told his aunt. Although he didn’t know what the result was, now that I think about it, Zuo Tangtang really feels sorry for his brother. After all, his brother typed that word and didn’t want to know there was something fishy!
On the other hand, although she didn’t see clearly what Mu Mu wrote at that time, it was probably actually a greeting, but Zuo Tangtang, after all, was guilty and didn’t dare to let Su Orange see something.
However, if she is told not to look, she will be more suspicious of something, and maybe she will go to see another one like a young woman, and maybe she will tell her mother very unkindly
This is a big game.
Although I really want to know what Mumu sent to myself, it is very difficult for Zuo Tangtang to resist his curiosity and pretend not to care. He added, "My friend asked me to go over and grab the head together!"
"Oh, oh," Su Orange’s curiosity was finally dispelled. After all, for Su Orange, her greatest interest is watching anime. Of course, hey, hey, she also likes games very much and doesn’t want to touch anything.
Before reading, Zuo Tangtang always tricked her into playing games, but she just wanted to watch cartoons, so she persuaded Zuo Tangtang to come and see who knew that she was defeated in the contest between the two people. She was beaten by Zuo Tangtang, a pig, and entered the game. She also read some novels. If Zuo Tangtang was a great god in the game, wouldn’t she live very smartly?
As a result, she went in later, and she almost vomited blood. Even this little white girl couldn’t stand it! Have you ever seen a bridge fall off three times in a row? Have you ever seen taking her to play strange games but always setting the wrong target? Have you ever seen a game where she can’t even look at the great god?
She was not interested in the game when she came. When she saw Zuo Tangtang, she immediately gave it a try, and her mood was gone. Then she went back to see her anime.
It turned out that Zuo Tangtang would go on like this until she didn’t know that Zuo Tangtang was more obsessed with animation than she was with games! I didn’t leave it behind. At the same time, that person …
Ah! Think far! Sue orange shook her head and continued to look at Zuo Tangtang’s brain screen. Is it decisive to turn over the horse and wave the chain? Hook up the enemy, look at the original broken hand, and the original small white has become very powerful now. Su Orange can’t help but feel inexplicable sadness in her heart. It seems that everything has changed. Once she was so happy, she was so happy. Now Tang Tang is not the same as it was at that time. On the game or reality.
"orange! Orange! Look! " Zuo Tangtang cried excitedly
"ah? What? " The fugue Su Orange was awakened and looked at Zuo Tangtang blankly. "What’s the matter?"
"Don’t you see that we are in a good situation!" Zuo Tangtang turned his face and said righteously, "Didn’t you hear how awesome our command of Royal Guards is?"
Command? Right, right, Sue orange thought of this sound again …
Looking at the face dementia, Su Orange, Zuo Tangtang is really a little angry, but this time the battlefield is good, but Zuo Tangtang can’t help but point to the screen and say to Su Orange, "Listen! This is the simplest but most commanding thing I have ever heard! And this kelp is really amazing! Would let us attack from here. "
"ah? What attack? " Sue orange this is consciousness should be 1.
"Wait a minute … um … I’ll call you!" Zuo Tangtang hurriedly played the game. There were some marks on the map and team distribution.
"Look here!" Zuo Tangtang pointed to this point and said, "You probably didn’t understand what I told you just now. This place is our initial location, but generally speaking, we will go to the camp because the kelp commander just said that according to other regiments, it is for us to break through from the seventh battalion! Did you see it! "
Zuo Tangtang excitedly shouted, "Just that kill! Sure enough, the other party wants to sneak attack from here! Unexpectedly, we saw through haha! "
"Left pig!" No matter how depressed Su Orange is, it is almost normal to be yelled at by Zuo Tangtang at the moment.
"What?" Zuo Tangtang’s star looks at Su Orange, and it will be Su Orange’s full worship of Da Jinyi.
happen unexpectedly
"What do you mean by these? ! !” Su orange is going to collapse. "I have no idea what you are talking about!" "
Zuo Tangtangmo
The joy was gone in an instant, but instead, I looked at Su Orange with a look on my face.
"Ah, hello! Don’t look at me like that! " Sue orange saw Zuo Tangtang’s expression and knew what she was thinking. "It’s not like I asked you to say so much, right?" Can’t blame me! You know I’m game blind! You have to say this yourself! No! Don’t look at me like that! "
Watching Zuo Tangtang turn to the brain again, I feel a little guilty in my heart. Although it is a game, it is also a good thing for my friends! It’s too bad not to share anything!
"have to! Yes! I’ll bring you a glass of juice! " Is very sincere Sue orange hurriedly out of the room.
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[14] Chapter one hundred and sixty Anger value is full]