After receiving the challenge, Lu Mingtian also spoke for a while. Although he thought that his skills would not be worse than that of a master of the gods, the priest’s professional talent grew up and he was not good at attacking. This is what everyone knows, but a master of the gods with a little moral integrity will not challenge a priest.

But the Great Devil did it, and in front of the players in China, he dared to extend the limit to the field of human forever.
Pastoral profession has three talents: holy priest, prayer priest and commandment priest. Among them, the commandment priest has the highest attack power, but Lu Mingtian is still the holy priest with the lowest attack power. However, the priest profession can brush his own treatment. If he is facing a super-class master, he can completely regain his advantage and grind him to death, but now he has no chance of winning even against a god-class master.
Of course, this is temporary. When a priest reaches level 3, Cheyenne will have a headache when his professional skills are displayed. It’s really annoying that this profession comes with a blood transfusion tank. At that time, it’s not clear who will win.
Although Lu Mingtian knew that this was a challenge that was almost certain to be lost, he still took up the challenge. Instead of making his fans hate the Great Devil more, he wanted to feel the strength of this sudden emergence of a master.
Lu Mingtian saw the first of the two challenges of the Great Devil and the first place of the Emperor because he was curious about the form of the challenge, and he was curious about the Great Devil.
The shape of the Great Devil hasn’t changed much. It’s still a thin priest’s robe and blue sword weapon. This nondescript equipment makes those who have changed jobs secretly surprised. Is it really necessary to take the job route?
"Do you have any special props to cover your appearance?" Lu Ming’s words are also the doubts of many god-level experts. The Great Devil has never changed since he was born. People with a little common sense will know that there must be something wrong with this robe.
Lu Mingtian’s question is that he thinks it is most likely to guess that Lu Mingtian saw the devil’s body and equipment at a glance when he challenged the map, especially the faint golden light that made people ignore it.
"Right" Cheyenne didn’t deny it.
Lu Mingtian continued to ask, "Are you really going to take the job route like this?"
This is another question that everyone wants to know.
"Didn’t I say it every time? Why doesn’t anyone believe me? " Cheyenne showed an incredible expression.
Nima’s acting really catches up with Oscar’s male pig’s feet, thought Lu Mingtian.
"Reverend, surrender quickly. I’m in a hurry." Cheyenne pressed the bass slightly to make the line hoarse.
Chapter 17 Surrender, I’m in a hurry
Nima’s acting really catches up with Oscar’s male pig’s feet, thought Lu Mingtian.
"Reverend, surrender quickly. I’m in a hurry." Cheyenne pressed the bass slightly to make the line hoarse.
Lu Ming, God knows that this cargo likes to let loose its mouth and ignore it. Putting on a posture is a holy light to protect itself.
In addition to a healing skill, the holy priest can improve his own attributes by protecting himself from the light.
Cheyenne also knows that this is a protracted war that can restore life. Even if there is no attack now, it is impossible to defeat it in a short time. Moreover, this is a god priest.
After the war between the two sides, Lu Mingtian has been trying to control the distance between them. This is a long-distance professional foundation, and it is a solid foundation.
Lu Mingtian’s equipment is not worse than Cheyenne’s. He chooses equipment with high intelligence and moving speed. It is not easy for Cheyenne to get close.
Cheyenne was not in a hurry to attack, but patiently chased the landing day.
In this chase, both sides are doing their best. They are already at the peak of the game. A slight mistake will ruin the victory of the game.
Lu Mingtian also wants to hold on a little longer. The Great Devil is armed with a melee weapon, otherwise his life can be guaranteed. Cheyenne has not revealed the mage’s ice-burning skills for the time being. He decides to stay at the key moment and surprise Lu Mingtian.
Cheyenne seems to be in pursuit. In fact, when he passes by, he will freeze the trap skills and put them on his feet after cooling down. Cheyenne is like an old hunter, pushing Lu Mingtian to the trap position a little bit to challenge the map. Cheyenne didn’t wait long. Lu Mingtian’s feet suddenly stagnated in Cheyenne’s frozen trap method, and the priest instantly became the meat in Cheyenne’s mouth.
Lu Mingtian is also very resistant. Although he has tried his best to guard against the frozen trap, this frozen trap is invisible to others except the caster. He finally got caught by Lu Mingtian, who knows that it is difficult to distance himself once he is close to the Great Devil.
Freezing Trap Effect Lu Mingtian tried to escape, but was pestered by Cheyenne. He didn’t care that his blood volume should be able to leave Cheyenne’s attack range, and his life could be quickly restored.
Running away at all costs in the land of life finally opened the distance between the two sides. At this moment, Cheyenne’s hand flashed a weapon and an ice and fire stave appeared, and the ice burst down!
The priest’s defense strength is not too good. The protector of the holy light of the land has just cleared the life of the land directly with Cheyenne Yibo’s melee and the explosion of ice!
The great devil wins!
The challenge has been met, but the scene of ice explosion released by the Great Devil is deeply imprinted on everyone’s mind!
Ice fire inflammation, the skill of ice fire mage, was put to good use by the Great Devil, plus the hunter’s professional freezing trap. Everyone is more sure that the Great Devil actually left the job route!
Ordinary players have issued an unfair cry, "What kind of big devil seems to have no limit? Isn’t this bullying? "
The forum was quickly heated in the discussion of the big devil.
Cheyenne smiled when she saw these discussions. "I just want to bully you!"
After this challenge, Cheyenne once again launched a challenge to the god player.
Lu Ming’s defeat has aroused the interest of other level players. Although the failure is hard for them to accept, it will also be of great benefit to them if they can explore the true strength and professional secrets of the Great Devil. Therefore, all level players who are challenged by the Great Devil are willing to fight.
Cheyenne’s choice of top players is easy to play. It’s too hard for Cheyenne to ignore the heavy armor professions like knights and soldiers.
Having professional advantages and giving full play to these challenges, Cheyenne’s attribute is biased towards melee to deal with long-range occupations, and there are freezing traps, which is a weapon to control the distance. Justice is a sharp comparison for self-promotion, as well as the mage’s ice-burning skills.
Although these battles were hard, Cheyenne still won one after another.
God-level masters have fallen to the great demon king one by one, and their reputation is getting louder and louder. Soldiers and knight players are very unhappy with this product, so why not challenge them?
After seven challenges, Cheyenne still kept winning-he challenged Bai Hanyue.
Cheyenne watched Bai Hanyue’s battle video in her previous life. She is very familiar with the style of this iceberg goddess. Her exercises and tactics are among the best among the gods. For Cheyenne, Bai Hanyue is a suitable whetstone.
"I’ve been waiting for a long time," Bai Hanyue said quietly after entering the challenge map, but a word instantly made onlookers feel that even many men were not domineering!
This is the Lord of the Moon Cold Palace!
This is the cold moon!
"Do you have a crush on me?" As soon as the big devil said this, the number of his black powder doubled again, and the forum cracked down on his posts in piles.
Bai Hanyue was not affected and still said calmly, "I am eager to beat you!"
"Lying is not a good boy who has a crush on me, so just say it. If you don’t have the courage to confess in front of so many people for a while, we can go to a romantic place to talk privately." The Great Devil still smirked.
Bai Hanyue said, "Your tactics of disturbing the enemy have nothing to do with me. I advise you not to try."
It turns out that this is psychological warfare! But now that Bai Hanyue has seen through it, it’s gone! Onlookers thought to themselves
The contest between the two sides began as soon as it appeared.
Bai Hanyue’s momentum is like a rainbow. If Cheyenne attacks at this time, he will certainly encounter the fiercest resistance. He will speak quietly and wait for Bai Hanyue’s momentum to weaken.
Almost at the same time, Cheyenne and Bai Hanyue moved!
In fact, the essence of fighting is very simple. Distance is long and melee is close to each other. Whoever can do this is the winner.
Cheyenne wants to get close to Bai Hanyue and distance himself, so he plays a chase drama.
In the eyes of ordinary players, they see that a series of figures in the challenge map are disappearing and changing, and the beauty is like a phantom flying. In the eyes of ordinary players, it is like a stunt.
Cheyenne’s brain wave activity reached its peak instantly, and Bai Hanyue’s manipulation of the mage also reached its extreme. Cheyenne has vaguely seen Bai Hanyue’s world-famous "Lingbo Micro-step" tactics in the future from Bai Hanyue’s manipulation at this time, which is her exclusive manipulation.
It’s very difficult for god-class masters to make progress again. What they can do is to constantly hone themselves and make their skills more proficient until they form their own style of warfare.
Parker, including the month, has obviously done this. This step is obviously ahead of other god-level masters.
Cheyenne has to admire Bai Hanyue’s talent. After all, there are only a few people who can form exclusive tactics among god-level masters. Bai Hanyue will improve her tactics. She will be promoted to the top of the world!
Chapter 18 Distance struggle
Bai Hanyue has the potential to become a top player in the world, and Cheyenne has long known it.
Cheyenne was willing to put a lot of money into Bai Hanyue to build the Moon Palace. It is Bai Hanyue’s peerless beauty appearance and superb skills. This is a prerequisite for becoming a top idol. For a simple example, Wang Lame said that even though his skills have reached the level of god, he can become his fans because of his hard appearance. It is destined to be such a handful of people with extremely strong tastes.
There is no doubt that investing in Bai Hanyue will definitely not lose sight of this. Cheyenne is not the only one, but I know that there are a lot of rich brothers out there who want to invest in Bai Hanyue, but Bai Hanyue finally decided to accept Cheyenne’s funds, which still makes Cheyenne wonder.
What does Bai Hanyue think?
Well, she must have hidden herself deeply, and her handsome aura has risen! Cheyenne finally came up with the most reasonable answer after thinking hard.
The fighting continued.