The Mohs have also joined hands to get rid of another shining golden corpse.
Four people together also need to say more immediately jumped up and rushed to the only battlefield thunder, fly sword first step toward Shi Ding hello in the past.
"Everything will eventually die!"
Shi Ding’s imperial envoy, Yuan Magnetic Mirror of Yin and Yang, tried hard to resist it, but it was already white that he would die.
"Only darkness will last forever!"
Chapter 21 Visitors
Como’s enemy, Shi Ding, is in the wind, and now four people from Zhou Jia have come to help and control the situation firmly.
"Look out!"
He let out ten orbs of light and trapped Shi Ding in his original position, but he was more cautious when he didn’t advance but retreated.
"in case he jumps over the wall"
How many people understand?
It’s time to learn from the past, and now you don’t have to take any chances to win.
Shi Ding face upwards roar body breath more and more unstable.
Metamagnetic Yin-Yang Mirror He manipulated the geomagnetic field for several miles, and Gan-Kun turned it upside down into a chaotic sequence.
Whether it’s light, thunder or firm but gentle, you can’t get close.
"Wind and thunder!"
Zhou Jia blurted out a mantra and summoned the thunder to bombard Gangyang Thunder, and the chaotic elements collided magnetically to produce several light chips.
Also boom Shi Ding repeatedly retreat.
Compared with the Mohs couple and Yun Haitang, his offensive has been able to threaten each other but still gives birth to a sense of strength.
The twisted magnetic force is like all the source nemesis, and it is almost impossible to break it alone.
The main attacker is Como.
Fifth order!
Everyone in the fifth order of the ancient sacred realm is hexagonal, with defects and directions, and even more mysterious and mysterious.
Even if it is slightly weak unilaterally, it is by no means fourth-order comparable.
"Rumble …"
Shi Ding roared, and the magnetic mirror of Yin and Yang bloomed in a gray halo, and the sweeping of the beams drove everyone to dodge.
"Darkness forever!"
His eyes were wide open and his body rushed forward to Zhou Jia and the Mohs.
"Let’s die together!"
"Boom …"
A mass of black light broke out from Shi Dingti, and a black hole instantly held the three men firmly in place and pulled them inward little by little.
A black hole is like a giant mouth that devours everything and turns everything into nothing.
Even Lingguang and Thunder are no exception.
Trees have sprung up in Richu, and rubble has been dragged, and all kinds of sundries have been rolled up and swallowed up by black holes.
Zhou Jia speaks the truth.
The power of truth persisted for a moment and then collapsed. The Mohs’ double swords resisted and still moved a little towards the black hole.
Shi Ding chose the right target.
Fifth-order Como’s strength won’t be limited by his counterattack against Yun Haitang, who has a deep background and should have the means to save his life.