"Pa ~" Ye Guchen is obviously not as lucky as Allen. At this time, the moon, the moon and the day’s fine wheel finally bear the power of the horrible black hole and turn it into pieces. Ye Guchen was immediately hit by the storm of black hole energy. You know, if you want to get away from this black hole, you must have at least eight robberies to scatter the fairy, that is, the strength of the blood emperor. Obviously, Ye Guchen does not have such strength, so he can’t get away. Thoroughly washed the body by this horrible attack, and the whole person seemed to be dying. He desperately shouted in his heart and wanted to summon the five-color divine tower, but it’s a pity that he was just shouting. He knew that with his current strength, he could not control the five-color divine tower, everything. . It is also necessary to control the qi jun evil spirit.

Just as Ye Guchen was tortured by the surrounding energy and almost died, Qi Jun in the five-color divine tower seemed to hear the cry of Ye Guchen. The five-color divine tower flew out and stood in front of Ye Guchen, firmly protecting Ye Guchen. After that, Ye Guchen fell into a coma, and I don’t know.
When Ye Guchen woke up again, he was already in a dense jungle. In this jungle, trees were towering, streams and running water could be seen everywhere, mountains were towering on both sides, white clouds were still floating in the sky, birds flew over from time to time to make a clear call, and there were roars and beasts roaring on the ground.
"Tick-tock ~ ~ tick-tock ~ ~" This has just been washed away by rain, and a little water stain on the branches slipped down and fell straight down, landing on the cheek of Ye Guchen lying on the soft soil. Finger slightly raised, Ye Guchen slowly opened his eyes. . After a few hard struggles, I finally opened my eyes and saw the surrounding scenery. Ye Guchen was obviously one leng, and then I felt the pain all over my body like a knife. After a few slow struggles, I slowly sat up and looked at my covered scars. Ye Guchen quickly manipulated this Gankun ring. Unfortunately, he sadly found that it had been destroyed. Although it was a fairy, it was not enough to resist this Gankun ring in this horrible turbulence of time and space. Fortunately, Ye Gu-chen has already prepared for the breakthrough and collected all the medicinal materials before, otherwise Ye Gu-chen will even cry to death now, because there are many medicinal materials in it. . Both. . Extremely precious, several of them even have only rare books in the evil extreme Sect, which were taken away by Ye Guchen, and there is no more. If they are really destroyed in the turbulence of time and space, even Ye Guchen’s cultivation will be extended indefinitely.
"Damn, where is this? Why am I here? Oh, my God, is this another world? Damn it. . What the hell is going on? How did I get here? This damn turbulence of time and space won’t take me to other worlds, will it? Error-free novel network many words "Ye Guchen couldn’t help thinking.
Of course, this paranoia is not groundless. According to the records of the ancient books of the fix-true world, the world in which the fix-true world lives. The universe in which we live is just one of countless planes. There are countless planes that are the same as it, and countless planes that are not the same. The strength of almost every plane is proportional, that is to say, everyone’s overall strength is equal, so they exist all their lives. This is the same as Einstein’s theory of parallel space, but one thing is different. People who fix the truth believe that a plane is divided into two spaces. One is the lower space, which is commonly referred to as the mortal void universe, and the other is the heaven above, and the so-called celestial world is the summation point of countless spatial planes, that is, the existence of the highest level. In these countless planes, people may be promoted through various cultivation methods, gain strong strength, enter the intermediate plane, that is, a place similar to the heaven, and then practice there. After reaching a certain level, all the positions. .
Therefore, although Ye Guchen has some headaches, he came to a strange world through a black hole, but he is not afraid, because his strength need not be afraid anywhere. The only worry is that if he can’t enter the celestial world, he will always stay in this world, and. . Even if you enter the divine world. . It is not a simple thing to return to your original world, it is very complicated. . It’s also very troublesome, which is what Ye Guchen is worried about, because he still has too many things to do and hasn’t done it.
Thought for a moment without a clue, Ye Guchen felt that it was the first time to restore his own strength. Talk.an excellent job. Although Ye Guchen was badly injured this time, it was a skin injury. It didn’t take long to recover, and it wasn’t very difficult. Ye Guchen sat cross-legged and began to practice. He was startled to find that the aura around him was very dense, even three points thicker than the evil polar star in the total altar in this evil polar region, and practiced in a place like this. Ye Guchen recovered quickly, but the wound on her body disappeared in the blink of an eye. After standing up straight and doing some exercises, Ye Guchen finally stood up.
Looking around, I saw a black figure over there, and then I used energy to conjure up a suit of clothes, covering my red luo body, and came to the sound of the black shadow. The black shadow lying in front of me was none other than this Allen, who was dying at the moment. A blood-red horn beside him was dissatisfied with the blood clan words, and Ye Guchen didn’t understand or understand it. After looking at it, he stopped looking at it.
"Damn it, time and space are turbulent. Ellens may not live long this time." Ye Guchen thought of cursing in his heart, then shook Allen’s body again, and then shouted in a low voice, "Allen ~ Allen ~ ~"
After a shout, Allen finally slowly opened his eyes and looked at Ye Guchen with some confusion. After a short confusion, he was replaced by a heavy and sad face, squirming his chapped lips, and then whispered to Ye Guchen with his hoarse voice: "No. . . Horn. . . Horn ~ ~ "
"Horn here, very safe, Allen although I don’t want to say, but I have to tell you. . You can’t live, there are last words for me, though, we two get to know each other, if possible, I’ll help you finish the last words ~ "Ye Guchen face slightly gloomy, some heavy said, who can be ruthless unless people are vegetation? Ye Guchen and this Allen how to say it is also a acquaintance. Seeing that Allen is dying, on this planet where I don’t know where it is, Ye Guchen is alone and doesn’t even have a companion. Seeing that Allen is going to die in front of your face, how can he be happy? Grabbed the blood-red horn and shook it a few times in front of Allen, then whispered to Allen in front of him.
Although this blood clan is of the earth, Allen’s heart pulse has been cut off, and the meridians of his limbs are completely shattered. You can’t see the appearance. In fact, his vitality has been exhausted. Unless he has the strength of the emperor, he may be able to recover, but obviously he has no strength of the emperor, otherwise he will not be able to come to this place.
Seeing this blood-red horn, Ye Guchen’s face obviously looked much better. Staring at this horn, he flashed a look, then looked at the blood-red horn, and then at Ye Guchen, and whispered: "Horn. . . Horn. . The ancestor horn. . Give it to. . Give it to. . . Prince Dante. . . Prince Dante is here. . . Yes. 。”
Before the words were finished, Allen died with two eyes. Ye Guchen gave a helpless wry smile, picked up the horn of the ancestor, watched it for a while, took a bitter look at Allen and said, "Prince Dante? Your blood clan is so big, how can I know who is Prince Dante and where is Prince Dante? Don’t say that I don’t even know where I am now. Even if I were still on earth, it would be impossible for me to travel all over the blood clan territory in search of that Prince Dante. There are many words in the error-free novel network. Ellen, Ellen, don’t blame me. You can only blame you for not finishing this sentence. . . Rest in peace. I’ll give it to Prince Dante if it’s fate, but. . If there is no such fate, there is no way. "
With that, Ye Guchen picked up the ancestor’s horn, which has changed to the size of an ordinary horn, and straddled his waist. Immediately after burying this Allen, he set a memorial tablet and walked toward the outside.
After walking for two days, I didn’t go out. There was nothing in front of Ye Guchen except this vast beautiful sea. Ye Guchen started to walk, then flew, and finally teleported. But Ye Guchen kept walking towards the north for two days, but he didn’t go out. This Yuzryha solitary Chen was a little depressed. With his strength, he couldn’t even go out. How could this Yuzryha solitary Chen not be depressed?
Ye Guchen has also encountered some beasts in the past two days, and his strength is not very strong. Ye Guchen can easily deal with it, so Ye Guchen concluded that this place is not a dangerous place, even if there are masters, but his strength should not be much stronger than his own, but this place is a bit scary. You know, even if he walks in the void, Ye Guchen is now able to walk between two planets in two days. Although Ye Guchen dare not use the big move, he still uses teleport. . This is Yuzryha solitary Chen some headaches.
"Damn, what is this place? Why is it so difficult to get out? This damn turbulence of time and space, where did I get it? " Ye Guchen leaned against a giant tree and muttered, and there was quite a feeling of depression in his tone. Originally, in an unknown world, he was a little fidgety. At this time, even Lin Hai could not go out, and Ye Guchen was naturally depressed. If it was before, such emotions would never appear, but now things are different. . A variety of reasons have caused Ye Guchen to have this kind of heart now.
"Ha ha, boy, are you confused? ? How’s it going? Do you want me to give you a hand? Tell you where you are now? " Suddenly a playful voice sounded in Ye Guchen’s ear. Ye Guchen was stunned at first, then looked around subconsciously, and then reacted. He immediately said with some excitement, "Is it you, Qi Junsha? Where are you? "
"Where am I? Nature is still in this five-color divine tower. I am Taling, and I can’t leave the five-color divine tower. It’s not that you don’t know. Well, don’t talk nonsense, boy. What do you want me to tell you? Where are you now? " Qi Jun evil spirit said some disgruntled, but this dissatisfied tone didn’t last long, and then it turned into one share of banter again. It seems that this Qi Jun evil spirit is interested in Doby’s Ye Guchen. Of course, he is also interested in helping Ye Guchen, otherwise he won’t appear at this time. You know, he can completely ignore this. After all, Ye Guchen is only the heir of the five-color divine tower, not the owner. He doesn’t need to serve Ye Guchen, just need to ensure Ye Guchen.
"Five-color divine tower?" After hearing this, Ye Guchen’s mood no longer fluctuated so strongly, but asked Qi Junsha in a tone of deep doubt: "Do you really know?"
Have such a skeptical tone can’t blame Ye Guchen, after all. . Qi Junsha didn’t even show his face, so he said he knew where he was, but he didn’t know who he was. How could he know? Naturally, people are suspicious.
"Hey hey, this nature, you don’t forget, I am a person? My old master is human? Although the universe has hundreds of millions and countless planes, my old master has walked through it one by one. You don’t have to doubt this. I naturally know that my old master has walked through it, and I have been to this place. Boy, if you want to know this place, please beg me, haha. . I might have told you as soon as I was happy. 。” Qi Jun said proudly, and he didn’t forget to flirt with Ye Guchen.
Ye guchen was speechless and said angrily, "well, it’s time. If you want to know, just say it quickly. Just pretend I’m begging you. Come on, where is this?" How come I have to walk for two days in this forest? I’ve used teleportation, and it’s a thousand miles away, but I’ve never even seen this forest. I’ve never heard of a planet this big. "
"Planet? Hum, the planet is naturally not so big, but if it is not a planet, it is not the void universe where mortals exist in your understanding? " Qi Jun is cold hum two rhetorical questions.
"Not empty universe that is? Is it really another world? But there shouldn’t be such a big planet in other worlds. Is there another world, and the whole world is connected? But this is impossible, contrary to common sense! " Ye guchen’s subconscious response.
"Idiot, you are such an idiot, I said this is another world? Can’t this be heaven? Do you have to be in another world to enter the void turbulence? Who told you this idiot! " Qi Jun was a grumpy scold, swearing without consideration, and sneered at Ye Guchen’s speech theory.

Chapter two hundred and seventy-seven Titan
Chapter two hundred and seventy-seven Titan
"Heaven? You say this is heaven? How did we come to heaven? " Ye Guchen said in astonishment. He really don’t understand, how can this time-space turbulence bring himself to heaven with this Allen? According to common sense, time-space turbulence is a fellow who leads to other worlds. It is common sense to be able to travel to other worlds as long as you have the ability to cross a black hole. Now that you are in heaven, it is obviously against common sense.
"Nothing is impossible. Fellow in time and space is produced immediately, not a fixed black hole, but only by chance. This fellow is only produced in a short period of time along with the roads of other worlds, not fixed, and will soon disappear. Because of this, the world connected by this fellow is generally not too far away because of energy problems, and this heaven, although it belongs to the same world as this void universe, is also considered as another world, together with here, a little. So, kid. Don’t look like that? How big is it? Is it worthwhile to do this? Isn’t it good in heaven? Here is very suitable for you now. " Touched his nose, the voice of Qi Jun evil spirit sounded again here. Obviously, in Qi Jun evil spirit’s view, this heaven is the most suitable for Ye Gu-chen, who is being cultivated at present, instead of the fix-up world and the western blood clan. After all, Ye Gu-chen’s path is different from those blood clans who have a long life and almost unlimited life, and those scattered immortals who rely on the Armageddon to improve their strength. Naturally, it is impossible to get along in this fix-up world for a long time, which is not good for Ye Gu-chen’s cultivation.
Without refuting Qi Jun’s evil words, what he said is very reasonable. Although he didn’t consider his personal feelings, speaking seriously, it is safest to come to heaven for the benefit of cultivation.
"I’m in heaven? Where is it in heaven now? Western Heaven or Eastern Heaven? " Ye guchen asked nervously, he is very concerned about this problem. You know, the so-called heaven is just a general term, but it is actually a general term of space. Ye guchen doesn’t know much about the heaven, but he knows something. The so-called heaven includes the two worlds of east and west, and the western heaven is ruled by angels and demons, as well as many mysterious races. There is a total of this western heaven, and this eastern heaven includes the Buddhist world. Demon world, demon world, celestial world, and so on, everyone is in a common space, because the division of territory is different, but the name is different, in fact, to put it bluntly, it is all a world.
Xiang Yu Tian once strictly ordered Ye Guchen, and if he is not strong enough, he is absolutely not allowed to enter this heaven. After all, he Xiang Yu Tian can be said to be invincible in this mortal world, but not necessarily in this heaven. The evil Sect is extremely powerful and powerful in this world, but. . In this heaven, the strength of the evil Sect is not as good as that of other sects, and it is in heaven. . Although Ye Guchen doesn’t know much about the strength of Evil Extremist Sect, he knows that it is not strong for the simple reason. . . Because the evil extreme Sect is insufficient. . Because their sects have existed for a short time, compared with the giants of the celestial world that have existed for millions and tens of millions of years, this evil Sect is too weak, and there are a large number of scattered immortals. The master is like a cloud, but the evil extreme Sect in this celestial world is lacking in details. If it develops in another 100,000 years or even 1 million years, it is impossible to dominate the celestial world with the status of evil extreme Sect in this mortal world, but. . Our party is not a problem, but now the evil extreme cases are too weak, so weak that even Ye Guchen is difficult to preserve, but it happened that there are many enemies in the evil extreme cases. To be exact, there are too many enemies in Xiang Yu’s day, and it is really not a good thing for Ye Guchen to enter this heaven.
Of course, although there may be danger after entering the celestial world, there will be danger after entering the Buddhist world, the underworld and the demon world, but these are all within the acceptable range of Ye Guchen. What he fears most is that he rashly enters the western heaven instead of the eastern one. . That would be really troublesome.
You should know that the East and the West have long been opposed to each other, and they are very hostile. Every thousand years, even ten thousand years, a great war will break out, with countless casualties. The hatred has reached a frightening level. As an oriental. . In this western heaven, danger can no longer be described. Ye Guchen has the cultivation of a fairy in heaven, but. . In this western heaven, a fairy in the sky is really nothing. Can only say that it is rubbish. . Yes, it’s hard to hear, but Ye Guchen’s accomplishment may be high above the fix-true world, but. . . In this heaven, it can only be described as garbage. The people who live here are mostly immortals, but they are equivalent to the outstanding people and excellent grassroots. Those experts want to kill him. To be honest, it is not much more difficult than crushing an ant.
If Ye Guchen goes deep into the western heaven, he may immediately become a public enemy of the whole people, and everyone in all parts of the country will be punished. The degree of danger can already be imagined.
"I am now. . It’s not in the western heaven, is it There are many words in the error-free novel network. "Ye Guchen subconsciously asked in a low voice, constantly praying in her heart that she should not be unlucky, if that’s the case. . It would be terrible. .
However, this answer of Qi Junsha was obviously disappointed by Yuzryha’s loneliness, only to see Qi Junsha’s joking voice immediately ring out: "Western Heaven? Why not? Ha ha. . . Boy, what I have to tell you is that you are now in this western heaven, poor boy. Help yourself. . Don’t be too unlucky in the west. You should know that the Lord in the western heaven is not an easy character to mess with. . By the way, you are now in the endless forest of the western heaven. Fortunately, this is not the territory of the angel family, otherwise. . You’re dead. If one goes south, you should be able to enter the demon family, there. . It’s fairly safe. Although your boy is from the Eastern Heaven, the demon clan has been fighting against this angel clan. They have absorbed countless races there, including some eastern practitioners scattered in the western battlefields. Although you may still not be very popular there, at least you won’t shout and kill when you see you, as the angel clan site does, of course. . The premise is that you should pray, before that, don’t meet the angel family. One hundred and fifty thousand years ago, this was a neutral zone, but the angel family was too strong, and it has been suppressing the demon family all these years. Although the angel family was hit hard because of the fate of Mundus. . After all, my information was 150,000 years ago, and now. . Here is a look. . This. . I don’t know. 。”
Ye guchen can only respond with a wry smile, and then he doesn’t say much and goes straight to the south. Now, what can he say? He can still say? Can you say that you can change it by saying a few words? Obviously. . This is unlikely. So Ye Guchen didn’t say anything at all, and went straight to the south. At this time, he didn’t dare to delay at all. A bad encounter with an angel master would be a real death.
Ye Guchen, a western celestial being, doesn’t know much about it, but he also knows that this western angelic family, which is dominant, can’t survive by suppressing other races, and abruptly compresses other races into a small corner, and other races have to unite against this angelic family, and every time they fight with the East to fix the true world, they are also sent troops by the angelic family to put it bluntly. . In fact, it is the invasion of the western angels to the eastern fix true world. . Therefore, the hatred between the two is mainly concentrated on the angel family and the eastern fix true. As for other races, there is no ill feeling towards the fix true, so. . As long as it is not discovered by the angels, Ye Guchen is safe. .
Ye Guchen went all the way to the south. After walking for about three days, Ye Guchen has almost reached the end of this endless forest, constantly blinking. Constantly moving forward, this Yuzryha solitary Chen is much faster. Three days is not long, but it has already walked hundreds of millions of kilometers, and it is about to reach the end of this endless beautiful forest.
Just as Ye Guchen reached the end of this endless forest, he saw a burst of lightning and thunder on the distant mountain top. The white light shone around for hundreds of miles at night, just like the day, followed by a messy noise. On the distant mountain peak, the rocks collapsed, the sky was falling, and the chaotic sound was deafening.
"Won’t be so unlucky ~ is really an angel? Hey. . And the titans. . . Isn’t this race declining? " Error-free novel network does not skip words. Standing in the distance, Ye Guchen saw the scene in front of him, and couldn’t help but smile. He couldn’t help thinking that who else could make such a noise in the dark, except the angels? I’m really afraid to come. I thought it was safe not to meet the angels these days, but I didn’t expect to meet them here.
Of course, the giants who fought with these angels also attracted the attention of Ye Guchen. . . But in this world, the Titan has a great reputation. . Legend has it that the most powerful Titan can tear heaven and earth with his hands, Titan. . It is a race that can’t use any energy. They only rely on their strong bodies to fight. . They ruled the whole western heaven, according to legend. . These titans are descendants of ancient giants. The ancient gods left their blood and let their descendants stay in order to rule the world. Unfortunately, these descendants gradually declined over time because of their distant blood and their inability to master energy only by physical fighting. With the fall of their predecessors and the rise of the angel family, this race is said to be almost extinct. . I didn’t expect to see it here, but I was surprised by Yuzryha’s solitary Chen. .
Dozens of angels with snow-white wings are floating in the air, armed with weapons and shields, wearing silver armor, floating in the air. Under the guidance of a pair of four-winged angels, they are facing a group of giants who are more than 100 meters tall, with crude skins and wooden sticks and boulders, and they are fighting with the masters of this angel family. Both sides come and go, and the angel family is agile, powerful and backed by horrible sacred magic. Can instantly heal wounds, restore combat effectiveness, and together can produce great destructive power, which is very strong. Although the strength of the giants is not very weak compared with that of the angel family, the giants are huge, slow to move, and their weapons and equipment are extremely rudimentary, and they can’t fly. Although they fought with the angel family with their tough bodies, they killed more than a dozen angels, but several giants with huge bodies also tumbled down from the top of the mountain and lost their lives.
The confrontation between the two is still fierce, but in Ye Guchen’s view, this giant’s defeat is revealed. At this time, if you fight hard with this angel family, they will surely fail!
"Help or not?" This problem has been lingering in Ye Guchen’s mind. Helping the giants against the angels is likely to expose themselves, but if you don’t help them, they will clean up these giants, and they will be equally dangerous. This Yuzryha Guchen is very entangled, but then he made up his mind with a bite of his teeth. No matter whether these giants know or not, if the angels win, it will definitely be of no benefit to himself. The enemy of the enemy is a friend, so.
Ye Guchen didn’t hesitate when he thought of this. He jumped up and saw a giant raise a boulder and hit the angel, making the angel flee in panic. At the same time, he jumped out and bombarded the angel with one punch. Then the orange fire of the underworld instantly burned the angel’s whole body, and with a scream, the angel fell from the sky and his body was burned to ashes.