"Come with me." Qin Shaojie said, and then turned like a pavilion in the villa.

In the pavilion, Qin Shaojie sat down and looked at Maureen Sal and said. "You also sit down and tell me about the specific situation of the temple."
Maureen sal organized the language before saying. "I told you the details of the temple before. I really don’t know any more. The only thing I know is the location of the temple, and I’m not sure if it’s accurate."
"Oh?" Qin Shaojie strange, asked. "Didn’t you grow up in the temple?"
"Yes, but I really don’t know where the temple is." Maureen sal said with some helplessness. "It was only once that I accidentally saw the navigation coordinates on the plane when I was taken back by the plane."
"Oh?" Qin Shaojie was overjoyed.
If there are coordinates, it will save a lot of things.
If Molinsar talks about a jungle or an island, there will be something to find.
"Tell me about it." Qin Shaojie said.
"110.35 and 19.58"
Qin Shaojie didn’t say anything, but directly picked up the phone and dialed the telephone of Qin He.
"Ha ha, Xiao Qin, I don’t have children at home. Why did you think of calling me?" Soon, Qin He’s trademark whisper came from the phone.
"Let me ask you a question." Qin Shaojie didn’t used to joke with Qin He and asked directly. "What are the coordinates of 110.35 and 19.58? Where is the location? "
"What’s the matter? What happened? " Qin He tone is serious.
He is the director of the special operations department and is very sensitive to these topics. When Qin Shaojie asked, he subconsciously felt what had happened.
"Nothing, just tell me what coordinates this is and where it is." Qin Shaojie perfunctory way.
Even if I did, Qin He couldn’t help at all, so it’s better not to say anything.
"This is the latitude and longitude coordinates." Qin He said. "But where is the specific location? I have to check it and tell you, don’t hang up."
Say that finish, Qin He put the phone aside, and then Qin Shaojie heard the sound of scratching the keyboard on the phone.
Soon, Qin He’s voice came from the phone again.
"Xiao Qin, are you still there?"
"Yes, go ahead." Qin Shaojie said.
"Although I don’t know what you have, if you need help, be sure to contact me." Qin He said seriously. "This coordinate is in the Somali waters."
"What?" Qin Shaojie froze. "Where do you say this coordinate is? Somali waters? "
"yes." Qin He said. "But, if you are looking for something, this coordinate is not very accurate, this position, is above the sea. You know, the Somali waters are close to 11 thousand square kilometers. Do you know what this concept is? This is equal to the size of Tianjin. What are you looking for, but it’s not easy. "
After listening to Qin He, Qin Shaojie was depressed again.
If it’s in a city or an island, but at sea, how can I find it?
Regardless of the size of the Somali waters, if the plane just passes through the Somali waters instead of the temple, it will be blind again.
"Are you kidding me?" Hang up Qin He’s phone, Qin Shaojie looked at Maureen Sal and said. "It’s simply a sea. I can’t tell if it’s just a plane passing by. Where can I find it?"
"No,no." Molinsar hurriedly explained. "When I saw it, those coordinates had stopped moving. I could feel that the plane was landing."
Qin Shaojie heart movement.
If the plane is landing, it means that that coordinate is probably the location of the temple.
Wanted to think, Qin Shaojie stood up and said to Maureen Sal. "You come with me."
Chapter 518 Fool North Ghost War
Over the Pacific Ocean, a private Bombardier commercial plane roared past in the sky without a cloud. The plane was from Li Yuanchao, but the people on the plane were Qin Shaojie, Bei Ming Zhan, Dou Ruomei, and Molinsar, who was going to follow anyway.
Qin Shaojie thought, Lin Saier didn’t give himself a yacht, but it has been put for half a year, and he hasn’t touched it. Maybe he can post a message on the last fair network after going back, and use the yacht to change planes.
Anyway, the yacht is not used. I wonder if it will rust after soaking in the sea for a long time.
It’s been flying for nearly four hours, and it’s still far from reaching Britain.
Although there is an airport in Somalia, Qin Shaojie and his party are not prepared to fly there. First, there is a pass problem. Second, the captain has not flown that route. Qin Shaojie and others can only bypass it, go to Britain first, and then transfer to Linsell’s plane to fly to Somalia.
We can only go to land first, and then find a way to find the temple.
As soon as Bei Ming got on the plane, he just sat there and closed his eyes. I don’t know if he was catnap or really asleep.
Dou Re-mei was naturally invited, and whether she knew Maureen Sal or not, she sat next to her and chatted with her. Soon, the two of them were playing hot.
Sometimes, it is as simple as that to establish friendship between women, regardless of age or national boundaries. As long as they can talk, they will soon become friends.
Qin Shaojie is very boring alone. This is a plane from Li Yuanchao, not a plane from the rich second generation. Therefore, there are no entertainment facilities on it, so Qin Shaojie has to chat with the only flight attendant on the plane. Straight to the 2045-year-old beautiful stewardess with flushed, Qin Shaojie just bored and sat down.
"Senior Bei Ming, are you asleep?" Qin Shaojie saw that Dou Re-mei was chatting with Maureen Sal, so he thought about having a chat with Bei Ming Zhan.
"Brother Bei Ming?"
"Ghost brother?"
"I’m awake." The ghost war suddenly opened his eyes and said helplessly. Qin Shaojie’s tone of voice really made him unbearable.
"Hey, I knew you were pretending to sleep." Qin Shaojie laughed. "You see, it will take a few hours to fly. It’s boring. Let’s talk."

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