This South Blue Tour is really elusive. Didn’t you just peek somewhere?

"You?" Qin Yuyan snorted. "Who is brother going to the afterlife mirror with? It’s his freedom, isn’t it, brother?"
She turned to look at Wang Mu.
Only to find that the latter is sluggish at this time.
"He is free, of course." The woman nodded slightly and said a wave of her hand.
Wang Mu involuntarily she walked forward together.
Qin Yuyan’s pupil shrank slightly, which made her feel stiff, but she couldn’t send it.
In my heart, I can’t help but open my brother in the later period of Yuanying with horror … How high did this woman repair?
She gritted her teeth slightly and watched Wang Mu follow the latter to the distant afterlife mirror …
"You …" Wang Mushen doesn’t listen to everything, like walking forward with a woman.
"Hush, don’t talk," the woman said. "Be natural, or someone will see that you seem to be trapped by me. Is this voluntary?"
Wang Mu’s heart is cool
This South Blue Tour must have been extremely suspicious, otherwise it wouldn’t have done so!
I don’t know what’s wrong with the afterlife mirror. This time it’s real, and my body reflects the latter.
Something’s wrong, something’s wrong. There’s nothing wrong with the magic fish …
There must be something wrong with Yu Pei!
"This Taoist friend …"
Xuan Ming hesitated to wake up and said, "Everything in front of the mirror in this afterlife can’t be forced, otherwise you can’t get into the dreamland of life."
Wang Mu gave Xuan Ming a few glances.
Senior, help me!
The woman looked up and gave Xuan Ming a light look.
"…" Xuan Ming was a shake.
"It seems that friends are voluntary." At Wang Mu, Xuan Ming nodded and then turned to look at the other side.
"…" Wang Mu.
From the afterlife mirror.
Wang Mu felt that she could speak.
"Why do you want to leave again?" The woman smiled and said, "Sure enough, a man’s promise is unreliable, right?"
This seems to mean something.
It seems that Wang Mu said that he was in those days.
"How can we not go to this three-life wonderland once we are in harmony?" The female faint said, "This world of cultivating immortals is vast. I have been to many places but I have never been here."
"Are you really not going?"
"You really don’t want to know the secret of Jianzong?"
Female suddenly lower their voices "this secret but the yan elders have with you? The secret will disappear in a while. You really don’t want to know? "
Wang Mu heart movement.
"Youdaoyou are joking …" Wang Mudao "But you and I are new to this wonderful dreamland, and I can’t guarantee what we can pass … even if we go in, we may disappoint Daoyouyou"
"Nothing," the woman smiled gently. "If it doesn’t pass, we will die together. It’s not bad inside. Just consider it a pair of mandarin ducks with the same life."
“?” Wang Mu
"There should be no life-threatening in this?" Wang Mu heart cold sweat ever-flowing.
"I don’t know," said the woman faintly. "Are you afraid? You have two married couples, and one of them is formed under the guise of foreign things … Actually, there is only one. What are you afraid of? "
"Let’s go!"
Before Wang Mu reaction, she took Wang Mu’s hand and touched the mirror.
At the moment, a ripple appeared on the mirror and a strange brilliance wrapped the two people and sucked them in like a cave of time …
"Smelly little wake up, it’s time to take medicine."
Wang Mu vaguely heard a soft word and then his mouth slightly opened a cool medicine incense and spread into his throat.