Su Ling tightened her face, her eyes and shrewd light kept flashing. Just outside the Wenyuan Pavilion, there was already a black shadow gradually walking. When the man’s clothes swayed with walking, he appeared at the door of the temple. Everything returned to normal, and Su Ling had to bend down and hold on to the dragon case after the instant battle between heaven and man!

At this time, Su Ling’s little face was gloomy, kneeling in the dragon case! What the hell is this? Although it’s a coincidence, what happened to her seems to be a coincidence and outrageous!
But this dragon case is clean and spotless, and there are two futons in it? That imperial secretary has nothing to do with it? Maybe there are imperial secretaries who are lazy to come here to sleep on weekdays?
Su Ling, since she clenched the dragon case, this little head has started all kinds of powerful and unconstrained style for ten years. The Mi Long case is naturally spacious, but it is good to have that kind of gold-rimmed tablecloth to keep out her. Will it be discovered for a while?
"Master Huang Su is coming!"
Just as Su Ling saw a pair of golden red dragon shoes coming slowly through the tassel, she also returned to Wenyuange with Huang Yi, and the grand eunuch’s father-in-law said with a voice.
And table Su Ling eyes zheng torre entered the palace? !
She has always felt that the emperor and Torre are not as awe-inspiring as this. Will she hear some secrets this time?
On second thought, Su Ling began to snicker at the table, covering her mouth, and soon there was a steady pace outside Wenyuan Pavilion.
"Old minister Sue …"
"Come on, you don’t have to salute without outsiders. You’re not too tired!" Su Baosheng was just about to sign up for the number, and the attire was half open. When he was ready to kneel, he heard Huang Yi directly interrupt him.
Su Baosheng saw that he could slowly put the clothes on one side and nodded slightly at Huang Yi and said, "The emperor is etiquette after all. If he is looked by outsiders …"
Burn yi sat down in the dragon chair and sighed for a moment, then moved to the chair in the company’s father-in-law and said to Su Baosheng, "This is no stranger! Sit down. You look like a country. Who are you afraid of seeing? After all, it’s still the queen! Baosheng, it’s been hard for you these years! "
Su Baosheng nodded and sat down, then looked up and looked at Huang Yi’s thick brow. "The emperor is serious. After all, it’s been so many years. If the Empress can’t let it go, then the old minister can do it!"
After this, Wen Yuange was silent for a short time. Even Su Ling was at the table, afraid to breathe, covering her mouth, and her eyes were bright and listening to her father talking with the emperor!
What’s the matter with the queen? Have a divination?
Huang Yi rubbed his eyebrows and immediately winked at Si Gonggong, then turned around and walked out of Wenyuan Pavilion without engraving Si Gonggong, and also took away the attendant of the temple!
The heavy door of Wenyuan Pavilion was stunned by Huang Yi. "Baosheng, it’s been another year. Is that still unclear?"
Su Baosheng, who was seated in front of Huang Yi, heard the words and looked up at Huang Yi’s tired face. He couldn’t help shaking his head. "It’s been nearly 20 years since the emperor pardoned the incident. I secretly ordered people to visit the people who participated in the war for several years, but they said that they had never heard of it!
Maybe things weren’t as you thought. After all, she is now the queen. If you really find out anything, it will be bad for Qi Chu and Nan Xia! "
Su Baosheng’s words have a strong nai, so I think it’s not the first time that he suggested to Huang Yi, but if some things are really too persistent, it’s just like Huang Yi now. Even if time passes, he will spare no effort to find out everything!
"Baosheng, you and I have known each other since childhood. Without your advice, I may not be able to sit in this position. You should know the truth about me. I must know it! I also want to understand that the person I was with at the beginning was Xia Feilan, and in the end it will turn into Xia Feiluo! I will definitely investigate this matter! "
At this time, Huang Yi’s words seemed to evoke some kind of anger and sadness in his heart, and his cheeks could not help but flash with rage!
At this time, I am still in the console table, and Su Ling feels that it is today! What a mistake! I actually heard the secret!
Xia Feiluo and Xia Feilan?
I know that this name must be two sisters, and I just listened to Dad’s words. Obviously Xia Feilan should be the queen of South Xia now. The most important thing is that the old emperor Huang Yi actually had an affair with the queen. This world is crazy!
"Emperor, don’t you really doubt that Tainv is …" Su Baosheng gazed at Huang Yi’s words, though not clear and thorough, but this moment aroused Su Ling’s vigilance!
Xiao Xue?
Isn’t it Shinohara when they say "Tainu"? The whole four countries plus a Hector even tribe can be called too women have Shinohara snow!
"Not doubt! I just need evidence now! Baosheng, recently, I know that there are many things in your house, and it’s been so long, so you need to work too hard! I don’t know if your two wives are all right recently? " When Huang Yi finished, he looked at Su Baosheng with shame. After so many years in the palace, he was able to be very intimate with his generation of emperors, and Su Baosheng was the only one.
That’s why he would give him such an important and secret thing to do. The two of them have been living and dying for so many years, and even if they were immersed in the court, they couldn’t change their initial intentions. What can they not be satisfied with?
"Please miss base everything is fine! It’s this Linger … Now it seems that the old minister really doesn’t know whether it was right or wrong to ask you to marry this girl! " Su Baosheng tone as if instantly become nai and old looking at the burn yi eyes also concealed the different light.
Still hidden at the bottom of the table, Su Ling was kneeling on the futon at this time. When she heard these words, her heart suddenly became tight and her hands began to clutch nervously.
Originally let her marry burn assumed dust imperial edict really and dad? No wonder that Huang Yin’s dust had such a big resistance to her, not because he was aloof, but because she could become a dust princess.
Dad, what the hell are you doing? It was he who told himself that the imperial edict was given by the emperor. If she dared to refuse marriage, she would be suspected of disobeying the imperial edict.
The direct consequence of disobeying the imperial edict is that it will make the Su family copy everything, and it may even implicate Jiuzu!
If she hadn’t looked at Torre and Zhao Chunping’s mother’s day and worried and looked, how could she really agree to marry Millie and understand Huang Yinchen!
Today, I finally heard my dad admit that she is cold and cold!
It’s a feeling of being framed by a loved one! Although it is not framed, it was designed by her father who has always loved her. She really has a hard time!
Huang Yi sat in the dragon chair, his eyes leaped over the dragon case and looked at Su Baosheng. After a moment of silence, he suddenly smiled. "You are worried that your girl and Lao Sanfa will treat each other sincerely!"
Su Baosheng shook his head and said, "Let the emperor laugh. This girl is getting more and more spoiled by me. I have always known that she may not be suitable for the dust king, but I sincerely hope that this girl will not blame me in the end, so I can be worthy of Rujun!"
Seeing how fragile Su Baosheng’s face flashed, Huang Yi couldn’t help leaning forward slightly to look at him and asked, "Is it really worthwhile for you to treat her child as your own after all you’ve done?"