Even if the sky is in front of me, I will make a hole in the sky with one punch.

The strong man’s heart is afraid, and the man’s heart will never give up! !
No matter when, Lin Yuanxin has never lacked faith in herself and unshakable faith in herself.
Bang! Bang! Bang! !
At this time, the forest edge is like stepping into the purple mansion. The front bead is his target foot. Without hesitation, step by step, step by step, step into the direction of the bead and fall into the purple mansion with a heavy roar, as if the whole purple mansion were shaking at his feet.
Bang! !
Powerful forces make the forest edge miserable, and the pressure brought by the Milky Way Group to the forest edge is even stronger and fiercer than the pressure of Leijie.
The Milky Way pattern blooms with powerful force just like the stars in the universe, and the forest edge is facing the whole universe at this time? Main force
Suddenly, the powerful force made the forest edge have a dreamland in front of her eyes. The scenery suddenly changed. See "Step". He unexpectedly appeared in front of a towering cliff, and his whole body was falling to the cliff face. At the same time, the purple and golden spirit force was the flesh and blood force of his body, and all of them were strangely sealed. The whole body became like ordinary people.
Crack day’s strong strength is equivalent to that of a secular ordinary strong man, and the whole body appears on the edge of a cliff and falls in a semi-straight direction. Once it falls, it is afraid that it will be smashed into paste on the spot, and even slag will not be left.
"It’s not good for me to strengthen my body. How can I suddenly be imprisoned by the seal?" Step by step, this is a step by step, this is the most real illusion.
"This is a test. Once I die, I may really fall. I want to find out what the theory of vitality is. There will always be a chance of life in it." Although Lin Yuan is in danger, calm down.
Bang! !
Although the strength of the earth horse on the edge of the forest disappeared, it was a vision and perseverance, but it was a method to seal it. Quickly scan around and see a root bigger than an arm. Gu Teng didn’t even want to reach out and grab Gu Teng’s falling trend, but an inertial force slammed his body on the cliff.
Hmm! !
A dull grunt came out of the nose, and a blood stain appeared at the corner of the mouth.
Look up.
See where you are. It’s not three thousand feet away from the top of the cliff.
"I’m Lin Yuan, who has risen from a small village and struggled to get to this day. Even if my strength is sealed, I can’t beat me. Even if I don’t have the strength, even if I’m a worm, I can still climb." Lin Yuan’s eyes are as firm as a big cry, and he stretched out his hand and climbed unswervingly along Gu Teng.
Climb! Climb! Climb! !
I want to climb to the top!
The real dreamland, the real scene, the chance of life is that Gu Teng’s dreamland at this time may not be called dreamland.
Life and death are no longer ordinary managers at the edge of the forest. It is driven by a force.
A strong man would rather lose his life than choose to lose his power. Losing that powerful power over all beings is everything.
If you lose your strength, you will fall from a position of being a fairy in the eyes of the strong secular people to a mortal and become an ant in your own eyes.
That strong contrast is enough to drive a strong man crazy on the spot.
No matter how powerful and powerful you are, you will have terrible ideas when you encounter such a thing, and you don’t know how many demons will breed.
Maybe it’s possible to kill yourself directly.
At this time, Lin Yuan can be said to be also a strong man who stood almost at the peak of Zhao State. His own strength was sealed and directly transformed into ordinary people. This contrast is not without nature, but he was immediately suppressed by his firm and indelible will to completely erase it.
What if there is no strength?
I am still me! !
I’m Lin Yuan, not to mention being sealed. Even if I really lose it, I can still repair it again. Even if I’m crushed to powder, my heart is not afraid! ! That man can erase me.
I have lost two years of study, gone from genius to waste, and I have never lost hope, and I have finally succeeded step by step.
The 3,000-foot cliff is beyond the reach of ordinary people.
But I can certainly climb it.
Lin Yuanxin’s belief is burning like a fire. He rose at the end of the century and spent his life in constant conquest. He knows a little that if God is in the heart, he will not be afraid of it. I have no strength, but I have a heart
"I climb! !”
The edge of the forest looks up at the top of the cliff, and the eyes radiate like fire. Reach out and climb along Gu Teng a little bit. Two arms support the weight of the whole body. This burden is simply a kind of unspeakable suffering for his current body.
"This taste is not an experience. Without repair, strength and pride, this is the first time that I am the truest myself."
A little sweat constantly seeps out from the forehead.
"Lin Yuan, hold on. This is a step by step. Your strength has been completely sealed by the power of heaven and earth, or sealed by yourself. This test is not a test of your repair, but a test of your mind. Although this test is dangerous, it is the best time for heaven and earth to temper your will. Once you get through it, your will will will undergo incredible transformation." Lin Yuan seems to have a kind of awakening in his heart.
The promotion of the realm of Tao and soul is the will to condense the realm of Tao and soul, the mind to condense the shape of Tao Zhu, and the complete integer avenue is gestated in it. If there is no complete will, how can you control it? It is like in ancient times. Mushatokoro is strong, but it is strong. At this level, will can determine everything. "
"Hold on, Lin Yuan" shouted at the bottom of my heart.
In ancient times, the most important factor that really determined strength was will. If a fighter who condensed his own will fought against a fighter who didn’t condense his will, it was necessary to think that the winner must be the previous one who didn’t practice his will, and in the end it would be a battle.
And at this time, after the outbreak of Lin Yuan’s own strength, it is almost impossible to drink the peak fighters of the dead soul, but once it has been erupting, it is not impossible to resist the fighters of the dead soul realm.
Will determines all will, which is its own embodiment. The will is strong, and the fighters themselves are poor in potential.
Similarly, the Taiyuan Sutra cultivated by Linyuan is the condensed will of the ancient achievement method, and the key to breaking through the realm of Tao and Soul is to condense one’s own will. Once condensed, breaking through the Tao and Soul is just a very simple matter, and all kinds of pills, medicines and spirits can be accumulated.
Lin Yuangen will not imagine such a thing to hone his will, but now it is an excellent opportunity, which is both a hardship and an opportunity.
"climb! ! Climb! ! I want to climb to the top. "
Lin yuan shouted in his heart
Hands alternately to climb the arm, the veins stood out and burst up, and sweat rained out from the pores all over the body.
It takes a lot of physical strength to climb every inch, and every inch of muscle produces irresistible pain. The sharp pain attacks the whole will and grinds blood stains in the palm of your hand.
Lin Yuan’s teeth bite together, and there is a faint bloodshot in his teeth.
Chapter five hundred and twenty-three-Heart is true
Ten feet! ! Two zhangs! ! Ten feet! ! Fifty feet! ! One hundred feet! !
A drop of sweat was born in the clothes, permeated with water, and dripped from the whole body, giving off a sharp pain, and the veins stood out on my forehead beat like a dragon.
"I can’t stop, I can’t stop, I can’t stop, I can’t stop, I’m Lin Yuan, I’m a red-violet man, I’m going to save them, and even if I really want to die, I’ll die on the way forward."
When climbing to the 200th foot, the whole body’s strength was almost completely consumed. At this moment, ordinary people were afraid that they would fall off on the spot, but Lin Yuan still clung to Gu Teng’s crazy roar in his mind and his face was ferocious.
Tough! !
Men have to be hard on themselves.
"What happened to the forest edge? How do I feel that her will is changing and her soul is changing?" Tianyun is one of the strongest and the first to sense the change of the forest edge.
"No, how can he be sweating?" Song Changqing also noticed that the change of forest edge was incredible.
"I understand that the forest edge is going through a broken bead, and it is even more difficult to achieve a complete bead. It is necessary to undergo a will change." Tianyun realized.
"shout! It’s good to be okay. "Chang-qing song listened to vitreous words and breathed a long breath.
"What kind of disaster can make him sweat?" Song Changqing muttered that a fighter was so strong that fighters sweated at this time, which was incredible for many people.
In the distance, many fighters also saw the situation on this side of the forest edge, talking one by one, but their feet didn’t stop at the edge of the forest, and the breath broke out more and more strongly. How can they bear the innate state of the purple mansion?
"climb! Climb! Climb! ! Climb to the top even if you die. "There is only one thought in the mind of Lin Yuangen Law Society, that is, climbing to the top of the cliff and announcing to the whole day that I can still break the limit even without strength.
"I’m Lin Yuan, and I’m a few people. I hope no one can beat me except myself. Where am I? That’s the peak." Lin Yuan’s eyes were completely wrapped in crazy flames.
Give up? There is no word to give up in his dictionary.
Body number, severe pain, terrible fatigue, crazy impact on Lin Yuan’s mind and his own consciousness, which seems to crush and annihilate consciousness.