At the thought of this, Adolf stretched out his palm, and then a knife scratched his palm.

In one second, a lot of blood flowed out of Adolf’s palm and entered the high priest’s body next to Luna.
Soon the red robe of the high priest of Luna began to become more vivid, as if it were dyed red with blood.
"The high priest will leave it to you."
Hearing Adolf’s words, the high priest of Luna nodded and then went over to Luna’s right eye.
Luna’s right eye looked at her and kept approaching her. Luna’s high priest didn’t know what to think.
After the high priest of God approached a certain distance that month, the right eye of Luna finally took action.
Pull …
Bloody creatures began to emerge in the swirling lake.
These red creatures are so lifelike that they look no different from normal creatures.
And these red creatures are all kinds of fierce beasts.
There are some fierce beasts that are extinct or unpredictable.
These fierce beasts are not only in appearance but also in breath.
Hundreds of thousands of fierce beasts are platinum, and four of them are diamond.
However, when God’s right eye summoned these creatures that month, its chain immediately gave off a strange light.
These huge chains have many profound runes.
Obviously, it is these runes that limit the right eye of Luna.
So that it can finally achieve this level.
If it was someone else who had so many bloody beasts, he might just turn around and leave.
But at this time, this is the president of Shuilu College, Adolf!
A large number of bloody fierce beasts immediately rushed towards the high priest of Luna.
In the face of such a huge fierce herd, the high priest Luna slowly raised his staff.
It’s like water drops falling into the lake, and a horrible spirit is threatening to emanate from the high priest of Luna.
Some close bloody fierce beasts were crushed on the spot.
Powerful bloody beasts began to fall one after another like straw.
In the end, there are those four diamond-class and 100 platinum-class bloody fierce beasts alive.
But it’s not over
Bang …
There was a sudden burst of secrecy in the sky.
The bloody beasts looked towards the sky and saw a large number of meteors flying towards them.
Diamond witchcraft stars fall!
Boom boom …
With the huge meteorites falling around, the bloody beasts began to die in large numbers.
And every time a bloody beast dies, the breath of Luna’s right eye will decline by one point.
Seems to know that this is not the way to go.
Four diamond-grade bloody fierce beasts attacked the high priest of Luna in succession.
But four diamonds and a bloody beast have reached the opponent of the high priest of the diamond seven stars and the moon god
When the stars fell to a certain extent, the high priest of Luna waved his staff again.
And this time, the dynamic-static ratio is even greater.
See a huge moon suddenly appeared four diamond fierce beast head.
At the same time Adolf teleported to Xiaobai’s side, grabbed its back neck with one hand and brought it out.
A second adolf teleported out and came to the Ann area.