"whew!" .

No gold was directly bounced out, but the green Se runes did not disappear, but formed a green Se spherical barrier, which completely protected the man inside!
Xiao Wen knows the power of gold. At this moment, he has determined that the jade symbol is definitely a high-order fairy level, and judging from the attack distance and speed of the gold Se pike, that person is probably a high-order fairy!
Judging the other side’s realm, Xiao Wen is not afraid at all, but the fighting spirit is more prosperous!
What’s wrong with the high-ranking fairy? ! Lao Tzu is holding a fairy device that ranks first in the whole celestial world!
Xiao asked his left hand still holding the gun, and it was less than four feet away from the man!
The man is obviously also very confident in melee. Under the background of the green Se barrier, the cold and biting face of Y and N was clearly seen by Xiao Wen.
The two men continued to approach quickly, and at this moment, the barefoot needle that flew backwards finally touched the target: a clear door left behind by Xiao Wen in the alley!
As soon as the door is cleared, the force perfusion has already become smaller. At this time, it is the standing one that is touched by the barefoot needle. Then see the needle mans around the narrow a clear door quickly around the two laps, "whew" to finally fly to xiao asked hands, nature will also bring up the clear door.
Foot red needle and a clear door are extremely fast, and it is about to catch up with Xiao Wen. The man at the end of the gun suddenly raised his mouth and floated a sneer. Then Xiao Wen felt that his left hand was suddenly sold out, and he didn’t have to look at it deliberately. He knew that the gun had been taken back by the man!
The immortals in the realm of small immortals will become larger after being filled with Taoist power, but most of them have no intermediate process from minimal to maximal, but change directly, and vice versa. At the moment, the man who made the gun is obviously no longer fighting with Xiao Wen, and directly shrinks the gold Se pike into his hand.
Xiao Wen can only follow the habit of xìng and rush forward, but there is no place to borrow money. The next moment, he will see a dazzling golden awn exploding from the man’s hand, and the gold Se gun will once again stab like a dragon, faster than last time! Last time it was a distance of ten feet, Xiao Wen barely escaped, but now it is less than three feet away, and this time your gun was stabbed directly at Xiao Wen’s chest, so it is obviously impossible to hide.
At this moment, I only heard a sound of "pa", and Xiao Wen finally grasped a clear door brought back by the barefoot needle in his hand, and it was directly stimulated before he could adjust the direction!
The golden gun tip between eyes is less than two feet away from Xiao Wen, and the green light flashes, and a clear door is blocked in front of Xiao Wen sideways, and its upper edge can just cover Xiao Wen’s chest, but it won’t block Xiao Wen’s line of sight.
The golden gun suddenly collided with a clear door, and both of them were delayed in the air, but there is no doubt that Xiao Wen has turned the corner. The man seemed dissatisfied with the result, so he put the golden gun on Guanghua again after drinking, but he just stabbed it forward against a clear door, as if he wanted to poke a hole in a clear door!
However, a clear door did not even leave a shallow mark, but it was deflected in mid-air because of the strength on your gun tip. Therefore, Xiao Wen did not fly, but still fell to the right front, and a clear door was obliquely blocked between him and the gun.
After a "pa", Xiao Wen finally fell to the ground, and by this time the distance between him and the man was less than two zhangs!
Xiao Wenquan ran forward with the strength of the meat, but he was faster than him without the golden foot, and directly plunged into the green Se rune barrier.
"ding! Ding! "
Once again, the golden foot was easily bounced off, and the man’s eyes clearly showed disdain, but at this time Xiao Wen had also rushed to the front of the man, and he made a clean door into his right hand. He did not see the golden gun that was stabbed again, so he raised a clean door and swung it in the past!
Can only say that a clear door is too wide, even if Xiao Wen almost straightened his right arm, its edge can still completely block Xiao Wen’s body, then listen to a "dang" sound, and the golden gun once again hit a clear door. However, this time, it is a clear door to take the initiative, and its own weight plus Xiao Wen’s strength when waving is not the thin golden gun that can stop it!
Golden gun is completely involuntarily slipped to one side from a clear door, and a clear door is speed to continue to hit toward the man!
You probably don’t know, Lao tze’s defensive fairy has killed two people!
A clear door quickly contacted the rune barrier, and with its own weight, its impact was different from that of a mature rhinoceros. ! Rune barrier immediately collapsed, and even fell on that person!
If the man didn’t move, then with the sharpness of the dark clouds, his head would have slipped down from his neck at most, but he was looking up quickly and his head was thrown away by himself …
In an instant, what "I’m going to kill you", what y and n are cold and vicious, all dust to dust, and soil to soil, leaving only the sound of blood spewing out from the neck.
"who?" The owner of the yard has come out of the room and asked loudly.
Before Xiao Wen could answer, he heard the sound of "sou" and "sou". The guards of the nearby Xianji House also came to the small yard and shouted, "Stop it! What’s going on? !”
Xiao asked more and more about the rules of Xianji Mansion. At present, it is certain that you can’t run away by breaking into houses and losing money to repair walls, but he really doesn’t need to bear any responsibility for killing people, because the other party wants to kill him first. This kind of personal feud between people who cultivate immortals has never been managed by Xianji Mansion.
Xiao Wen told the truth directly. The voice "I want to kill you" that the man shouted before helped Xiao Wen a lot, which well explained that Xiao Wen was not guilty.
At this time, Chen Jinghe and Lin Yuliang were terrified. They found a childhood playmate who had not been in contact for many years to deal with Xiao Wen. They never thought that this playmate had been biting to this extent. Of course, what they didn’t expect was that this biting guy was killed by Xiao Wen with three strokes and two styles … Look at Xiao Wen’s expression, where did he take it seriously? But you know, their playmate is a real high-order fairy, and Xiao Wen is an intermediate …
This is really a pearl of rice, and they dare to compete with the bright moon. They decided almost at the same time. From then on, they will directly be useful to Xiao Wen as a follower. Of course, the premise is that Xiao Wen wants them …
So when people in Xianji Mansion asked, they really didn’t miss anything, and even obviously favored Xiao to ask, pushing all the blame on the dead guy.
However, although things are clear, the necessary process still needs to go. A leading patrol guard said, "Ok, come back to Xianji House with us. As long as someone comes to protect you tomorrow, you will be able to stay here for three days, otherwise you will have to be shut down honestly. Xiao asked, "You are a murderer. We’ll keep your fairy, and you’ll have to explain it to our master again when you get back."
"good." Xiao asked to nod, but he was not afraid to follow the patrol.
The family whose courtyard wall was smashed received compensation from Xiao Wen for 500 inferior fairy stones. Obviously, Xiao Wen was killed, but considering that there had been decapitated bodies in their yard, maybe it would scare the family out of urinating in the middle of the night, Xiao Wen did not care.
The Xianji Mansion in Danfeng City is naturally larger, and the patrol guards directly took them to a special crime area. After being registered, Chen Jinghe Lin Yuliang was taken away first, and Xiao asked the murderer to be taken to another place.
Standing alone in a small room and waiting for a moment, the door was opened. A thin middle-aged main thin man came in with two clear doors and no golden feet asked by Xiao. After looking at Xiao, he sat down in front of the only case in the room.