At the same time, in the office of H National Competition Association, Kim Jong-de is sitting on his desk chair, and there is a new secret in him.

An office worker across the desk is respectful and behind him is woking!
"How did the post go out?" Jin Zhengde lazy said
"The report chairman’s post has been transferred out and has been forwarded more than three million times up to now. We believe that this influence will soon spread to the world!" Office workers are waiting.
"Good, you can have a walk …" Kim Jong-de shrugged his shoulders. It seems that it is good to give him a secret. He turned his attention to woking.
"Do you know what you are going to do next?"
"Don’t worry about dealing with Liu Feng. There is no one in this world that I can’t handle!" Woking proudly replied.
"Good. I hope you can remember what you are saying now. If you can beat Liu Feng, I promise you that things can be done and I can give you more. I can make you a Park Youhuan."
"At that time, money and beauty department were all at your fingertips, but if you can’t finish it … you know the consequences!" Jin Zhengde cold said
"… you can rest assured that I will beat Liu Feng"
"Good. Go ahead. Remember to be quiet and don’t let others find out that we did it!"
"Yes …" The office staff bowed respectfully and went out, and woking turned around and left. He already felt that Jin Zhengde’s cold breath was getting worse and worse, which made woking very uncomfortable.
After woking and the office staff went out, Jin Zhengde directly grabbed the secret head and deeply plunged himself into the secret throat.
"Liu Feng, I want you to be ruined this time!" ……
Liu Feng saw that the blog post had been forwarded millions of times in less than three hours, but it was not as direct as the previous black Liu Feng post, and it was all backed by Liu Feng.
But many people expressed their doubts in their replies.
After all, this blog post is a fact, and many people have confirmed Liu Feng’s background through various kinds of human flesh. Grandpa Liu Feng is indeed Jiang Yifeng, which can’t be faked.
Moreover, a reporter personally contacted Zhou Xiangtian and the boss of "Washington Competition" and got a positive answer.
They were enemies with Liu Feng in the past, and now they have received a reporter’s words, which naturally embellished the situation at that time.
These days, not to mention those who have been clamoring for Liu Feng, but Liu Feng has been determined that fans are hesitant. They all suspect that Liu Feng is beneficial to his family background and harmful in the competition.
Jin Zhengde’s skill is really beautiful. He directed this blog post to directly bypass the logical misunderstanding and directly link Liu Feng’s family background with disadvantages.
This doesn’t make sense in logic, but after the blog post was processed, everyone was taken to the misunderstanding he set and had doubts about Liu Feng’s performance.
Moreover, the timing of Kim Jong-de’s choice is also wonderful, that is, when Liu Fengwang has reached the peak, the so-called extremes meet, and the effect that this blog post can cause is maximized.
Kim Jong Degen didn’t expect this blog post to bring down Liu Feng, because he knew that nothing was practical, so that people could see clearly that it was practical.
This blog post is a step forward for him. He just wants woking to directly manipulate a platinum account to fight Liu Feng.
To defeat Liu Feng, Jin Zhengde can be altruistic, control the words and directly bring down Liu Feng.
So he wants sver to make trouble, and at the same time, he doesn’t have the strength to stop Park Youhuan from fighting Liu Feng. He wants Liu Feng to reach the highest level.
Only when you reach the highest level can you fall harder!
Just as a group of professional players who played against Liu Feng and were good with Liu Feng made a sensation again when they helped Liu Feng.
This is Kim Jong-de’s last move
"Liu Feng and I proved ourselves in World War I!" This eye-catching headline was directly forwarded millions of times in an instant, which was sent by woking manipulating the platinum account.
Of course, this woking is still disguised as a fan of Liu Feng, and all kinds of words to defend Liu Feng are finally said at the end that Liu Feng will have a fight with him so that he can prove his strength.
And he also revealed that his account record is indeed the first segment of H Platinum.
In the future, if what this person said would be scoffed at by everyone in normal times, but with the previous post, everyone maintained a subtle attitude
Because if Liu Feng doesn’t respond to this post, will it be that Liu Feng is afraid? Doesn’t this prove that his strength is a plug-in? Otherwise, how could a world number one candidate be afraid of a platinum challenge?
All eyes are on this post, waiting for Liu Feng’s reply. Does Liu Feng want to be a deceiver in the previous post?
Liu Feng’s reply was short and quick!
"When and where!"
"It’s time to build my instrument now. God, come in and let’s have a game of solo!"
"Okay, no problem. I msn, you build the device and send me an ip directly. I’ll go in!" Liu Feng saw that the post ip was the ip of country H and replied.
"I’m so excited to finally play against God M!" Woking faked the answer.
The internet exploded, and Liu Feng replied for the first time after this post was published. Everyone paid attention to receiving solo.
Liu Feng saw this piece "Liu Feng and I proved ourselves in the first world war!" After the post, I linked it to the front post. Liu Feng has been 100% sure that this is a premeditated attempt to defeat himself.
He believes that the achievement behind this is that Kim Jong-de has such great influence and strength because of him.
"Ha ha arrangement is very close, so I have to go to play … but it’s a pity that I will play even without your manipulation step by step, and I will crush you together! Because you have completely angered me! "
God’s wrath is killing a million people!
And I, Liu Feng, am the emperor in this competition circle!
Tremble in my anger!
Chapter 367 Vayne VS policewoman!
Soon Liu Feng’s msn face came with a link to the ip address of the builder.
Liu Feng directly clicked on this link and the horse entered the already good room. At the same time, the number of onlookers outside has now exceeded three million.
Liu Feng saw this situation and sneered at him slightly. He had long expected that something like this would happen. He also needed so many people. He wanted to completely swollen Jin Zhengde’s face.
"M God, don’t you?" Woking is still pretending to be a fan, a little humble said
"Be good to us!" Liu Feng sneer at a promise in my heart.
"good!" Woking promised to click on two people directly and immediately enter the selection process.
Because woking is the owner’s default, it is blue. As soon as he entered the room, he directly typed, "M God, can’t I choose a hero later? This is interesting ~"
Liu Feng still sneered in his heart and agreed to woking’s request. Because it is not true outside now, everyone is now an ordinary H Platinum 1 player with Liu Feng solo.
Then it is natural to think that Liu Feng should let woking choose the hero after him, so as to prove that Liu Feng is the real thing.
Jin Zhengde is tantamount to pushing Liu Feng to the wall step by step.
It is a great advantage for solo players of their level to choose before and choose after, because after the election, they can fight for your hero and choose a hero who will restrain you, thus giving them an extra chance of winning.
Usually, players like Liu Feng and others will choose either to choose a hero together or to choose their own heroes instead of restraining the other heroes.