"I heard that a group of people left yesterday." Mrs. Mo passed by.

"Those who were ready to leave today were caught red-handed and now they are all put in jail, even if they can’t get out."
"We are definitely hopeless."
"I don’t know whether it’s lucky or unlucky." Moshanjing wry smile.
"If you choose yesterday, you will be arrested if you choose today. We just choose the day to be stared at by the law enforcement team."
He raised his hand and waved the wrist bell.
"Now, if we are more than 100 meters away from our residence, we will inform the law enforcement team that we are not allowed to take it off for a month."
And this thing?
Zhou Jia some curious to see the eyes.
"Brother Zhou, don’t worry"
Moff population
"We didn’t say anything about you."
"Thank you" Zhou Jia’s hand was heard in Xiao Suo.
"It seems that we can’t leave."
The two of them had already known about it, and they felt sorry at that time. It was a pity that they didn’t think that the last three people stayed.
"You’re okay."
Moshanjing saw his one eye.
"We paid a deposit of 200,000 yuan, and all this money was used to beat Shui Piao."
"There is a deposit?"
"Whoever makes the quota too popular will not agree without a deposit."
A quiet three people in the field are not depressed.
"What now?" Mrs Mo, cheer up.
"The situation on the front line is getting worse, and it seems that we can’t escape some fighting."
"Madam said yes," Moshanjing looked up and wanted to think, and took out a heavy purse and handed it to Zhou Jia.
"Brother Zhou, we can’t leave the hospital for the time being. Please help us buy something to protect ourselves and avoid robbery. The more things, the better."
"This ….." Zhou Jia took the purse.
"You should know that the price of life-saving things has risen a lot during this period, especially the escape goods have more than doubled."
"We are white" Mrs. Mo nodded.
"We trust Brother Zhou"