The fairy in the book seems to be very satisfied with Han Yang’s expression and that flattery just now: "There are still several spells in the Three Realms that the fairy in my book can’t do! Hum, Han Yang boy, take a good look. Is this girl in water mirror surgery your girlfriend Ge Xuelin? "

Han Yang certainly knew the figure, the figure that haunted him, the figure that he had dreamed of more than once in his dream. Yes, that’s Ge Xuelin!
The real thing is Ge Xuelin!
Han Yang opened his eyes wide and stared at the figure in the water curtain for a moment. His eyes were a little stupid …
"Not good!" In the book, the fairy suddenly took the spell with a clear drink and patted her chest: "Fortunately, the old man was almost caught by the Queen Mother of the West! Who doesn’t give my old man a little face within the three realms is the old hag who always looks back on others by relying on herself as a disciple of Taoist Hongjun … Hum! Last time the monkey was careless, this time I will help Han Yang cheat your apprentice out of the ghost world myself! ! !”
Fairy in the book takes a sinister look at Han Yang, who is still in the state of staying. Last time, the Monkey King was bewitched by him and went to Yaochi Resort to steal the immortal elixir refined by Taoist Hongjun. As a result, some monkeys whose memories were sealed were arrested because of his intelligence mistakes, and then the woman’s wish that has been obsessed with monkeys for more than 500 years was fulfilled.
For more than 400 years, no stranger has come to him in the fix-the-true world. Now, it’s hard to wait until a Han Yang book fairy who is going to Yaochi resort will miss this opportunity to play tricks on the Queen Mother!
"Han Yang boy hello! Hey! " In the book, the fairy saw that Han Yang was still staying and gave him a kick in the ass.
Results Han Yang was kicked on the ground in an instant.
"Can the fairy elder in the book let me see it again …" The first sentence of Han Yang’s waking up made the fairy in the book quite unhappy but very satisfied. As long as Han Yang this boy is more persistent with the girl and his own means, the more likely he is to make the queen mother beaten.
As for the consequences of beating the Queen Mother of the West, the fairy in his book is also looking for Han Yang’s trouble … As for Han Yang’s life and death, it has nothing to do with his old man’s house. Speaking of which, I did this boy a big favor myself!
"Look at your head. You almost made the old man. I was betrayed by the Queen Mother of the West!" In the book, the fairy touched his chin in a pretentious and profound way. Originally, he wanted to learn from the old man in the Scholars and stroke his beard, but now he doesn’t have a long beard at all, so he has to give up.
Han Yang hesitated: "But Taoist Bodhi said that Xuelin should be in the Qin Guangwang of the underworld …"
The fairy in the book interrupted impatiently: "Originally, the monkey really took the girl to the underworld and gave it to Qin Guang, who is famous for his henpecked wife. But the girl was so lucky that she was taken as a disciple by the Queen Mother of the West who visited the underworld by accident, so now you see that she is practicing in Yaochi Resort in the ghost world!"
Han Yang was really blindsided this time.
The Yaochi resort in the ghost world is still the territory of the Western Queen Mother, who is the biggest force in charge of the hidden rules in the fix-true world …
"Fairy predecessors in the book I …" Han Yang suddenly couldn’t find anything to say.
The Yaochi Resort in the ghost world is joking. It is a problem whether he can sneak in unnoticed with his current strength in Han Yang, not to mention taking away Ge Xuelin, who has become a disciple of the Queen Mother of the West!
God, are you kidding me? Even the ninth demons, you shouldn’t tease me like this, Han Yang!

Chapter 39 The Test of Three Difficult Problems (I)
In the book, the fairy pretended to frown deeply for a quarter of an hour, which is why she did it: "I can’t afford to be offended by the great backing behind the Queen Mother of the West. However, for the sake of your infatuation, I can’t bear to let you two children end up miserable … Well, you can stay with me for a while and wait for the old man to teach you some skills before asking you to go to the underground. I hope you can bring that girl out at last, so it won’t waste my old man’s mind. "
"Elder …" Han Yang was really moved this time and didn’t know what to say.
But if he knew what the fairy in the book really thought at the moment, I don’t know if he would immediately buy a piece of tofu and bump into it … That old guy didn’t have any kindness.
The fairy in the book waved her hand and said, "well, don’t pretend to be pathetic in front of me, it will make my old man feel disgusted." Although I am very optimistic about you, I am a hundred to ten thousand small! The rules you say can’t be bad! So you can accept the triple test I set first. "
Han Yang’s future is now in the hands of this old urchin, who dares to say no and nodded and replied, "Please give me a question, senior."
The fairy in the book touched her chin and said, "My three tests are actually not very difficult. The key is that you don’t have the perseverance to stick to it. You know what? Let me talk about the first test first.
With a wave of his sleeve, another water curtain emerged in mid-air.
In the book, the fairy pointed to a herb emerging from the "water mirror technique" and said to Han Yang, "This is called’ rejuvenation grass’, which was cultivated by the old man a long time ago and is now planted on the back hill. You only need to collect nine such herbs to pass the first problem."
Han Yang carefully watched the images in "Water Mirror", remembered the appearance and characteristics of "Huanqingcao" in his mind, and then made a courtesy to the immortal in the book, and then hurried up to the back hill to look for it.
Looking at the back of Han Yang’s departure, a sinister smile appeared on the corners of the mouth of Shuxian: "I just forgot to mention that in order to prevent the’ rejuvenation grass’ from being stolen by the old man, I also raised several Sirius to guard these herbs … Alas, don’t blame the old man for walking so fast. I didn’t remind you. Wow, hahaha … "
In the book, the fairy jumped back to the hundred ~ ten thousand # small! Said the top floor "water mirror" a jilt Han Yang figure appeared in the water curtain.
I don’t know where I got a bag of peanuts, and the fairy in the book just watched Han Yang’s movements and ate peanuts …
Han Yang’s body art is not great, but it can be regarded as good. After all, in the past two years of practicing in Fangcun Mountain, most of Han Yang’s energy is spent on practicing body art because he can’t practice profound Daoism.
Han Yang, who entered for the first time, seems to have been banned by the master, but the back of the scholar seems to be not high. Now he has lost his sense of direction and ability to judge his position. But think that this is the content of the first test Han Yang heart also relieved a lot, after all, if you can smoothly into the hills to "rejuvenation" in the book fairy also won’t take this as the content of the test.
"I feel that there is no murderous look in this ban, so it should be either a magic array or a maze." Han Yang’s quick judgment in his mind can make the fix true person lose the prohibition of orientation judgment, which is really worthy of being laid by the scholars.
In the face of this ban that he doesn’t know at all, Han Yang is now adopting the most primitive, retarded and effective method-in-situ marking.
It’s really lame to make a mark on the place where you pass by using the explicit spell, and then walk in the opposite direction of the sensed mark, even if you can’t find the exit.
In the book, the fairy looked at Han Yang’s performance of "Water Mirror" in a leisurely way. However, after he achieved a positive result, an earth-series array law derived from his own ontology "Heluo Book" did not have any lethality in itself, but once he strayed into it, it would take some effort if he didn’t have a certain understanding of the array law.
Han Yang, while sensing the signals from the spell in his hand, corrected his own way forward according to these signals. Now he feels like he has entered a huge maze.
You can’t find the fastest way out in the game like a bird’s eye view of the whole maze.
However, although the array set by the fairy in the book is severe, the guy who dares to take the time to try in the most stupid way like Han Yang can’t help him.