Feng Shanze’s face was calm and he went to our defense tower with an E skill.

At this time, he suddenly turned around and flashed WQ directly to ignite and take Casadin away!
Now no one expected that he would suddenly turn back!
Then the second E-star mother gave him a mouthful of blood and returned to the safe place, successfully killing Casadin and saving her life.
On the other side, the blind monk inserted his eyes again. W, a predictive Q skill flew towards the ice girl. The ice girl immediately pressed an S key to escape the blind monk Q skill and then returned to the tower.
Just now, if he hadn’t dodged this Q and let the blind monk Er Duan fly in and add an E skill, he would have died.
This wave of Feng Shanze has done a perfect job. Whether he suddenly rushed to the scene and was killed by him in Casatin or flashed to hurt the fire man, he did everything he could.
Unfortunately, when the fire man flashed, he didn’t have Morgana’s e skills. Morgana was watching the ice girl’s big move. The distance was enough. The fire man raised his hand and put the shield, otherwise the ice girl might be able to break the shield first and then enlarge the move.
If that wave of fire men didn’t successfully stun me and let me press the flash, then the consequences of this wave will be completely different.
I output the field, but I still hit a 3 for 3, which is ok.
Living opposite AD and playing wild AD seem to be fatter in the middle and late stage.
What did the wave group say just now? First of all, I was successfully attracted by the opposite Casadin. Second, my reaction was still a little slow. Pay attention to the fact that Casadin didn’t look at the small map when playing the W skill.
The third is that this monk Tang Honghao has always been silent and blind, relying on his media to come over and rely on W and flash for three displacements to get close to me. If he woke me up just now, I could press the flash immediately, and the consequences would be completely different.
Besides, he could have guessed that he was going to kick me in a roundabout way when the blind monk kicked me, so he could just EQ my rear position safely.
Why didn’t Yu Xing’s mother keep silent? This is a bit difficult. The blind monk flashed R to come over. It was an instant response. The clock didn’t react so fast. I was already kicked when she released her silence.
That’s all the details of this team battle.
The opposite cooperation and strategic skills are really high. Cassadine attracted attention, and the blind monk kicked me to the opposite side with the utmost speed, but our team battle failed to protect my consciousness, which led to this wave of team battle being beaten by the opposite side.
Say three for three, in fact, our consequences are more serious because I dropped the tower outside the middle of the road, the ice girl, the blue man’s gun and the blind monk are all in a full state. How can a star mother keep it?
"How did you get kicked over?" Tang Honghao asked me
This is really the blind monk across the street. His hand is fast, and my reaction is just a little worse.
Although I know this guy is already an actor, I still have to take the pot.
"I" I flat and agile replied.
Alas, the flash kick of the blind monk just now may be replaced by a smile UZI, so they won’t let the blind monk succeed, will they?
I still need to exercise on my career AD road.
It’s all because I was attracted by Casadin, and my experience is still not sophisticated enough.
At present, the game is all about the previous male guns, smoke bombs, stars and mothers. I was just Casadin attracting attention and changing the blind monk’s flash kick. It is considered that those professional players have accumulated experience and skills for many years. I really don’t understand as a new professional.
I’m a little depressed at the moment. I already know that there are two actors in the team, and I need to play well. But I think Li Wei’s fat will be disappointed in me.
Chapter 245 Lose the dragon
It’s already 17 minutes, and I’m just trying to speed up my shoes. It’s still a while before the blade leaves the knife
The equipment of the opposite male gun is getting better and better now, and the number of mending knives has also been chased, and the body is also trying its best to attack the yellow fork.
If we can’t play the expected effect in this array again, and we don’t play a role after my knife comes out, it can be said that I will be smaller and smaller when I drag it to the back and wait for the meat to be shaped.
What’s more, there’s a late AP dad Casadin getting worse and worse. I can’t imagine what will happen to us in the later period.
At the tenth minute, Dao Mei took the line just across the river. At this time, three people opposite Casadin Mogana have appeared in the triangle grass from the river to the wild area and are going around the river to catch a wave of Dao Mei.
Dao Mei is dead.
I sighed in my heart
As soon as Dao Mei saw the opposite figure in the field of vision, he ran away without looking back. However, Casadin is a hero who has a very long distance and strong displacement. After the distance is enough, he directly came to EQ Dao Mei.
At this time, the emperor and the star mother, Dan Lissandra, are all rushing from the middle to the road. I am busy winding up the line and collecting the red BUFF. This wave is suddenly caught, and naturally I can’t support the past.