This is consciously offside!

Ever-victorious twist a head to see the same as himself on the sidelines Bosque.
Creating offside for Ibrahimovic to create becomes a trap against Valencia.
Bosque is really a handsome man who can come up with this move. It is really good to lead Real Madrid to the ninth European Cup.
Bosque adjustment is very simple, in fact, the real handsome is often seen in these details.
A handsome man doesn’t have to make any shocking substitutions. It’s always very inconspicuous, and a small adjustment can turn the tide.
Bosque, this adjustment seems simple but not easy.
But …
Changsheng smiled.
If Real Madrid practiced offside before the game, it was really an adjustment enough to turn the tide.
But did Real Madrid practice before the game?
According to all kinds of information, Real Madrid didn’t practice offside before the game, because offside defense is not the characteristic of Real Madrid, and they won’t practice it at all without special reasons.
This hasty adjustment may work, but there will always be loopholes and problems due to lack of practice.
Maybe they made the right decision by relying on their tacit understanding and personal experience, and made nine successful offsides out of ten defenses, but one failure was death.
What the winning team has to do is simple, that is, let the team increase the direct plug.
If your opponent wants to create offside, then keep trying.
Anyway, if you are offside, you won’t get a card, and no one will be punished if you are offside 100 times in a game.
But if you want to succeed again, you win.
Now he’s one goal ahead and got an away goal. He doesn’t have to worry.
And don’t worry is mad dog tactics can perfectly play the psychological foundation.
So he also went to the sidelines and shouted Deco’s name. When Deco looked at himself, he made a direct plug gesture and did it again and again.
Deco nodded to show that he understood. Is this asking the team to increase the number of direct tackles?
Then Valencia regained control of the ball.
Then they keep going back and forth, cross the ball or return it as before
Real Madrid’s defense line moves slowly with them. No matter how the football is defended, the center of gravity is always right in the area where the opponent’s football is located
They are very cautious now.
Then Valencia’s three strikers ran frequently.
But in the end, the fatal signal was that Ibrahimovic suddenly retreated.
The timing of Ibrahimovic’s retreat is in Deco’s hands.
Deco thinks that when the time is right, he will make a move and give a signal, and then Ibrahimovic will suddenly retreat and pull Yero out. At this time, Deco Ma Zhisai will give the football to the running position Villa or Vicente.
This set is that Valencia has practiced it many times in pre-season training. One attack routine is that Leibrahimovic withdraws from the team to create opportunities.
Here, Ibrahimovic’s scoring ability was sacrificed, but it created a chance for his teammates to win.
This requires Ibrahimovic to keep an eye on Deco when playing football.
When he saw Deco make that special move, he would immediately run back and pretend to catch Deco’s ball, attracting defensive attention to him, and then Villa and Vicente would cut right in.
To deal with this, sending Real Madrid can create offside.
Of course, they don’t have to follow suit, so Ibrahimovic will be in a state of being watched-Makelele must follow Deco and helguera will take care of other Valencia players
You know, Valencia’s overall attack is open to everyone, and there are only a few people who don’t want Valencia to attack. In fact, every player in Valencia’s center and frontcourt can attack and have the ability to threaten the opponent’s goal.
At the time of the season, everyone saw that Valencia’s firepower was very scattered.
So helguera didn’t dare to throw others to defend Ibrahimovic, and the defender of Ibrahimovic could give it to central defender Yero.
Otherwise, Ba Laha has a long shot.
When the time comes, let Ibrahimovic catch the ball when he is facing the goal head-on outside the penalty area, but Yero is afraid to go, Ibrahimovic can do too much.
He can shoot by himself, he also has a long shot, he can pass by himself, and he can make a fatal shot in this place with his front waist …
There are always too many possibilities.
In order not to let Valencia turn these possibilities into reality, Real Madrid can let Yero stick to defend Ibrahimovic and interfere with him.
And then make offside when defending.
The ball runs, Deco makes a retreat gesture and Ibrahimovic is ready to run back.
Teammate albelda, who was control that ball, passed the football.
Indeco ended up in Makelele defense, unable to control the ball for a long time and pass the football when necessary.
Seeing the football heading for Deko Ibrahimovic, he ran out.