Su Ling zheng some in distress situation!

What’s more, this uncle is waiting for her to admit her mistake!
Su Ling curled her lips. "Nothing is right!"
"What is it?"
Burn old three steps outside Su Ling looked at Su Ling after the injury!
And by his torch-like sight, Su Ling couldn’t help fiddling with her hair. "Burn old three, you want to say it directly! Give a happy talk! "
She has always been straightforward, but she really doesn’t like the tone of burning old three!
See this burn old knife-shaped eyebrows a twist before striding, hidden body directly to Su Ling small plate to shrouded in shadow!
He forced himself to come out with a strong sense of oppression, so Su Ling gasped at the air conditioning and knew that he was indefensible and began to retreat. "Don’t be scary when you talk to the third child!" I tell you, men can’t be difficult for women! "
Step on the horse!
Scared the baby to death!
Burn old now this appearance is just like evil spirit!
She really doubts that if she says something she shouldn’t say for a moment, Lao Huang will slap her and fly her out!
Life is worrying!
She hasn’t lived enough!
"Sharp-tongued and sharp-tongued, it seems that you are still not badly hurt!"
Burn old anger extremely hold Su Lingba long arm a scoop to imprison her in her arms!
Especially his tone of voice is gnashing his teeth!
Su Ling’s nose suddenly bumped into his chest because of his pulling, and his nose became red, and even his eyes were sour with water vapor!
She held out her little hand and looked up at the old man with a soft voice. "I said I was wrong this time, and your adult has a lot of rivers …"
"Don’t kill things!"
Burn old very nai mercilessly sigh a although it is blame but eventually reluctant to say a harsh word!
Seeing Huang Laosan once it rains, Su Ling rarely shows the attitude of a little woman. She hugged his neck with her hands in one ring and stood on tiptoe to sell Meng. "The dust king is really angry that a large number of young women can change the report when they know their mistakes!"
"How are you?"
Su Ling chuckled, "It’s all right!"
Huang Lao conveniently encircled Su Ling’s waist and took her to the soft couch and sat down. She tightened her body and asked in a low voice, "What were you talking about just now?"
Su Ling’s cheek suddenly twitched. "Let’s talk about the details!"
"Is there an eyebrow?"
Burn old holding Su Ling firmly sitting on the couch with her hands tightly around her waist!
Former Su Ling’s injury made him afraid, and the feeling that he might lose her haunted him all the time!
Until now, I hugged her personally and watched her still look smart, and my heart gradually returned to its place!
Su Ling Youran sighed and then sat in the arms of burn old pillow on his shoulder and whispered, "Not yet! I didn’t expect us to have a fight! I don’t want to doubt anyone, but if I keep this person in our midst, I will be poor! "
"Who do you think it is?"
Burn old fingertips gently fills the air with Su Ling hair expression is a satisfaction!
It’s good to hold her!
Su Ling difficult to shake his head "I now suspect that three ghosts YanYuSu and Chu Yi! But I don’t think any of them are like anyone else. Do you think he will be found by us so easily if it is someone? "
In fact, this is Su Ling’s real doubt!
Ghost Yan was born, and these people all know it!
Yu Su and Chu Yi didn’t say anything before, but now the people they are fighting happen to be their former masters!
If you are suspicious, you will definitely think of these three people first!
But because of this, Su Ling feels that things are definitely not that simple!
Yubo is not stupid. How can he be easily seen by them if he has planted fighters around him? !
"Then take it out and send it back!"
Burn old voice deep LengLi line of sight with generate in the eyes!
He suspects that it is the same as Su Ling!
That’s why he never told anyone!
"Do you think Shuitianyue can be trusted?"
Burn old suddenly thought of water day yue if outsiders, there is water day yue and ghost yan is an outsider!
WenSuling nodded. "She won’t have a problem! I firmly believe! "
In the face of Su Ling’s serious words, Lao San no longer doubts!
In that case, then they should be careful to catch the fighters while fighting against Yubo!
This person is either deeply hidden or blinded by everyone!
Su Ling’s thinking is running fast and blinking. She looks up at Huang Laosan and asks, "Are you actually suspicious of ghost face?"
Say "burn old thin side but didn’t say anything!
However, Su Ling twisted her eyebrows and carefully analyzed, "At the beginning, I also thought it was a ghost face! Because his condition is the most doubtful!
But if you think about it, it’s too obvious if he is really careful! I always think there is someone else, but I can’t figure out who it is!
Include this accident, Yushu wouldn’t have been caught if someone hadn’t told Yubo about our action earlier! And I won’t confront Yubo head-on!
No, this is very wrong! "
Su Ling always felt that they had overlooked something, but she couldn’t find the specific direction for a short time!
She is intuitive but can’t find a reasonable excuse to excuse him!
"Don’t want to! Since you want to know who he is, let’s play along! "
"You mean …"
Su Ling heard burn old words suddenly eyes a bright!
Then the two of them smiled at each other and said nothing!
After a wick of incense, Su Lingqiao’s face turned reddish and Huang Lao walked into the Piandian!
At this time, Shui Tianyue and May haven’t come back yet. As soon as everyone saw Su Ling, they immediately gathered around and said, "Is Ling all right?"
"How are you, Princess?"