Sloping female OL corpse brother’s green liquid splashes at Xiaohui. Seeing that it will splash all over her, Yu Xiaojia flies over and rolls the green liquid female OL corpse brother’s residual body far away.

Xiaohui hasn’t loaded the new magazine yet.
Xiaohui was bitter. "Don’t practice, don’t practice. This automatic rifle used to be a powerful weapon. People can’t even touch it. It’s not as good as you two casually raise your hand and lift your foot."
Bai Xiaofei primly said, "You can’t say that. I just watched you carefully. It still hurts the body of the female OL corpse brother. Its momentum is blocked. If it is a large-caliber weapon, it can still tear it up and make it die. It’s better to have a gunman than to practice with your bare hands."
Yu Xiaojia sighed next to him. "This small-caliber automatic rifle is a little less powerful to Brother Yan. No wonder those ordinary soldiers can’t stop Brother Yan from attacking the network with heavy casualties. Some people scold the army for not really talking."
Yu Xiaojia said that he was deserting behind, but the listener had a heart. His body could not help but tremble gently, holding the gun and his knuckles turned white.
Xiaohui bit her teeth. She also knew that this gun might be her only self-defense weapon for quite a long time. If you don’t want to see the corpse brother and run, if you don’t want to be a burden to Bai Xiaofei, if you can fight to the death, Yu Xiaojia’s sister must help you with your gun!
Xiaohui said, "Bai Xiaofei, bring a few more corpse brothers here and I’ll practice more."
Bai Xiaofei should be about to start when his skirt is suddenly caught by a small hand. "Uncle Bai Xiaofei Lulu also needs to practice."
Bai Xiaofei bowed his head and pulled his skirt. It was Lulu, a little girl.
Bai Xiaofei scratching his head "lulu this killing things to uncle aunt to do you don’t practice? You are not even as tall as an automatic rifle. "
Lulu shook her head. "Lulu has to practice, but Lulu is brave enough to face the bad guy’s brother. When she touches him again, she won’t be scared to pee her pants."
Bai Xiaofei Zheng didn’t expect Lulu to make such a request. Yu Xiaojia wanted to think, "Speaking of it, Lulu really should practice. It’s just like students holding escape training in the face of earthquakes and floods. Although it’s not necessarily true that they can save their lives when disasters happen, it’s better to act orderly than to run around and scream like a headless fly. It’s better to have proper disposal and meditation to find an escape opportunity, otherwise it’s futile to die."
Xiaohui also said, "Yes, Lulu will always leave us. If she meets her brother again in the future, she will be scared and crying. It will definitely not work. Now let her see her brother more, and she will be emboldened. Anyway, nothing will happen if we protect her now."
Bai Xiaofei stared at the big round eyes and wore a deer suit. Lulu sighed in her heart. What the fuck is this world? Even kindergarten children have to work hard.
But he knows that Yu Xiaojia and Xiaohui are right. It is better to make Lulu more familiar with the corpse brother through practice than to see the corpse brother with weak legs and unable to escape in the future.
Chapter 11 Novice upgrade to blame
Lulu is a brave child. At that time, she was able to escape from the mouth of Brother Bear, and it was quite remarkable to see that Brother Bear knew how to resist. This brave spirit is rarely as good as that of a good baby nowadays. When a child sees himself, he should cultivate motivation, so that the spirit is not to protect Lulu as a weak grass.
Bai Xiaofei sink a way, "Good Lulu, wait a minute. You go to the front path alone and try to lure Brother Yan to let Aunt Xiaohui shoot him. Remember to run back when you see Brother Yan. Don’t hesitate. Your calf sprint is not as fast as Brother Yan."
Yu Xiaojia said quickly, "I asked Becky to protect you."
Becky is extremely clever, and she can understand simple human speech since she was injected with God gene. She barked and shook herself in the wind, and the two-meter-high big dog protected Lulu.
Bai Xiaofei patted Becky’s head. "Let’s be a teacup dog. You go out with Lulu like this, and your brother is scared away. When the brother comes after you, it may threaten Lulu. You will come again when you get bigger."
A moment later, a baby and a dog came waddling along the path of Oriental Park. The doll was a girl in a deer suit, and the dog was a teacup dog. The doll bounced at its feet and cried, "Brother Corpse … where are you, that uncle?" Come to Lulu quickly "-it is Lulu and Becky.
Lulu knows that Becky can protect herself. After it gets bigger, ordinary corpse brothers are no match, and not far behind, there are Uncle Bai Xiaofei, Teacher Yu Xiaojia and Aunt Xiaohui to help, but she still can’t help but tremble a little. "Uncle corpse, come out, uncle corpse, come out, come out, come out, come out, I will escape … ouch!" Lulu screamed, and a dead brother suddenly appeared at the end of the path ahead.
Lulu summoned up her courage and screamed as soon as she turned around and ran away. Becky also started running after her, bearing in mind that Bai Xiaofei told Lulu not to be threatened and not to change.
When the corpse brother saw a doll and a puppy, he knew it was the best, but when he roared, he followed him. It was wearing a pair of slippers and cobblestones paved the path and slipped as soon as he ran, but he didn’t chase Lulu for a while.
Lulu’s nose and tears came as she ran. "Uncle Bai Xiaofei is coming to save my brother! Brother corpse is here! Wow, I’m going to be eaten by my brother! "
Next to the grass, a pair of big hands suddenly reached out and picked up Lulu. It was Bai Xiaofei who sank, "Gun!"
Bang, bang, bang, a string of guns sounded. This time, the guns were not as dense as before, but they were calm. The first shot hit my brother in the head!
Brother resin immediately mutated and grew tentacles behind him, and his hands grew eyes. Brother resin hands in the air’s eyes glared fiercely and he was standing steadily and shooting at himself. Xiaohui rushed.
Xiao Hui’s heart was beating with Bai Xiaofei and handed Lulu to Yu Xiaojia and commanded, "Hit your eyes first and then your tentacles."
Bang, bang, bang is another single shot.
I was shot three times in the palm of my left and right hands, and there were still a few shots left in my eyes. The tentacles grew out from behind, but the tentacles were too small. Brother Li was running violently, and Xiaohui missed several shots.
Xiaohui is a little anxious. The bullet is gone!
Bai Xiaofei rushed to Xiaohui’s front leg with a step, lifted a heart-warming foot, and kicked the corpse brother out and turned back. "Keep shooting! You’ve already hurt this corpse brother. You see it’s much slower. "
I was shot blind with my hands and eyes. Brother corpse reflected that he was groping slowly and couldn’t get up for a while. Xiaohui immediately changed the magazine and aimed at Brother corpse’s back tentacles. The tentacles were very tough and were hit several times before spraying a lot of green blood on the fracture, as if the human aorta was broken.
Xiaohui saw that the corpse brother’s head had exploded, his hands had been broken and his tentacles were seriously injured. Nothing could hurt himself again. When the courage was stronger, he rushed a few steps, and the muzzle almost reached the corpse brother’s body. A burst of volley almost turned the corpse brother into a sieve, and he screamed and twitched for a while and finally did not move.